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Corporate Social Responsibility Politics in Small and Medium-Sized Companies from Poland

It would be seemed that Corporate Social Responsibility is the domain of large companies, which due to their adopted policy and financial means, are able to perform actions according to the scope of CSR. However, as with the principles of the Sustainable Development concept, companies from the SME sector are able, to some extent, carry


Effect of Non-Uniform Inlet Flow Rate on the Preheating Process of a Solid Oxide Fuel Cell Unit

This study simulates the preheating process of a solid oxide fuel cell unit with the cross-flow configuration, and investigates the effect of the non-uniform inlet flow pattern and the non-uniform deviation on the maximum temperature gradient and preheating time. The numerical method is accuracy and reliable through the comparison with the analytical solution of previous


Examining DOH’s National Safe Motherhood Program as a Policy Addressing the Increasing Trend in Philippine Maternal Mortality Ratio

The Philippine Government has been actively trying to address issues pertaining to maternal health since the inception of the MDGs. Yet, despite its efforts to reduce the MMR in the country, the MMR trend continues to be high and increasing. As such, the creation of the National Safe Motherhood Program by the Department of Health


An Analysis on the Need for the Philippine Mental Health Act to be Made Law

The world today is witnessing an alarming rise of mental health conditions. Depression is cited to be the second leading cause of disability and illness by 2020. Only heart diseases surpassed it, but still it is ahead of all other diseases. Suicide has become the third leading cause of death among adolescents already. Self harm


The Participation of Young Refugees in Programme Designing: Social Inclusion and the Restoration of Cultural Normalcy in the Philippines

The Philippines has been continuously lauded by the Office of the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHCR) for its consistency in promoting international solidarity through the acceptance of refugees and asylum seekers, despite its economic and social instability. This paper intends to discuss the efforts of the Philippines in its adherence to its international


Syria’s Relations with the European Union under the Barcelona Process: 1995-2010

This paper is an attempt to analyze Syria-EU dynamics and engagement, interest and priorities during 1995-2010. It had instituted its multifaceted relations which were primarily guided by economic mutual benefits and political cooperation by EU member countries as well. International relations are becoming much more important towards achieving goal of sustainable growth and development for


Ludic Culture and Simulation Gaming in Teaching the Principles of Economics for Sustainability

Images play an essential role in the composition of knowledge, activity and thinking; any professional occupation needs proper understanding of reality, which means the ability to construct its image. Simulation (or business) games are a valuable source of the imagery assisting in the formation of conceptual language of socio-economic knowledge in general and environmental economics


The Relationship between the Number of Chronic Diseases and Living Environment among Aged Dementia Patients

Aim: To understand the Relationship Between the Number of Chronic Diseases and Living Environment among aged Dementia Patients. Methods: The study use the Aged Care Service Demand Questionnaire to obtain the subjects’ information on activities of daily living, physical health, mental health, and social resources and economic conditions et al.. The current research use Chi-square


How and Why Students Learn and Its Implications on Academic Achievement

This study examines the relationships between how and why students learned and their academic achievement for 2646 university students from various faculties. The Learner Awareness Questionnaire (LALQ), a self-report measure of student approaches to learning was administered and academic achievement data were obtained from student CGPA. The results showed significant differences in the approach to


Research on Spatial Sustainability of Land-Use Patterns in Urban Fringe: A Study on the Erxianguan Region, Shenzhen, China

With the rapid development of China’s urbanization, the urban land has been spreading to the rural areas, leading to an increasing evolution of the land use pattern in urban fringe. The sustainability of land use in urban fringe is supposed to be significant to urban spatial expansion, urban function realization, urban economic development and ecological


Sustainable Study on Rural River Landscape Based on the Eco-Priority Principle: A Case Study of Landscape Design for the River Yaxi

Accompanying the increasingly conspicuous homogeneity in urban and rural development in the process of China’s contemporary urban development, the rural river landscape is largely copying the landscape construction techniques available to urban rivers, causing several inappropriateness. This paper argues that rural river landscape design has two core demands. First, to achieve sustainable development of rivers


Study on Quality Parameters of Raw Natural Water for the Production of Tap Water at Bangka Sub-District, Ratchasan District, Chachoengsao

The study of water quality in Bangka Sub-District, Ratchasan District, Chachoengsao Province, Thailand used the survey research approach. The study was undertaken to determine the quality of raw natural water before use as raw material to produce tap water. The findings would be submitted to the Provincial Authority of Waterworks to consider changes to the


Upgrading Marginal Settlements: Studies on Li-nong Settlements in Shanghai Old Railway Station Area

Has been the most important transportation hub of Shanghai for hundreds of years, Shanghai railway station and its surrounding district generates both driving effect at regional scale and barrier effect at district_øΩ’s scale, leading to characteristics of marginality which could be defined as disorder, isolation and etc.. Renaissance of the site starts with questioning what the


Does Knowledge of Environmental Organizations Translate into Pro-Environmental Attitudes and Behaviors? Evidence from an Urbanized Tropical Watershed

Suitable watershed management and stewardship practices are essential in the provision of fresh water services. Several factors contribute to the degradation of surface water resources, including deforestation along coastal lowlands and weak regulatory environments. These conditions are observed in the Manatí river basin, a tropical urban watershed in Puerto Rico. We will explore the association


Biotyping of Jatropha Curcas L. from Thailand, Laos and Tanzania by MALDI-TOF MS Technique

It was shown that Jatropha curcas L. of the family Euphorbiaceae had significant economic importance for its seed oil, which could be used to substitute for diesel oil. It has been widely distributed in Thailand. This study was aimed at determining the biotype that could produce better oil content by using biotyping technique. It was


Development of a High Fiber Mango Jam

This research was aimed to produce a high fiber mango jam using a gel derived from the corm of the konjac that had been recognized by the consumers for sometimes. The product of mango jam was studied and characterized in several ways, i.e., physical and chemical properties, and the determination of the plausible contamination with


Behavior and Satisfaction of Thai Tourists Towards Cultural Tourism Through Homestays in a Community Enterprise in Thailand

This article focused on behavior and satisfaction of Thai tourists toward cultural tourism through homestay tourists at Ban Rim Khlong Community Enterprise in Samut Songkhram, Thailand. This quantitative research used questionnaires concerning the behavior and satisfaction. Participants consisted of 400 tourists that were recruit from tourists available at Samut Songkhram during the period of investigation.


The Development of Learning Communities for Conservation and Sustainable Transfering of Knowledge to Children and Youth in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

This research was aimed to study the needs of children to learn a body of conservation knowledge that existed in the local community, in order to develop the resources of the local community and provide the conservation knowledge transfer to children, which would promote the children’s learning with the conservation knowledge that was available in


The Factors Attributing to the Successful Management for Mango Orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand

The modern management of mango orchards in the highly competitive marketplace needs greater professionalism in producing and marketing. This research was aimed to study the mentioned factors attributing to the success management for mango orchards in Chachoengsao Province, Thailand. The instruments were a constructed questionnaire consisted of 175 items, which were used to collect data,


Investigation on Behaviors and Affectation on Teachers and Students Rising From Use of Tablet on Integrated Learning in Primary School

This study was aimed to determine the affectation and behaviors rising from the use of tablet in an integrated learning for grade 1-students and teachers in the primary school. The participants were consisted of 104 teachers and 416 students. Data were collected using questionnaire, where frequency, percentage, mean, standard deviation, t-test, analysis of variance, and