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A Pilot Study on Co-Teaching: A Cross-Discipline Approach to Enhancing Teaching and Learning in the Trade Specific Context

Failing to realize the importance of English in the workplace, vocational students tend to appear lowly motivated and are reluctant to learn English in vocational institutes. What are the possible reasons? Lacking of confidence? Lacking successful learning experience? Failing to see the value of English in relation to their future professions? Lacking the needs to


Teaching English Vocabulary; From Concept to Instruction

Vocabulary is of prime importance in English language teaching because without sufficient vocabulary, students cannot understand others or express their own ideas. There can never be full comprehension of a text, either in the learner’s native language or a foreign language without understanding the vocabulary in the text (Adeniyi 2006). This view clearly shows the


The Practice of Language Advising at the School of Modern Foreign Languages (Falem) at the Federal University of Para (UFPA)

This presentation aims at defining language advising, as well as informing how the practice is done, and who is involved in the process. Studies have shown the importance of language advisers in teaching and learning a foreign language (GARDNER; MILLER, 1999; MOZZON-McPHERSON, 2007; RILEY, 1997; VIEIRA, 2007). One of the goals of language advising is


Comparation of Creativity Dimensions (Fluency, Flexibility, Elaboration, Originality) between Bilingual Elementary Students (Azari Language-Kurdish Language) in Urmia City Iran

ABSTRACT In Urmia city, many children learn and speak their first language (either Azari or Kurdish) at home and study all of their courses in Farsi throughout their education. The goal of this study was to compare the creativity abilities between bilingual elementray students (Azari- Kurdish language). Almost (N=387) students from 10 schools from all over Urmia


Arabic in ESL Classrooms: A Blessing in Disguise?!

The dispute over whether to use or not to use learners’ L1 inside the classroom has always been the topic of discussion for many people for various reasons. The debate has also involved ESL students. Some maintain that such use may lead to more dependence of an ESL on his Arabic language, which may delay


Using Comic Strip Stories to Teach Vocabulary in Intensive Reading Comprehension Courses

The present study was carried out to determine the effect of listening to comic strip stories on incidental vocabulary learning among Iranian EFL learners. To this end, an Interchange placement test was administered, and a group of homogeneous females including 40 participants were selected from a population of 86 at the pre-intermediate level. Then they


Personality Types in the Classroom

Why is it that Aisha never talks during group work? Why does Sultan always need me to tell him what to do? And why do they both insist on completing their projects at the last minute? These are questions we have all probably asked ourselves during our teaching careers, and the answer may be quite