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Introducing an Integrative Approach for Studying Foreign Languages in Higher Education: The Case of Belgrade Faculty of Philology

After the Republic of Serbia officially adopted the principles of the Bologna Declaration in 2003, the international development of the Serbian higher education had to follow the guidelines common for all European Union countries. Abiding by the new Higher Education Law of 2005, the Faculty of Philology of the Belgrade University first started introducing gradual


Multiple Reading Program: An Assessment on Reading Comprehension Ability of Thai University Students

In order to develop English reading comprehension abilities, we have to understand how our students learn, pre-assessment and ongoing assessments are essential. This provides feedback for both the teachers and the students for students learning improvement. The implementation of a student- centered teaching and learning should also be established. This means building a good rapport


Thai Student Teachers’ Beliefs About Science Teaching and Learning

Teacher beliefs have played an important factor which influence how science teachers teach. This present study intended to explore the student teachers’ beliefs on science teaching and learning in a teacher preparation institution in Southern Thailand. The study was conducted during their field experience in the second semester, academic year 2014. Common aspects of teaching


The Level of Math Anxiety among the Students Who Consistently Perform Poorly in Mathematics at Secondary Level Education in Bangladesh

This paper reports on a research that investigated Math Anxiety among students who are getting poor marks consistently in last three exams. A school from Dhaka, National Bangla High School, was selected purposively for this research. The participants were 122 students, both girls (n=75) and boys (n=47), from grade IX and X with poor results


Chinese-Speaking University Students’ Use of Metacognitive Strategies in English Listening

Listening plays an essential role in enhancing oral communication. The goal of training learners with English listening skill is to help them to have effective communication in their life or workplace. Some educational researchers in the field of cognitive psychology have documented that metacognition may enhance learning. This project holds the assumption that students trained


Promoting Bioethical Decision Making for Grade 10 Students Through Socio-Scientific Issues Based Instruction

This article describes bioethics that supports bioethical decision making skills and develops of social responsibility in biology classroom. Bioethical decision making of 10th grade students are studied through socio-scientific issues based instruction. Non-participant observation and in-depth interview are employed. The findings will be discussed and implied to biology classroom as well as 21st century learners


The Washback Effect of National Exam’s New Policy towards Mathematics Learning Process in Indonesia

Since the beginning of 2015, national exams in Indonesia are no longer used as graduation standard. This policy was made because of negative effects of this standardised test toward educational system in Indonesia. One of the effects is the teaching method used by teacher that rely on memorisation and drill practice. The aim of this


School Head’s Sense of Efficacy and Climate Among Private Schools

This survey – correlational study attempted to determine the level of school head’s sense of efficacy and climate among schools in Iloilo City and their relationship as a whole and when grouped according to sectarian, non ‘ sectarian, elementary, secondary or both elementary and secondary levels. The respondents of the study were the 30 principals


Measuring Service Quality in Higher Education: The Experience of Technological Education Institute of Central MacEdonia, Greece

In today’s turbulent environment, higher education institutes are facing widespread economic, technological, and cultural changes and increased competition in social and political contexts. Provision of quality services in higher education must be viewed as a strategic issue for development and economic growth. Since students are the driving force in demanding changes and the primary customer


Realistic Mathematics Education: An Approach for Overcoming Math Anxiety of Junior High School Students in Semarang, Indonesia

There are some different levels of students’ achievement in Mathematics across various skills such as understanding, communicating, critical thinking, and problem solving. It implies that the low-achieving students get the most consideration to be evaluated what factors affecting it. In fact, the research has shown that mathematics achievement cannot be influenced by cognitive factors but


Educational Mismatches and Labor Market Outcomes: Evidence from Both Vertical and Horizontal Mismatches in Thailand

Educational mismatches constitute negative impacts on labor markets in most countries. Thailand is no exception. This study analyzes data obtained from Thailand’s Labor Force Survey to estimate the likelihood of horizontal and vertical mismatches and their impacts on labor market outcomes. Estimation results reveal the existence of a high level of both vertical and horizontal


Assessing the Metacognitive Awareness among the Foundation in Engineering Students

The transition phase is a critical moment to the students who have completed their secondary school education and are proceeding to pre-university education. The long duration of exposure to rote learning and examination-oriented education system at school has somehow shaped these students’ mindset about teaching and learning. Thus, this paper aims to examine the quality


Exchanging Knowledge and Building Communities via International Networking

This paper is linked to a doctoral study focusing on the impact of international networking and knowledge exchange on the professional identity of teachers. It explores the experience of teachers from the Balkans working with colleagues in the UK. However, its implications and relevance in terms of international networking are far broader. In this paper


Curriculum Leadership Practices of Administrators in Ateneo De Manila University

The purpose of this research were to understand the curriculum leadership practices of administrators in Ateneo De Manila University, Philippines by which their actual leadership practices are observed and analyzed the ways they make decisions based on the interview and pertinent data. The research is a qualitative case study. The Interviews was conducted face to


The Effectiveness of Using Touchstone 1a to Promote Low English Proficiency Students of College

EFL textbooks are perceived as a vital and important element in English language teaching and learning as it not only provides teachers with a framework in reaching the aims and objectives of the course, and also serves as an effective resource for students self-directed learning. The majority of the research on the essential components of


A Study for the Elderly Assistive Device Design and Learning Assessment

In recent years, along with the process of economic growth and political democratization, concerns and needs of the rapid increase in social welfare. With the national fertility rate is declining, the average life expectancy increased year by year, the age structure of the population pyramid shape quickly tend to bowling pins. The transformation of society


A Development of Scientific Method by Using Problem-Based Learning Cooperated with Mind Mapping for Matthayomsueksa 4 Students

The purpose of this research was to study the students’ ability of using scientific method by using the problem-based learning cooperate with mind mapping method .The samples were 37 Matthayomsueksa 4 students of academic year 2015 from Kalasinpittayasan School, Kalasin province, Thailand. The sample was selected by cluster random sampling. The research tools were 10


A Study of the Line Official Account in University Public Relations

A 2014 survey indicated that 77.8% of Taiwanese individuals over 12 years of age were mobile Internet users, and that the most commonly used App was LINE. Given the increasing popularity of mobile Internet devices, as evidenced by the widespread use of smartphones, the dissemination of information mainly through traditional media is no longer adequate.


Cultural Differences on an Educational Intervention Program of Prosocial Behaviour and Metacognitive Strategies

Japan and Denmark have two different educational cultures. Where Danish students score high on Quality of Life (QoL) Japanese children score low. An intervention consisting of children’s prosocial experience, and metacognitive strategy which was planning, acting and evaluating prosocial behavior themselves in school setting were administered to children 11-12 year of age in Japan and


Culture and Leadership: How Indonesian Culture Influences Leadership Practice: A Case Study in Uin Malang

The study was intended to know the leadership style that was practiced by the rector of UIN Malang, Indonesia and how Indonesian culture influences his leadership practice to lead the university. The study was a qualitative study and designed as a case study. The subject of the study included some lecturers of UIN Malang, Indonesia.