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Modeling Sustainable Futures: Cultural Shift Strategies

Recognition of the detrimental effects of rapid industrialization have resulted in the development of policies that are designed to promote and ensure greener futures for all. In this paper we will look at New York City and the policies passed by two mayors since 2007. These policies that push sustainability in New York City are


Quality Management and the Reduction of Unproductive Times in Agro-Industrial Processes: Bonduelle Portugal

Because of not adding value to the final product, the unproductive times are the subject of this study, in order to proceed, when possible, to its elimination, or the reduction of its duration. The studies to be developed during this work has as main objective, the creation and implementation of a procedure to reduce the variability,


Low Cost Taxis an Environmentally Friendly Low Cost Transport. A Study Made at the City of Lisbon, Portugal

This project, nesting in the entrepreneurism area, aims to develop an innovative road transport network for passengers (TAXI) at the city of Lisbon, Portugal, combining energy efficiency with the reductions of costs associated with the operation of the network. This research highlights the importance of entrepreneurism and the role of the entrepreneur in the Portuguese economic


FDI Motivations and Their Impacts in Former Soviet Republics

The growth of Multinational Enterprises (MNEs) activities through Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) in developed and developing countries have largely attracted the attention of policy makers because of the expected positive impacts they may have on receiving countries. But the relationship between FDI and domestic investment is a controversial issue in the economic literature. This paper