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An Exploration of Middle School Students’ Experiences of Mindfulness Training in an International School Environment

The following study explores middle school students’ experiences of mindfulness training within an international school environment in The Netherlands. A cohort of 11-year-old middle school students participated voluntarily in a pilot run of the Dot B mindfulness program. Eighteen participants were involved, who came from a range of countries including Korea, France, India, the Netherlands,


Hospital to Home and Community Experiences of Discharged Adult Psychiatric Patients: A Phenomenological Study

Transition experiences of psychiatric patients are crucial in their recovery, and may or may not lead to psychiatric re-hospitalization. In the Philippines, less is known about what happens to psychiatric patients post-discharge. The study utilized a qualitative approach in exploring how discharged psychiatric patients transition from the hospital to their respective homes and communities. Data


The Role of Resilience as a Protective Factor in COVID-19 Lockdown Fatigue

Introduction: The effect of COVID-19 across the globe has been colossal. Though critical physical symptoms are experienced by patients, the psychological impact of the disease seems to be widespread- pervading all individuals universally. Mental fatigue makes individuals feel overwhelmed, emotionally drained and negatively impacts productivity. But one of the protective factors to this negative effect


Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder as a Predictor of Quality of Life Among Late Adolescents in India During the COVID-19 Pandemic

The rapid progress of the COVID-19 pandemic is known as a period of psychological stress and can negatively affect the women’s menstrual cycle and premenstrual symptoms severity. Studies reporting that stress is significantly related to the premenstrual symptoms severity and quality of life remain questionable among young women. Therefore, we conducted a cross-sectional predictive research


Potential Assessment Instruments for the APA Proposed Internet Gaming Disorder: A Systematic Review

The US has had commercial access to the Internet since 1990 at which individuals have been developing problematic online gaming behaviors related to functional impairment or distress. The growth of the Internet is unprecedented with now more than 30% of the world’s population with access, which translates to over 2 billion Internet users. A portion


I Can’t Feel It: Link Between Alexithymia and Interpersonal Relations of Selected Filipinos Suffering From Substance Abuse

Alexithymia, a condition described as the seeming inability to understand emotion, has been reported among substance abusers. There has been a growing interest in how alexithymia impacts interpersonal relationships. Early on, alexithymia according to Nemiah and Sifneos (1970) is concomitant with a specific style of interpersonal relating. Thus, the present study investigated the nature of


Online Mindfulness-based Logotherapy Program: Targeting Depressive Symptoms of Cyberbullied Adolescents During the Covid-19 Pandemic

The outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic has led to the intensive use of the internet for educational and recreational purposes, leading adolescents to be more exposed to cyberbullying. Empirical studies indicate that cyberbullying has become a pervasive problem among adolescents causing negative consequences like depression. Moreover, the global pandemic lockdown and quarantine measures gave rise


Body Image During Pregnancy in the Era of COVID-19: The Role of Heterogeneous Patterns of Perceived Social Support

Objectives. The aim of this study was to explore the profiles of pregnant women on perceived social support with regard to sociodemographic variables, COVID-19-related distress issues, and body image. We compared the aforementioned relationships within the study variables between pregnant women and a control group of non-pregnant women. Method. The study sample comprised 345 women,


Conflict Resolution Styles and Marital Satisfaction in Men and Women: Study in the First Five Years of Marriage

Men and women have differences in conflict resolution styles that tend to be used to resolve their marital conflicts, affecting their marital satisfaction. This study was conducted to examine whether there was a significant effect of conflict resolution styles on marital satisfaction in men and women in the first five years of marriage, and also


Bullying Victimization, Self-compassion, and Depressive Mood as Predictors for Resilience in Thai Junior High School Students

Past empirical findings suggested the significance of resilience in adolescents. Those with a higher level of resilience coped better when encountering negative life events and were less vulnerable to mental health problems. Hence, this study aimed to identify psychological variables associated with and predictive of resilience in Thai adolescents. These variables were divided into those


Psychometric Properties of Chinese Translated Body Compassion Scale

According to the structure of self-concept, physical is considered as one of the elements affecting a person’s evolvement of self. In regards to the equilibrium mental benefits of self-compassion in reducing the possibility of judgmental bias involved in self-esteem, the concept of body compassion was focused. Body compassion has addressed and enlightened both the dimension


The Dynamics of Depressive Symptoms on Criminal Investigators in Semarang (North Central Java) Police

According to Sulistyanto (Assistant of Human Resources of Indonesian National Police), a large percentage of police suicide is related to depression. Police suicidal behavior are serious social and psychological problems that must be anticipated and resolved. In 2016 there were 13 cases of police suicide, and 5 cases of suicide attempts. The incident was reduced


Psychological Distress and Its Relationship to Burnout Among Academicians in Malaysia

Introduction: Academicians has multiple roles such as teaching and learning responsibilities, producing impactful publications, applying grants and administrative duties. The objective of this study was to ascertain the prevalence of burnout and its relationship to psychological distress among academicians in Universiti Teknologi MARA (UiTM), Malaysia. Methods: A cross-sectional study involving academicians and non-academicians from UiTM


Clients’ Experiences of Counseling Engagement in Thailand

This qualitative study aimed to explore clients’ lived experiences of counseling engagement, which is regarded as the common factor contributing to successful counseling outcome. The study examined clients’ counseling engagement in Thailand where counseling is not commonly known while seeking mental help tends to be stigmatized. It also attended to how sociocultural aspects influence clients’


Applying Morita Therapy to University Students – A Program in Progress

With the push to “internationalize” university departments, Japanese students are encouraged (and in some cases required) to participate in study abroad programs. However, there is a growing concern that students may not be prepared to handle a rigorous semester or year abroad. Although many universities have created pre-study abroad courses that help students prepare for


Self-compassion Buffers the Negative Psychological Impact of Stigma Stress on Sexual Minorities

The present study aimed to test the associations of stigma stress with negative cognitive outcomes (i.e., self-stigma content and process), affective outcomes (i.e., depression and anxiety), and social outcomes (i.e., disconnectedness and loneliness) among lesbian, gay, and bisexual (LGB) individuals and to explore whether self-compassion would moderate these associations. Cross-sectional questionnaire data were collected from


Roles of Core Components in Emotional Awareness to the Severity of Anxiety With the Moderator of Sleeping Quality in Youth

The aim of this research is to examine the roles of six core components in emotional awareness in the severity of anxiety in youth in order to provide early identification and training in Hong Kong. In this research, 4647 local students (N=4647, M=1982, F=2350) aged from 12-18 (M=15, SD=1.88) are invited to participate voluntarily. They


Can Mental Health Be Predicted? A Study About Anxiety Degree, Impulsive Behavior, and Mental Distress of College Students

As more and more college students have impulsive behavior and even cause mental distress because of depression or anxiety. The study explored the similarities and differences in Anxiety Degree, Impulsive Behavior, and Mental Distress across six groups of faculty in different gender. Self-Description questionnaire was employed, and there were 1,010 college students participated in this


Factors in Teachers’ Help-seeking Preferences: From the viewpoint of teachers with new appointment terms

This research examines the factors that influence teachers’ help-seeking preferences using a structural equation model. Teachers with new appointment terms often face difficulties in their work and tend to ask other teachers or administrators for help. To identify the various factors in teachers’ help-seeking preferences, an investigation using a questionnaire was administered to teachers who


Being a Supersib: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Being a Supersib Within Singapore

There is increased awareness of the needs of siblings of children with a disability. They are likely to experience difficult relationships with their brother or sister with special needs and receive less attention in the family, and are at risk of experiencing negative mental health and wellbeing. Sibling groups in Singapore primarily focus on providing


Identifying Risk Factors Associated with Online Gaming Addiction among Female College Students in Singapore

Online Gaming Addiction (OGA) is characterized by excessive preoccupation, urge, and impaired control over internet gaming despite negative consequences. Literature has emphasized on male OGA, but studies on female OGA remain scarce. This research investigated risk factors of OGA among Singaporean female college students. 364 female college students (Range=17-20years, Mean age=19.2, SD=0.8) completed a survey


Chinese Permanent Residents in Japan: A Qualitative Study on Acculturation Attitudes and Mental Health

The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between mental health and acculturation attitudes of Chinese who have Permanent Resident visas in Japan. In this study, we used Berry’s Acculturation Attitudes Model (1989) which examines two major issues: the extent to which people maintain their original cultures, and the extent to which people


A Study on the Relationship among Depression Status, Anxiety Degree and Self-injury Tendency of the College Students

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among depression status, anxiety degree and self-injury of the college students. The method of survey research and the instrument is Mental Health Scale for Undergraduate-Screening Assessment (MHSU-SA). The inventory consists the following five indexes, such as depression status, anxiety degree, self-injury, impulsive behavior, and mental


Sailing Through: The Assessment of a Philippine Grief Support Program Using Bible-Based Lessons and Art Therapy

The Sailing Through workshops began in 2018 by my father and I through the Christian Advocacy Reaching Everyone (CARE) Foundation, and first conducted exclusively for our church (International Churches of Christ Quezon City). These support groups address different life challenges such as grief, caregiving for terminally ill loved ones and mental health issues. They are


Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy to Reduce the Anxiety Being Experienced by Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Who Required Hemodialysis

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and hemodialysis are conditions that potentially trigger negative emotional responses such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and fear of death. Anxiety commonly appears following the diagnosis of kidney failure and the requirement of hemodialysis. The anxiety is based on the potential impact of body image change and death. The anxiety may


Gaming Disorder among Singapore Adolescents: Influences of Parental Work and Gaming Behavior, Parent-Child Conflicts, and Family Communication

Gaming disorder is a behavioral problem characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences (WHO, 2018). Adolescents and young adults are particularly vulnerable to become addicted to Internet/video games. This study investigated the role of parental behaviors


Caregiver Burden, Psychological Distress and Marital Dissatisfaction among the Spouses of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is a debilitating mental disorder. Providing care to a family member with any psychological disability can cause significant distress to the caregivers. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between care giver burden, psychological distress and marital satisfaction among the spouses of the patients with major depressive disorder. It


Perceived Barriers to, and Benefits of Physical Activity Among Injured or Sick British Military Veterans: A Behaviour Change Wheel Perspective

Background Physical activity (PA) has been shown to have many positive benefits for wounded, injured, and/or sick (WIS) British military veterans. Before PA is promoted in this population, however, it is important to understand the perceived barriers to, and benefits involved. Yet, to date, research has not explored this topic; despite many WIS veteran PA


A Microlongitudinal Assessment of Subjective Age and Mental Health During Rehabilitation following Acute Medical Conditions

Objectives: Recent works have focused on how older adults view their own aging process, and the effect of these views on late-life health, yet clinical samples were underexplored. Hence, this study examined the relationships between views on aging and daily mental health among older adults undergoing rehabilitation following osteoporotic fractures and cerebrovascular events. Daily fluctuations


Depressive Symptoms, Self-harm, and Suicide Among Filipino University Students: Preliminary Findings From the Diwa Mental Health Survey

University students are navigating through a transitional period that comes with cognitive, affective, and behavioral risk factors associated with mental disorders. The Diwa Mental Health Survey (DMHS) assessed mental health problems and psychosocial concerns with a web-based questionnaire among randomly selected Filipino adolescents and young adults (male = 30.68%; mean age = 21; age range


Food-related Behaviours and Nutritional Status: A Parent-Child Dyad Approach

Aim: The purposes of the present study were to: (1) explore child’s and parent’s perspectives on food-related behaviours and nutritional status (body mass index – BMI) among children, (2) verify if there were differences in the intensity of food-related behaviours among girls and boys in two age groups (young children: 8-11 years old vs. adolescents:


The Impact of Maladaptive Eating Behaviours on BMI, Body Dissatisfaction and Quality of Life in Children: A Structural Equation Modeling

Aim: Despite many implementation research, the prevalence of excessive body weight among children is constantly increasing. Therefore, new determinants of body mass index (BMI) are sought. One of the models that provides knowledge in this context is Homeostatic Theory of Obesity (Marks, 2015). This theory has not been verified empirically among children. Thus the purpose


Testing the Moderating Role of Self-Reliance and Social Support on the Mediated Relationship of Help-Seeking Attitudes and Behavior through Intentions

Studies have shown that mental health problems have become a growing public health concern. Despite this, a gap still exists in those who need mental health services and those who seek professional help. Although there are many studies on help-seeking, only few have focused on thoroughly examining the strength of relationships among the elements of


Art Therapy in Decreasing the Anxiety Score of an Only Child Adolescent with Divorced Parents due to Domestic Violence

Domestic violence or Intimate Partner Violence (IPV) is known as the cause of psychological disorders in victims, perpetrators and their children. Previous studies point out that negative effects of domestic violence negatively influence the development of children and adolescence. Most studies focused on victims and perpetrators. However, there is minimal data focusing on the development


The Value of Incorporating Spirituality Into Mental Health Practice: A Professional Imperative for the Global 21st Century

Spirituality is increasingly recognized as a critical yet challenging and often neglected aspect of effective, ethical, and holistic mental health practice. It is perhaps imperative that mental health professionals incorporate this essential element into contemporary practice, especially considering the rapidly and radically changing world. The U.S. is becoming more diverse and divisive. While spirituality encompasses


Political Values Polarization and Unification: A Functional Contextual Viewpoint

Hampden-Turner (1981) in Maps of the Mind claimed that Martin Luther King considered segregation as “not merely dividing person from person but the splitting of value from value with personality.” Instead Hampden-Turner urged creative healing syntheses by bridging seemingly polar values (e.g., not “black versus white” but “black and white”). Functional contextualism in Acceptance and


Parental Stress and Coping Strategies in Mothers of Children with Cochlear Implant

Background: Children with hearing problems usually suffer from psychological problems that extend to their families. In Algeria, it is believed that children with cochlear implants is increasing. Objective: The aim of this research is to: 1. Highlight the parenting stress in mothers of children with cochlear implants 2. Identify the coping strategies used to reduce


Psychological Well-being and Psychological Loneliness Among Retirees With High Blood Pressure

Background: Retirees are generally suffering from various physical and psychological problems. One of which is high blood pressure which is associated with psychological problems such as feelings of loneliness and deteriorated well-being. Objective: The study aimed to: 1. Identify the level of psychological well-being among pensioners with high blood pressure. 2. Effects of gender on the


Self-Integration in Culture: A Case Study of Indonesian Individuals’ Self-Processes

The self is built of internal and external processes. Humans are cultural beings with independent and interdependent values that are differentiated or integrated into the self. A healthy self depends on the success of integrating experiences in life. Studies of the self are important for insight to the various processes resulting in different degrees of


The Power of Integrated Treatment for Caregivers of Dementia Patients

Study Premises There is great power in a model of psychosocial treatment that works well. Caregivers of Alzheimer’s patients are known to encounter stressors resulting in compromised health status for the caregiver; however, the factors that contribute to an integrated model of care for ill, disabled, and older family members has not been fully explored.


Job Stress and Occupational Burnout among Police Personnel: Moderating Roles of Gender and Marital Status

Concern about health of police personnel has dominated the focus of research in recent time. Previous studies on occupational burnout among police personnel did not pay enough attention to how gender and marital status may influence the connection between job stress and occupational burnout, especially in Nigeria; where cultural beliefs direct gender and marital issues


Sensitivity and Interpretativity- Between Schizoaffective Disorder and Paranoid Schizophrenia

Motivation of topic: A differential diagnosis between schizoaffective disorder and paranoid schizophrenia in this case is difficult to make, patient presenting specific elements of both disorders, requiring an assessment based on both the life history information and history of the disorder, as well as emotionally resonance and emotional presence of the patient in the relationship


Cumulative Perspective of Expression Pathological Love (Libidinal Fixation)

Motivation of topic: The issue of couple relationships represents a benchmark topic in everyday life. Regarding this case, it hides behind the usual couple difficulties, a deviation from normality, migrating to intra and inter personal dynamics pathologicalization. Thereby, pathology of the patient in question can be explained by the effect of potentiating disharmonic personality structure


Psychological Well-Being and Bullying/Victimisation among Adolescents from Polygamous and Monogamous Families in Saudi Arabia

Introduction: Family structure is an important context for children’s upbringing. Polygamy is a type of marriage that effects the structure of the family. Several research studies have found negative effects of polygamy on children’s mental health and problem behaviours (AL-Krenawi, 2006; EL-Bedour, 2006). This research investigated the impact of polygamy on adolescents in


The Relation between Acculturation Attitudes and Depression among Japanese People in Brazil

We focused on depression in Japanese people living in Brazil and a bidimensional model of acculturation considering orientation toward home and Brazilian culture. We also assessed the relevance of Berry��s four-cell typology of acculturation (integration, assimilation, separation, and marginalization). We predicted that mental health would be more stable if individuals maintained contact with both cultures.


The Relationship Between Over-Adaptation Towards Peers, Psychological Stress, and School Adjustment in Japanese Junior High School Students.

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship between over-adaptation towards peers, psychological stress, and subjective adjustment to school in Japanese junior high school students. “Over-adaptation” was defined as the condition in which a person engaged in external over-adaptive behavior (self-inhibition and other-oriented behavior) towards others. A total of 949 Japanese junior high


Risk Management and Counseling Chinese Students and Scholars in United States

Rising mental health issues have been recorded across university campuses in the United States alongside the increase in the Chinese international student population over the past 20 years (Zhao, 2005). These issues include domestic violence, stalking, depression, and suicides (National Institute of Mental Health, 2013). This study discusses mental health issues among Chinese students and


Reminiscence Therapy for Older People Suffering from Loneliness, Anxiety and Depression: A Literature Review

Reminiscence therapy is a type of psychotherapy that is usually used to treat mental health problems. Reminiscence therapy uses the recall of past events, feelings and thoughts to facilitate pleasure, quality of life or adaptation to present circumstances. Reminiscence therapy is believed could provide numerous benefits to older people especially those in residential aged care


The Effectiveness of Cognitive Behavior Therapy Group Counseling on Anger and Aggression Among Prisoners in Malaysia

The purpose of this study was to examine the effectiveness of cognitive behavior therapy group counseling in reducing anger and aggression among male prisoners. This quasi experimental study used a pre post test design with a comparison group. A total of 20 prisoners were participated in this study. The subjects were randomly assigned into experimental


A Study of Using Muscle Relaxation and Music on Aggressive Behaviors of Schizophrenic Patients, Sakaeo Rajanakarindra Psychiatric Hospital.

The purpose of this study was to compare the aggressive behaviors of schizophrenic patients before and after receiving muscle relaxation and music program. The sample of this study were 20 schizophrenic patients from Sakaeo Rajanakarindra Psychiatric hospital, who met the inclusion criteria. Instruments for this study were muscle relaxation and music program for schizophrenic patients,


The Effect of Yoga Training on Emotion Regulation

Emotion has a significant role in a human life. Mechanism of good emotion regulation makes peoples to be accepted in social community. Yoga is one of physical exercise with affect on emotion regulation. To our knowledge, no studies have investigated yoga treatment leads to emotion regulation. The aim of the present study was to investigate


The War 2003 Aftermath Post Traumatic Growth Among Iraqi Students

Background: Iraqi society has suffered from several wars and violence over three decades, the worst is after 2003. Post traumatic growth has not been received attention. There is a clear gap in understanding the nature of PTG in Iraq. Aims of study: a) examine the factor structure of the PTGI in a sample of Iraqi