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An Exploration of Psychological First Aid in Climatic Disaster Contexts of the Pacific Islands

Psychological first aid is an activity of mental health and psychosocial support. This study reviews the purpose of the Inter-Agency Standing Committee (ISAC) guidelines on mental health and psychosocial support and the level of intervention. The study also uses survey questionnaires to explore psychological first aid (PFA) interventions in the context of climate disasters in


Are Teachers Willing to Change? Teachers’ Beliefs About Practice Change in Vietnam

Teacher belief is an essential element that guide teachers to deal with challenges in teaching, shape the classroom environment, and influence student’s motivation and in-class achievement. However, teacher belief may be influenced by various factors inside and outside of classroom, particularly the pressure that makes them comply with their colleagues, with curriculum, and with student


Examine the Impact of Proactive Personality and Environmental Awareness on College Students’ Pro-environmental Behaviors

Although there are many pro-environmental and green studies, relatively little effort has been made to investigate the connections between proactive personality, environmental awareness, and pro-environmental behaviors. 316 college students in Taiwan participated in this study, and the partial least squares structural equation modeling (PLS-SEM) analysis was performed to evaluate the connections between proactive personality, environmental


Using the Interpretive Structure Model to Design the Department of Industrial Design Curriculum of the Interdisciplinary Ability

Scholars believed that only by focusing on cultivating students with multi-knowledge integration learning and problem-solving ability to be able to face changing environment. To become cross-disciplinary talents with the ability to solve today’s complex problems, the cross-field talents cultivated in the school must not only specialize in design professional knowledge, but also learn a variety


Exploring Protective Factors of Resilience Among College Students

This study investigates possible protective factors that contribute to different mental health outcomes based on the resilience portfolio model. Using an explanatory sequential mixed methods design, the study first explores whether certain protective factors namely social support, regulatory strength, meaning making strength, and interpersonal strength would be associated with four distinctive mental health outcomes typologized


Research on the Effect of Multimedia Teaching on the Outcome of Interior Design License Examinations

This research examines interior design drawing as a research approach. For a long time, the primary teaching method of interior design drawing focused on a traditional hand-drawing experience but this teaching method did not keep pace with the times. Therefore, this research aims to explore the application of Multimedia Teaching assisted with interior design detail


Internal Protective Factors of Chinese Rural Students’ Academic Resilience

Youths are future pillars and valuable assets of a society. The large rural youth population defines the sustainability of tomorrow’s labor market. Empirical studies consistently suggest that Chinese rural students’ educational development is under considerable socio-economic and cultural threats (e.g., unprivileged family SES & unsupportive rural parental ethnotheories) (Kong et al., 2021), while little is


Investigating the Impact of Interdisciplinary Experience on the Learning Performance of Industrial Design Students

This study explores the impact of three different interdisciplinary experience student groups on the learning outcomes of industrial design students (without interdisciplinary learning process, participating in interdisciplinary activity courses, and participating in complete interdisciplinary courses). To understand what kind of learning experience can effectively improve students’ cross-disciplinary teamwork ability and the differences in the complete


Student Violence in Schools – An Emerging Challenge for Educators

Teacher well-being continues to gather increased attention in the contemporary educational scenario. School-based violence is a significant contributor to the detrimental experiences of educators, including various forms of violence perpetrated by students. Even though research in this area has received global attention over the past decade, the paucity of ample evidence- base for strategies for


Academic Self-concept, Global Self-esteem, and Social Integration of Students With Special Educational Needs in Higher Education

Inclusive education (IE) regulates that students with learning difficulties or with special educational needs (SEN) should study in the mainstream classrooms. Past research in the primary and secondary schools suggested that students with SEN showed lower self-concepts and experienced negative feelings about learning in mainstream classrooms. In the meantime, more and more students with SEN


Research on Self-Esteem of Adolescents of Mongolia

Since Mongolia’s transformation from a socialist to a democratic society in 1990, the country’s population has experienced significant changes in regard to both ways of life and personal values. This political shift has had both positive and negative effects on individuals’ mental health but has especially affected adolescents. Adolescence is a period of intense physical


Can We Use Technology to Predict Student Success and Failure in Higher Education

The aim of this research was to identify those technological factors that contribute to success/failure in Higher Education. Many factors contribute to a students’ success or lack of success in higher education. Some of these will be individual factors such as personality, motivation, previous educational experiences and many others. Other factors that contribute to success


Parenting Self-Perception During the Covid-19 Pandemic: Are There the Differences Between the Full-Time Working Mothers, Flexible-Time Working Mothers, and Housewives on It?

Covid-19 Pandemic had brought various changes in human life, including in education and work. During the pandemic, students underwent a distance learning system. Work from Home (WFH) and Work from Office (WFO) were also applied to working people, including working mothers. The objective of this study is to examine the differences in parenting self- perception


Effectiveness of School-based Education in Improving Cervical Cancer Prevention Among Female Students: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis

Background Cervical cancer education in schools can reach a significant number of adolescents. This systematic review and meta-analysis examined whether school-based education is effective for improving: i) knowledge and risk perception of cervical cancer/HPV infection; and ii) attitudes and intentions toward, and uptake of, HPV vaccination and cervical cancer screening among female students. Methods We


The Psychological Role of Orientation Sessions in the Learning Activity of Students Taking Distance Online Courses

In modern distance programs, orientation sessions (OS) are usually aimed at providing students with technical assistance in mastering new information technological tools. This research’s focus is on the less studied – psychological – aspect of creating OS for online courses. 159 graduate students participated in the research who took the author’s online course Child Development


The Impact of Mindfulness Traits of Elementary School Students on Resilience in Covid-19 Era

In an era of severe epidemic, the trait’s of mindfulness is vital to the performance of students’ resilience. The general social depression of students under the epidemic can enhance the inherent protective factors of their resilience through the display of mindfulness characteristics, which in turn affects their daily life, learning performance and the development of


Having No Freedom to Select Courses to Teach: Does It Mean That Teachers Can’t Have Their Need for Autonomy Fulfilled?

Evidence in previous studies has shown that teachers in different education settings enjoy great autonomy and control over their teaching practices at the classroom level. On the contrary, teacher autonomy beyond the classroom is limited by structural, contextual and cultural constraints. For example, teachers have little influence or no control over curriculum-related issues and administrative


The Law School Experience: Adopting Regulation Strategies

Law school is the training ground for all future lawyers. While the law profession can be a compelling career opportunity, developing the necessary skills required for the profession can be tough a tough journey, and can be overwhelming. Experience of psychological distress among law students is evident in various research studies. The aim of this


Cultural Differences in Creativity Mindset, Passion Towards Smartphone Use, and Well-being

This study aimed to investigate the cultural differences on creative mindset, passion towards smartphone use and well-being, as well as the relationships between these variables among college students in Taiwan and Australia. Participants were 136 college students from Taiwan and 135 from Australia. The employed instruments included Creativity Mindset Inventory (CMI), Inventory of Passion towards


Burnout and Job Satisfaction Among University Staff in Malaysia

Introduction: Burnout among university staffs potentially affects personal and professional performance and causes job dissatisfaction. Objectives: The purpose of this study was to ascertain the prevalence of burnout and its associated risk factors among the University staff involving both academician and non-academician and relate these to their job satisfaction. Methods: A cross sectional study was


Stress, Anxiety and Depression Among Academicians in Science and Technology Faculties in a Malaysian University

Introduction: In Malaysia, academic personnel are under pressure to build international reputation, increase funding and are expected to perform in the key performance indicators to bring Malaysian education to an international standard. The purpose of this study was to determine the prevalence of stress, anxiety and depression and its associated factors among the academicians in


Junior High School Students who are Extroverted and Lonely Prefer SNS – Analysis of SNS Time by Diary Method

There are a lot of concerning shown about excess using of SNS by Japanese young people on a smartphone. This research made an examination for the relation between extroversion, loneliness and using SNS time on smartphone referring to The Internet paradox study. Got a result from 701 junior high school students in Japanese nationwide by


The Construction of Peer Group Supervision Ability Scale

The purpose of the research was to develop a “Peer Group Supervision Ability Scale (PGSAS) ” for professional counselors working in the colleges to evaluate and enhance their abilities when they try to organize peer group supervision sessions. The research object was based on counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists and social workers working in the colleges


Implementing Mindful Learning Intervention to Enhance Creativity

This study aimed at employing technology-based interventions in daily life to investigate the relationship between mindful learning and creativity. One hundred and forty-nine college students participated in the experimental instruction and they were randomly assigned to a control group or the experimental groups. All participate took the pretest and the posttest within a week. The


Self-harm & Non-suicidal Self-Injury (Nssi) Tendencies Among Children: Effect of an Intervention Program

Self-harm according to research is an increasing global concern, which is not just of today. It has been beginning to be alarming that in the recent generation self-harm and Non-Suicidal Self-Injurious (NSSI) behavior have been rampant especially in the younger ages. This study aims to determine the prevalence of self-harm and non-suicidal self- injury tendencies


Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Turkish International Students in Japan: A Qualitative Study

The present study explores the cross-cultural adaptation of Turkish international students in Japan. The purpose of this study is to partially fill the gap in the literature by investigating Turkish international students’ perceptions and expectations while living in Japan. Another purpose of the study is to provide upcoming students with an overall understanding of what


Comparing Life Values of New and Old Students of Psychology Faculty of Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Indonesia

The purpose of the research was to compare the life values of undergraduate students of Batch 2018 with those of students of previous batch of Psychology Faculty of Soegijapranata Catholic University, Semarang, Indonesia. There were twelve life values of the students: concern for multicultural life, loyal to family/group, spirituality, concern for environment, independence, achievement, being


Death of a Parent: Its Effects on Students’ Psychological Well-Being and Academic Resilience

The study attempted to find out the effects of parental death on students’ psychological well-being and academic resilience, where majority of them obtained average levels of psychological well-being and academic resilience. The correlation for both variable was found. From the sixty respondents from ages 7-21, majority of them were male, have male deceased parent who


Socio-Demographic Predictors of Occupational Stress Among Secondary School Teachers in Anambra State, Nigeria Counselling Implications

The study examined socio-demographic predictors of occupational stress among secondary school teachers in Anambra State – Nigeria. Five hypotheses were formulated to guide the study. The population of the study was six thousand and thirty six (6,036) teachers from public schools in the state. The sample of the study consisted of one thousand teachers, made


The Difference of Perception of Facial Emotions for People with Different Ages

Emotions are an incredibly important aspect of human life and basic research on emotions of the past few decades has produced several discoveries that have led to important real world applications. Facial emotions are perceived by different people in different way. Possibility to read facial expressions is getting hard with the age. According to previous


A Comparative Study on Positive Psychological Strength between Chinese and Taiwanese University Students

The study investigated positive psychological strength between Chinese and Taiwanese first-year university students. Both Chinese students (N = 514) and Taiwanese students (N = 220) completed paper-and-pencil surveys in Chinese measuring future goal, satisfaction with physical appearance and character as well as positive emotions (happiness and life satisfaction) and positive traits (curiosity and gratitude). Results


The Impact of the 101s Storybook Intervention Program on Executive Function, The 101s Social-Emotional Skills, and School Achievement in Preschoolers

Multidisciplinary research in child development has underlined the significance of executive function (EF) development to children’s school and life success. Previous research in the 101s positive discipline training program; the U.S. national winning-award program for training parents, teachers, and early childhood educators to promote children’s social-emotional and cognitive skills, have showed the positive impact on


I am for ADHD: An Exploration in the Lives of and its Effects in Children with ADHD

With various economic problems being faced by the Philippines, managing children with ADHD in the country requires not only effort and time but entails greater financial challenges as well. The study was conducted in a public school in Manila, which caters to students who belong to considerably low socio-economic status. These children can rarely sustain


Teaching Assertiveness to International Students in the United States

This presentation describes an approach to teaching assertive communication skills to international students in the United States. Assertiveness involves expressing one’s personal rights and feelings; standing up for one’s rights while respecting the rights of others; believing one has a right to one�s feelings, beliefs and opinions; and viewing oneself as equal to others, while


Integrating the NICHD Forensic Investigative Interview Protocol in the Biopsychosocial-Spiritual Model of Care for Victims of CSA and CSE

Child sexual abuse (CSA) and child sexual exploitation (CSE) are global phenomena that exist particularly in third world countries of continents like Asia. Most of these rehabilitation centers that make use of the biopsychosocial-spiritual model do not incorporate the child victim’s need for justice and vindication. And although a number of these centers allow and


The Study of the International Undergraduate Students’ Adjustment Processes in Taiwan

The study investigates six international undergraduate students’ adjustment processes in Taiwan based on the theoretical framework of phenomenology. To understand these international students’ adjustment processes, the researcher invited 3 students from Southeast Asia and 3 from Central and South America respectively for semi-constructed interviews. Three themes that are relevant to international students’ adjustment processes emerged


Psychological Well-Being among Gifted Students at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Psychological well-being refers to how people evaluate their lives. According to Diener (1997), these evaluations may be in the form of cognitions or in the form of effect. The cognitive part is an information based appraisal of one’s life that is when a person gives conscious evaluative judgments about one’s satisfaction with life as a


Satisfaction of Counseling Services among Gifted Students at the National Gifted Center in Malaysia

Counselling and guidance services in schools are comprehensive. It includes programs on development, prevention and rehabilitation. In schools prevention programs are conducted more than rehabilitation programs. Among the services provided in the school counselling unit, are the academic guidance, career guidance, advice on psychology and mental health, leadership programs, and individual or group counselling. School


An Interpretive Phenomenological Analysis of Career Choice in Science: Evidence from Malaysian Undergraduates

Career choice is an important aspect of one’s educational and professional pursuits as it determines the course of study to undertake and employment outcomes. While existing models of decision-making on career choice has focused on the rational thinking processes, ambiguity arises as many graduates find themselves opting for alternative career paths. This paper seeks to


What Are the Differences in Learning Environments of Elementary and Junior High School in Japan ?

This study investigated the differences in learning environments between elementary and junior high school in Japan and explores possible factors to decrease student’s motivation through retrospective method. In total, 212 Japanese students in 7th grade (112 boys and 100 girls; average age = 12.33 years) in one public junior high school participated in this questionnaire


Relationship among Social Self-Efficacy, Learning Activities with Friends and a Sense of Fulfillment in University Life

Increasing research has recognized and established that peers contribute to students’ school adjustment and academic motivation (Berndt, 1999). However, why good peer relations positively predict school adjustment has not yet been thoroughly examined, especially for university students. This study examined the relationship among social self-efficacy, learning activities with friends, and a sense of fulfillment in


Correlation between Emotional Competence and Behavioral Problems in Elementary School Students with ADHD

This study attempted to explore the connection between emotional competence and adaptation to life in pupils with ADHD from Southern Taiwan. In addition to analyzing how 32 students with ADHD performed on the scales used, this study was also intended to show the current state of their emotional competence and adaptations to life. Results reveal


Emotional Literacy among School Children

The purpose of this study was to clarify the development of emotional literacy, especially, understanding emotions and expressions of emotions. The emotional literacy should be important for managing interpersonal relationships. Subjects were 513 students aged 6-12 years (boys 250, girls 257) in two elementary schools. They were shown a questionnaire including three different vignettes depicting the


Learner Classroom Engagement: Definition, Measurement and Data Usage

Knowing what it means for students to be engaged in classroom learning and how to measure this complex variable is a challenge in any learning environment. One logical approach which can be taken to defining it is to consider the behavioral (actions), emotional (feelings) and cognitive (investment of efforts) engagement of students during learning (Fredericks,


Supervision as an Educational Activity in Clinical Psychology Training Programs: Conceptions on Its Core Characteristics and Implementation

During the first stage of a broader educational evaluation study, a qualitative exploration has been conducted on conceptions that clinical supervisors hold in regard to: 1) the characteristics of clinical supervision as an educational activity; and 2) input, activities and results related to the implementation of supervision as a formative component in clinical psychology training


The Impact of Learning Skills Instruction on Emotional Intelligence and Self-Esteem of Female High School Students

Objective: The purpose of this research was to investigate the impact of social emotional learning skills program on the emotional intelligence and self-esteem of female high school students. Method: 64 students of Behshar Schools were randomly chosen from female first year high school students of Behshar city, and were placed in experimental and control groups.


Divided Presentations in History Textbooks in Three Ex Yugoslav States Discussing Implications for Identity Development

Main aim of this study is to determine the differences in the presentation of significant historical events during Yugoslavia war in history textbooks used in high schools in three ex Yugoslav states: Bosnia-Herzegovina, Serbia and Montenegro. Historical events that were analyzed are disintegration of Yugoslavia and the 1992-1995 war in Bosnia-Herzegovina and Croatia. Three different


The Development of Resilience Quotient (Rq) Promotional Model to Apply for the Flooded Community by Using the Community Participation Activity, Case Study District, Lampang Province

This research had the objectives to analyze the resilience quotient (RQ) promotional method, develop the RQ promotion format for flooded communities to be used to promote the RQ of flooded communities and to assess the RQ promotional operations for flooded communities in Mueang Lampang district, Lampang province. The research sample group consisted of three RQ