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Designing Inclusive Play Experience

Play is essential to everyone, while it is often misperceived as a waste of time. Maria Montessori, who started the Montessori school in 1907, believed that play could be used for children to learn naturally and play was the work of the child. Play is unarguably vital to children’s development. However, play is a necessity


Stimulating Consumers’ Emotional Durability in Clothing with Multi-Module Design: A Paradigm Shift in Consumption

The fashion industry grapples with severe environmental challenges, primarily due to its prevalent rapid consumption model resulting in vast waste. Rooted in Donald Norman’s emotional design theory, this research advocates for a profound emotional connection between consumers and their garments, transcending mere aesthetics and functionality. The prevailing consumerist mindset, fueled by capitalism’s “more is better”


Color Development Trend of Modern Clothing in China from 1993 to 2023: Take “Hempel Award” as an Example

Modern clothing design in China started late, but has developed rapidly in a relatively short period of time and has undergone tremendous changes, which can be reflected especially in the colors of clothing. The colors of clothing can reflect the identity, emotions, aesthetics and many other aspects of the wearer. By analyzing the changes and


City’s Study Construction: Considerations for Application of Wenzhou (China) Creative City

City’s Study, as the usage of design thinking in Wenzhou urban construction, has had a great development. It has significant guidance for the application of Wenzhou Creative City. This paper aimed to draw the considerations of City’s Study for Creative City construction and adopted the mixed method paradigm in the study. The researchers found out


A Comparative Analysis of Language and Typography Between Two Chinese Enclaves in Singapore for Nostalgic Design Trends

Using the multimodality approach of Linguistic Landscape, this paper reports a comparative analysis of language composition and typographic treatment of signs found on historic shophouses in Singapore’s two distinctive Chinese ethnic enclaves, Bukit Pasoh (Chinatown) and Joo Chiat Road. The choice of languages used and typographic treatment on signs are analysed in context of approaches


Digital Experience Theatre: Ideation Tool for Developing Socially Significant Digital Products

The problem identified in the Digital Experience Theater (DXT) research project is related to the development of interactive digital products, particularly mobile devices, with relevance for empowering a place and its community. Digital products, increasingly ubiquitous in contemporary societies, are a powerful medium for the sociocultural mapping of a community in a simultaneously local and


Land Art Creation and Environmental Space Beautification

The research purpose of this paper is to study the influences of Land art creation on the beautification of environmental space and the aesthetics of life. Artists use their experience to create Land artworks in urban squares, manhole covers, and rural pastoral fields. The research methods are to classify the themes of the works of


The Characteristics of Contemporary Art as a Source to Enrich the Ceramic Surface With Aesthetic Values

The interpretation of beauty has varied according to philosophers and theories throughout the ages, which, in turn, was reflected on art, where the appreciation of beauty and aesthetic values and judgment on artistic work differed according to thoughts, philosophy, and culture prevailing in societies and the extent of their change and development throughout history. The


University-Industrial Collaboration in Industrial Design Education: A Practical Model

University/Industry-Collaboration is not new to Industrial Design curricula, however, the contents of each program vary vastly. For most collaborations, students take in design problems from sponsors and develop design solutions. The sponsor may meet with the students a couple of times to make sure students are on the right track. Eventually, if the design solutions


Landscape Paintings Influenced by the Climate of Noto Peninsula in Japan

Pine Trees screen by Hasegawa Tohaku (1539–1610) is considered as the one of the most famous landscape ink (wash) paintings in Japan, and also known as the first original ink paintings ever made in Japan. Ink painting was introduced in the 14th century in Japan, and traditionally many of Japanese painters are influenced by Chinese


Toward Sustainable Design: A Study on Consumer Preferences for Design Characteristics of Chinese Spring Festival Clothing

Based on a questionnaire survey and analysis of consumers’ preferences for Spring Festival clothing, this study attempts to compare the traditional design characteristics with the art-derived design characteristics to test whether the latter is more in line with consumers’ preferences, and thus can be more sustainable. A questionnaire survey was conducted concerning festival costume consumption


Axiomatic Dimensional Analysis of Art in the Visual Culture of the Ibibio People of Nigeria

The research into visual culture, vis-à-vis art praxis and product, keeps on turning up as tangential to the history, context and practice of socio-cultural variables prevalent in specific cultural settings, despite the fundamentality of image flows and visual technologies in both the rural and urban domains of contemporary society. This study focused on this hiatus,


Innovative Design of Sustainable Fashion – A Case Study of Practical Fashion Design Teaching

Recycling of the environment and recycled resources has been an important item in the world’s push for environmentally friendly design, as well as a current social reconstruction and education effort. However, how to apply it in people lives, and cultivate people the habit of recycling use and save the earth resources, which is a knowledge


Gendered Robots: The Impact of Visual Design on Robots’ Gender Perception

With the rise of gendered innovations, the field of Human-Robot Interaction (HRI) has begun to pay more attention to gender issues of robots, especially the effects of gendered robots on Human-Robot Interaction. This study aims to investigate the influence of robots’ visual design on people’s gender perception in robots by using Kansai engineering methods. A


Mnemosphere: An Interdisciplinary Research Between Memory of Places, Emotions and Atmosphere of Space

The transmission of memory seems to be an obsession of our time. This issue has been addressed by different disciplines and approaches. Design, as a discipline that contributes to the enhancement of culture, can help to expand the horizon of memory studies, but so far this issue is still undefined and blurred. Mnemosphere project, through


A Brief History of the Chinese Interior During the Early Imperial Times (221 BC-589 AD)

This article explores and examines the Chinese interior during the imperial times in a sequential order, that is, the portrayal of various interior styles from the Qin to the Northern and Southern dynasties (221 BC-1912 AD). It focuses on the process of how the Chinese perceived, constructed, and maintained their inner space through dynastic succession.


Heritage Inspired Costumes for Thai Traditional Massage Business

Thai traditional massage has been recently formally added to the intangible cultural heritage list of UNESCO. This health service business has a reputation as top 5 of the world. But the uniforms of masseuse are normally ready-made which had been bought in the market, which has less story communication to raise cultural awareness. Printed textile


Heritage-Inspired Creativity for Textile Printed Pattern: A Case of Sukhothai

Sukhothai province of Thailand has been included to be a member of UNESCO’s Creative Cities Network: UCCN for its crafts and folk art in 2019. And two historical parks of Sukhothai were declared as World Heritage Sites by UNESCO. Therefore Sukhothai is the place where is full of cultural heritage and creativity. The aims of


The Micro Motion of Ambient Surrounding – An Exploration of Techno-biophilic Design

Biophilia hypothesis was devised by Edward O. Wilson(1984), being based on evolutionary psychology, which suggests that “people have the innate tendency to focus on life and lifelike processes”. So far, the development of the theory has been invested in many different fields, which proves that it is helpful for human physical and mental health. It


Embracing Difference: Case Study of BoA in Japanese-Korean Pop Music Album Cover Design

BoA is a Korean musician who has a high reputation as an art performer in Asia, especially Japan and Korea from 2000 to 2019. She was the very first Korean entertainer that has launched the amount of a million records in Japan with her album “LISTEN TO MY HEART” in 2003. During her career, she


Study on Communication Design Education Establishing Project-based Advertising Competition

Design competitions are often thought as a tool for creating new trends and ideas, so they are widely used in various countries around the world to find good ideas. Participating in the design competition has become an evaluation index for critical teaching achievements of colleges and universities in Taiwan. A lot of design competitions have


Embracing Difference – The Demonstration of Regional Cultural Aesthetics in Design Elements of Olympics Posters

This research is aimed at analyzing the development and formation of Olympics posters from 1896 to 2019, and studying the regional cultural difference in poster design features between western and eastern continents. The study concentrated on the content of both summer and winter Olympics posters, and the importance of visual communication along with visual tension


Nature in Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement): Beyond Sustainability

Western culture, in particular the Modernism Art Movement has had a significant influence on ikebana since the Meiji period. While ikebana like other traditional art forms was under the influence of the Japanese fascism in 1930’s, it was this period that ikebana has undergone a cultural transformation that is closely related to a redefinition of


Possibilian Landscapes: An Exploration on Afterlife Dimensions

The normality of death has dissolved in the context of society through the passage of time. Death has been celebrated before in the past as a part of life. In the contemporary era, death is being revisited with a heightened social awareness wherein it is explored in different facets of interdisciplinary studies, ranging from technological