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Content Analysis of Augmented Reality in Viral Video Advertising

In the digital era, networking hardware is mature and stable, and various new media have been derived, driving the trend of AR advertising. The advertising industry gradually regards AR as an important communication tool for advertisers to launch marketing campaigns (Craig, 2018). The advertising campaigns combine new AR technology that allows customers to participate in


A Study of the Process of Resilience in the Face of Economic Crises in the Past: A Case Study of Micro-Enterprise Entrepreneurs in Bangkok and Vicinity Who Experiencing Repeated Economic Crises

A micro-enterprise entrepreneur is particularly vulnerable to developing mental health issues due to the pressures of economic volatility. Although resilience is an important factor in helping a person maintain good mental health when faced with difficult situations, the findings of current research do not cover the knowledge needed to describe the process of resilience. This


Military Life Challenges Among Military Spouses: Implications for Future Interventions

While there is a vast amount of research about the military in the Western setting, there is an undeniable scarcity in research involving the military, its members and their families in the Philippines. As the “overlooked casualities of war”, the researcher believes that military family members are equally impacted by the military lifestyle thus they


Intergenerational Differences and Inheritance of Marriage Between Born “Around-1975” and “After-1995” Groups Based on China

The globalised rise in late marriage and divorce rates is to some extent a reflection of life choices and attitudes towards marriage. China is a densely populated country, and after the one-child policy, most families have a pyramidal structure; in 2021, the Chinese government officially enacted the three-child policy, with the aim of stimulating and


Biased Survival Expectations and Behaviours

We study biased survival expectations across two domains and examine whether they influence health and financial behaviours. Combining individual-level longitudinal, retrospective, and end of life data from several European countries for more than a decade, we estimate time-varying individual level bias in ‘survival expectations’ (BSE) and compare it to biased ‘meteorological expectations’ (BME). We exploit


Investigation of the Wisdom of Older Adults to Live in Harmony With Nature

Environmental destruction is progressing rapidly around the world, including in Japan. What familiar social groups should we refer to when we aim for a symbiosis between nature and humans? We believe that one of the appropriate social groups is older adults. They have developed a wide range of wisdom for living through the utilization of


Reliving the Memory: The Disenfranchised Grief, Guilt, and Meaning-making of Filipino Bereaved Pet Owners

Companion animals have become a source of social and emotional support, thereby fulfilling some unmet attachment needs of their owners. Studies have shown that losing a pet can rupture the human-animal bond, and that the marginalization of pet grief only exacerbates the situation, thus making a person psychologically vulnerable. Despite its prevalence, little is known


Inside the Criminal’s Mind: An Investigation of the Factors that Lead to Criminal Behavior and the Motives of Convicted Criminals

With the prevalence of crimes in the society, various researches about the origins of criminal behavior were already conducted. Yet, most of the studies conducted in the Philippines were quantitative, and focuses only to one cause of criminal behavior. Thus, this mixed method study was conducted to ascertain other factors that causes criminal behaviors as


Personality Traits, Motivation and Performance of Employees in a Pharmaceutical Company in the Philippines: Basis for Performance Improvement Plan

This descriptive correlational design study examined the relationship between employees’ personality traits, motivation, and performance of employees in a pharmaceutical company in the Philippines. Corollary to this, it determined whether personality traits and motivation predict the work performance of medical sales representatives. A total of 125 medical sales representatives assigned at the NCR were selected


Will the Bow-Pulling Model Be Repeated? – Analysis of Cases of Reverse Culture Shock During Two Overseas Stays

The bow-pulling model assumes selective adaptation of culture, and assumes a reactionary psychological reaction that causes reverse culture shock after returning to Japan if it becomes familiar with the culture of the destination. In this study, we conducted an interview survey of two Japanese female college students who stayed abroad twice for study abroad or


A Case Study of Caregivers’ Social Skills Use in Practice: Interviews and an Observation About Interactions With Care Recipients

This research is a qualitative psychological study of caregivers. To gain knowledge about social skills caregivers use to form good interpersonal relationships with care recipients in nursing homes, we conducted survey (A); a preliminary interview, and survey (B); an observation and post-interview survey at a facility for disabled people. The informant had seven years of


Children of Hope: Influential Factors, Growth Mindset, and Self-concept of Children in Conflict With the Law

One of the most challenging issues in the Philippines today is the increased involvement of the children and youth in committing offenses against the law. With a deficiency in research discussing delinquency in a different stance, the researcher aimed to study the lived experiences, growth mindset, and self-concept. Although numerous studies explored various influential factors


Investigating the Influence of Movie Genre on Mood Using Nonparametric Methods

There has been several studies related to investigating the relation of mood and personality with entertainment domain for various reasons. Recent studies with the help of huge number of data made it possible to have a better understanding of mood regulation and how it is influenced by the entertainment industry. Although the recent studies were


The Development and Validation of Psychological Measures of Self-injurious Behaviors (PM-SIB) for Filipino Young Adults: Test Conceptualization and Item Analysis

Young adults encounter several challenges in life, and cope through positive or negative means. Some individuals commit suicide because of lost hope, and some commit self-injury without suicidal intent. Using a scale validation method, this study proposes an assessment entitled “Psychological Measures of Self-Injurious Behaviors” (PM-SIB), for the presence of self-injurious behaviors without suicidal intent,


Disentangling the Saving Puzzle in Aging Japan – Psychological Factors Matter

Lots of empirical studies have concluded that basic life-cycle hypothesis is not convincing and tried to add the supplementary explanation by employing “precautionary motive” and “bequest motive”. However, these two motives unable to make sufficient responses until now. Japan, in the position of confronting a super-ageing society, holds the puzzle that elderly people do not


Implicit Anti-elderly Attitudes and Subjective Time to Become Elderly

Intergenerational conflicts between the elderly and the other generations persist. To reduce the conflicts, the affirmation of anti-elderly attitudes is an urgent issue. Generally, implicit/explicit anti-elderly attitudes are shown to be negative, and these attitudes have undesirable effects on the elderly, including neglect and deterioration of their mental health. In this study, we measured participants’


A Qualitative Study on the Style of Art Teaching Instruction for Improving Creativity: The Perspectives from Chinese Elementary School

Teachers’ instruction styles are significant to educate students on improving creativity, especially in an early educational stage (i.e., the elementary school). In this study, a survey was conducted to investigate the types of instruction employed in Chinese elementary schools’ art classes to train students’ creativity. In a primary school with complete educational resources located in


An Exploratory Study on Workers’ Characteristics Affecting the Use of Different Acting Strategies in Emotional Labor

There are two acting strategies in emotional labor: surface acting and deep acting. Previous studies have shown that surface acting has negative effects, such as depression, burnout, and increased turnover of workers. For deep acting, the findings are inconsistent with both positive and negative effects being reported. In addition, these acting strategies are thought to


Elements of Cooperation Necessary to Foster Safety Culture in Nursing Facilities from a Nursing Perspective

In Japan’s aging society, many elderly people with dysfunction are moved to nursing facilities after being discharged. These facilities allow the elderly to recuperate while continuing to receive medical treatment. Accidents at nursing facilities, such as falls, may result in readmission and lower quality of life. Therefore, ensuring safety at nursing facilities that support life


A Preliminary Analysis of the Factors Related to Negative Attitudes Toward Elderly People

People generally have negative attitudes toward elderly people that adversely impact their mental health. In this study, we focus on (a) germ aversion (i.e., hatred of infection), (b) youth identity, and (c) contact experience with elderly people, whose effects on negative attitudes have been considered separately. However, their interaction effects should also be investigated. We


Smartphones at the Workplace: An in situ Mixed-Method Study on Smartphone use During Intellectual Work

Smartphones and other ICTs have become permanent companions in our daily lives. Increased use of these devices has impacted and often changed our daily routines. Users are in constant negotiation and coordination between the online and offline worlds they inhabit, and decisions about how to use their time and attention are becoming increasingly challenging. This


Relationship Analysis Between Smartphone Dependency Consciousness and Actual Usage Time

Now a day, the problems of long-time use of smartphones among youth has been sparked social debate. The long-time use of the Internet has been pointed out as one of the factors, so-called “internet dependence” in society. Although long-time use is regarded as a problem, actual use time has not been measured, and no discussion


Unleash the Warrior in You: A Mixed Method Study on the Psychological Well Being of UE Student Athletes

Psychological well – being is a balanced, well – integrated, and harmonious interplay between six facets of the self which includes positive relationships, personal mastery, autonomy, meaning in life, personal growth, and development. The researchers’ convergent parallel mixed method study focused on exploring the psychological well-being of UE student athletes which aims to help them


The Difference of the ‘Regression in the Service of the Ego’ Between Art Students and Professional Artists

Present study aimed at exploring the difference of the ‘regression in the service of the ego’ between art students and professional artists. The subjects were 21 art students of graduate school (average age 25.5) and 25 professional artists (average age 46.4). They were administered Rorschach test and the result was analyzed according to the scoring


Unveiling the Lived Experiences of the Faces Behind the Niqab: Allegiance to Faith

Niqab is the general Arabic term for a woman’s veil that covers the whole head except for the eyes. This study sought to vividly describe the lived experiences of Muslim women who wear the niqab within Metro Manila. It employed a qualitative research approach to be able to completely analyze the perspectives and feelings of


The Relationship Between Social Support, Social Exclusion and Spending Pain

Recently, in consumer psychology, the topic of spending pain has been discussed. Spending pain is a feeling of pain after spending money. According to the recent studies, social support and social exclusion might affect the level of physical pain, However, whether they have same effect on spending pain remained unknown. In Study 1, 157 valid


Is Cohabitation an Alternative to Marriage?

Cohabitation is an important phenomenon which is on the rise in the hectic and fast-paced modern life but it exists on the sidelines of Indian society. In order to gain deeper understanding of the contentious issues, three focus group discussions were conducted with each group comprising of 6-10 participants. The total sample comprised of 24


Collective Consciousness of Ethnic Groups in the Upper Central Region of Thailand

This research article aimed to study the memories of the past and the process of constructing a collective consciousness of ethnicity in the upper central region of Thailand. Scope of the study included ethnic groups in 4 provinces: Lopburi, Chai-nat, Singburi, and Ang-thong and 7 groups: Lao Wiang, Lao Khrang, Lao Ngaew, Thai Mon, Thai


Exploring Attitudes Towards Teenage Relationship Abuse: A Q-Methodology Study

Teenagers are most at risk of relationship abuse in the UK, yet least likely to report it (Home Office, 2014). It is not only a proliferating crime, but a complex health, social and psychological epidemic (Rakovec, 2014). The issue is significantly misunderstood and unrecognised (Crown Prosecution Service, 2014). Previous research into attitudes towards adult relationship


From Victim to Survivor: Understanding the Reflexive Positioning of Women Who Experienced Childhood Sexual Abuse on Their Journey to Recovery

This is a qualitative study that examines the reflexive positioning and the corresponding social force of three women with childhood sexual abuse (CSA) experience. Although the journey towards recovery is highly individualized, participants’ narratives indicate six reflexive positions spread across three timeframes: 1) During and after CSA and revictimization: a) At Fault and b) Damaged;


Hearing Filipino Journalists Side of the Story: A Mixed Method Approach

Journalists have the power to relay important information to the public, sometimes endangering their own safety and health in order to cover stories. The researchers studied the experience of Filipino journalists covering wars, conflicts, natural disasters, police reports and accidents. The study used content analysis to analyze the semi-structured interviews and multiple regression to analyze


Mean Girls in the Legal Workplace

Purpose This quantitative study examined relationships between perceptions of aggression, workplace incivility, and job satisfaction among legal professional women. Framework Microaggression Theory and Relational Aggression Theory provided the theoretical framework for this study. Result Perceptions of higher levels of direct and indirect aggression from others were significantly associated with greater workplace incivility towards others and


Mitigating Climate Change by Household Sector: Keys of Promoting Energy-Efficient Appliances

Besides the reduction of green house gases emission from industrial, transportation and commercial sectors; household sector also plays an important part in mitigating global warming. This study base on the theory of planned behavior (TPB) and introduced perceived benefit or cost as an independent variable additionally to develop the model of Efficiency action toward Climate


An Analytic Study on the Therapeutic Boundary between Counseling Psychologist and Sexual-Abused Children

This study aims at exploring different types of therapeutic boundaries during counseling psychologist’s counseling process with the sexual-abused children. It also aims at providing methods for the counseling psychologists to use the therapeutic boundaries in order to enhance the counseling process as well as providing a practical approach and reference for professional counselors. This study


Should People from Different Groups Be Confused about the Distinction between Constructs, Is There Still Room for Structured Means?

Aim of this study is to encourage the using of structured means modelling as a measurement error-free method, and culturally invariant approach (i.e., measurement invariance at strong level), for evaluating between-group differences in latent means and controlling for the inclusion of latent covariates. Although this technique is not novel in academic literature, applications to quantitative


Living within a Broken Vow: The Impact of Parental Infidelity among Late Adolescents in Establishing Romantic Relationships

The present study aimed to know the possible impacts of parental infidelity among late adolescents in establishing romantic relationships with significant others. It employed a qualitative design specifically phenomenological approach that dwells on the adolescents’ experiences regarding parental infidelity. This study used the approach on social constructivism in which it described the adolescents’ experiences about


Ceo Constellation, Capital Structure, And Financial Performance

Distinctive from prior research that emphasizes the influences of CEO demographic characteristics on corporate financial strategies, this study uses constellation traits as the proxy variables for CEO psychological traits and takes into consideration demographic characteristic variables to further analyze the relationship between CEO traits and corporate financial leverage, performance, and growth opportunity. This is an


Academic Adjustment and Sense of Coherence of the Muslim Students from the Three Southernmost Provinces of Thailand: Qualitative Research

Encountering both academic and cultural difficulties among Muslim students when they stay far from their hometowns could subject them to academic and psychological impacts that could hinder their growth. This study therefore aimed to investigate the experiences of academic adjustment and sense of coherence of the Muslim students from the three southernmost provinces of Thailand.


A Probabilistic Solution for the Mystery of Japanese Blood Type Prediction Accuracy

In Japan, a belief that there is a relationship between personality and ABO blood types seems to have subsided now. Statistical hypothesis test results deny that relationship for many times up to now. However, many people still like to talk about blood types in connection with personality. They believe in predicting the blood type of


Simulation of a Queuing System Case Study: Call Center Service in a Organization

The objectives of the study is to fine the queuing system of the call center service in A Organization by using the simulation situation. The simulation situation main purpose is to fine the queuing characteristics and offer the alternative way to reduce the customers queuing time. This study use the ARENA program to simulated situation


The Risks of Purchasing Superficies Right-Based Housing: The Perspective of Consumer Protection

This paper investigates the risks of buying superficies right-based housing for consumers and takes the Zone T-9 development project in Taipei city as a case study. It explores the potential risks consumers face when purchasing such housing and the question of how they can safeguard their personal rights and interests. Interviews were conducted with scholars


ASEAN Integration via ASEAN Identity Building among Thai SME Entrepreneurs

The research is aimed to analyze the factors required for building ASEAN identity which composes of a combination of core identity elements (e.g. logo, ASEAN secretary- general, office location, core policy) and extended identity components (e.g. economic cooperation in various aspects) among Thai SME entrepreneurs. The survey research is applied to collect the data from


Information Adequacy During Organization Assimilation Process in Thai Organization

The purpose of this study is to determine the extent to which newcomers within Thai organization find each of several categories of organizationally-relevant information adequacy during the process of organizational assimilation. Participants in the study were 247 “new” employees at Bangkok Bank. Bangkok Bank considers employees whose length of stay with the bank has been


A Study of Professional Helpers’ Experience in Self-Care Though Mindfulness Yoga

Over the years, the cultivation of professional helpers has focused on theory instruction and practical training. Few counseling programs directly address the importance of self-care in reducing stress and burnout in their curricula�]Newsome, Christopher, Dahlen, & Christopher, 2006 �^. In the process of helping people, however, the helper��s personal factors and well-being are interwoven with


The Influence of Social Skills and Support Promotion on the Cross-Cultural Adjustment of Foreign Care Workers in Japan

Purpose: Based on economic partnership agreements (EPA), foreign care workers have started entering the Japanese care field. Foreigners�� cross-cultural adjustment deeply affects their growth as care professionals and, as a result, the quality of care they provide. This study examines the hypothesis that the social support provided to foreign care workers influences their cross-cultural adjustment


The Schooling Experience of Exchange Students From China in Taiwan

The purpose of this study was to investigate the subjective schooling experience of exchange students from China in Taiwan. Another aim was to find out an appropriate support channels for prospective exchange students from China and the findings can further help university administrative staffs with policy-making and resource-providing that address the needs of exchange students.


A Case Study on the Life-Line of a Mother of Multiple Children with Disabilities and Faced Limitation of Prenatal Diagnosis

Previous studies have revealed the impact of having a disabled child on their mothers’ quality of life (QOL). However, there has been a lack of research about the influence of having multiple children with disabilities on the mother’s visual depiction of her QOL. This study’s purpose was to examine the QOL trajectory of a mother


Cultural Differences in Psychological Reactance: Responding to Censorship

People believe that they are free to engage in reasonable behaviors. When this freedom to act is taken away from an individual, s/he would experience psychological reactance, a “motivational state directed toward the re-establishment of the free behaviors which have been eliminated or threatened with elimination” (Brehm, 1966). Censorship can be considered as a form


The Compositions, Antecedents and Consequences of Brand Loyalty

Retaining customers has become more important since the market is so competitive. A great deal of practitioners and academics have been devoting their effort to study how to create and maintain consumers’ brand loyalty because brand loyal consumers benefit a firm by reducing marketing costs. In addition, these loyal consumers are willing to pay premium


An Investigation into the Use of Internet Pornography among Young Internet Users in Singapore

Introduction: The present study investigated the patterns and motivations of internet pornography use among young internet users in Singapore. Across the literature, studies have found high prevalence of internet pornography use (Brown & L’Engle, 2009; Lo & Wei, 2005; Peter & Valkenburg, 2006; Tai, 2014) with males consistently reporting greater exposure (Boies, 2002; Carroll et


Investigating the Evaluative Dimensions of a Large Set of Communicative Facial Expressions: A Comparison of Lab-Based and Crowd-Sourced Data Collection

Facial expressions form one of the most important non-verbal communication channels. Although humans are capable of producing a wide range of facial expressions, research in psychology has almost exclusively focused on the so-called basic, emotional expressions (anger, disgust, fear, happy, sad, and surprise). Research into the full range of communicative expressions, however, may be prohibitive


Teachers-Students through the Formation in Parfor, Dialogues and Movements of Theirselves

This study aims to analyze the positions of “I-voices” and movements throughout a training process offered by the Plano Nacional da Formação de Professores da Educação Básica (PARFOR) (National Plan of Basic Education Teachers Formation) at Serrinha, Bahia, Brazil. The research was based on the theoretical and methodological framework of the dialogical self of Hermans


Episodic Occurrence of Cognitive Dissonance among Nurses and Midwives in the Regional Health Units of Southern Cebu

Content Analysis: I. OBJECTIVES The purpose of this study is to explore the experience of cognitive dissonance among the catholic health workers particularly nurses and midwives employed at the regional health units of the southern part of Cebu with the end view of proposing a model explicating its onset. II. METHODOLOGY The study utilizes the


Understanding Antisocial Behaviors: The Roles of Sensation Seeking and Subtypes of Empathy

There is limited research on how subtypes of empathy predict subtypes of antisocial behaviors and the role of sensation seeking traits in it. Therefore the current study used an online survey with 17-25 years old N= 540 undergraduate students to investigate the relationship between three subtypes of empathy (emotional reactivity, cognitive empathy and social skills)


Experiencing the Perspective of the Other: Stanley Milgrams Cyranic Method as a Means of Exploring Alternative Identities

Barriers to understanding and cooperation arise when we fail to take the perspective of the other people in our lives. But there are certain fundamental limits regarding the extent to which it is possible to take an alternative perspective or imagine someone else�s first-person point-of-view. As much as we can empathise with others on the


Cognitive Functioning of Patients with Chd After Coronary Artery Bypass Grafting with Cardiopulmonary Bypass

Recent researches have shown significant and persistent cognitive impairment in cardiac patients undergoing myocardial revascularization. At the same time, mild cognitive dysfunction, more amenable to prevention and correction, is less studied. For this reason, we aimed at analyizing the postoperative dynamics of cognitive functions, dependent on biomedical and psychosocial factors, of patients with CHD undergoing


Motivation Among Engineering Students: A Qualitative Analysis

In recent years, it has emerged that the UK Engineering sector continuously experienced a low turnout of engineering graduates. Elucidations on this issue vary; yet most have been ambiguous. This is particularly noticeable among students belonging to minority groups. A matter that has the potential to shed light on this issue would be to understand


Evaluation of Consumers Awareness on Importance of Reading Food Labling in the Kumasi Metropolis (Ghana)

Many diseases are diet related and can be managed or prevented by eating the right food. To change eating patterns, sufficient information is needed at the point of purchase to serve as the most immediate and direct source of information which should guide the consumer. But how many people read food labels and check nutritional


Mindfulness Training in Nigerian Schools: A Belated Hitherto Welcome Development

There is a growing interest in the use of contemplative science particularly mindfulness based practices in schools around the world (Albrecht, Albrecht & Coben, 2012). Preliminary research have demonstrated how mindfulness can be used to increase the ability to concentrate and sustain attention, reduce stress and anxiety among school aged youths, increase awareness of and