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Resilience of La Rose En Vie: Recovering from Upheaval through a Transphenomenology of Spirit on the Basis of the Arts and Humanities’

During the pandemic the arts and humanities have often been underestimated, usually considered marginal to other more pressing matters, or too weak to look after themselves let alone others. This paper will revert this view by stating that the success of any civilisation, even in times of crisis, derives from the strength of the foundations


Resilience in Our Hour of Need

In these transformative times of interrupted realities we take a step back, not of our own free will but by force, after prior to COVID-19 having been engaged in a frantic rush forward in search for some unattainable goal while the past was left forgotten in the dust and material hype mattered more than ever.


The Contradictions in Zarathustra’s Character

Thus Spoke Zarathustra’ is a controversial philosophical novel due to its many original concepts such as “will to power” and the phrase “God is dead”, which several scholars have tried to elucidate upon. In some cases, there is a general aversion to these concepts that have resulted in the limited use of the literature in


Keeping Hume’s Guillotine: The Validity & Deontic Irrelevance of ‘is’-‘ought’ Inferences

Ever since its formulation in Hume’s (1739) A Treatise of Human Nature, philosophers have had to contend with the idea of an inferential barrier between non-ethical (‘is’) propositions and ethical (‘ought’) propositions. Much of my work focuses on providing a more logically rigorous characterization of the is-ought thesis, describing Prior’s Paradox in terms of a


From Self Portraits to Geminoid Androids – Identity and Difference in Robotic Doppelgängers

The real and the virtual maintain ambiguous relations in the contemporary context of artificial intelligence. From the social phenomenon of Self-representation in digital identities to the robotic phenomenon of Replication of human beings, cultural models of identity are going to quickly change: “difference” will play a primary role at the heart of identity. The focus