Category: Philosophy, Ethics, Consciousness


Keeping Hume’s Guillotine: The Validity & Deontic Irrelevance of ‘is’-‘ought’ Inferences

Ever since its formulation in Hume’s (1739) A Treatise of Human Nature, philosophers have had to contend with the idea of an inferential barrier between non-ethical (‘is’) propositions and ethical (‘ought’) propositions. Much of my work focuses on providing a more logically rigorous characterization of the is-ought thesis, describing Prior’s Paradox in terms of a


From Self Portraits to Geminoid Androids – Identity and Difference in Robotic Doppelgängers

The real and the virtual maintain ambiguous relations in the contemporary context of artificial intelligence. From the social phenomenon of Self-representation in digital identities to the robotic phenomenon of Replication of human beings, cultural models of identity are going to quickly change: “difference” will play a primary role at the heart of identity. The focus