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Impact on Short-term Mood by Two Factors of Browsing “Kawaii” Objects and Linguistic Communications

It is a general behavior for people who have similar tastes to share their feelings about an object related to “kawaii” and to communicate linguistically. It seems that communication by utterance of “kawaii” has a positive effect on short-term mood by the action of relieving psychological stress, and it improves the adaptability of human relationships.


How People Social in VR: A Behavior Mapping Study in Virtual Environments

Social VR is emerging with commercialized VR equipment in recent years. In 2020, the COVID-19 global pandemic dramatically changed people’s life. Governments recommend people stay at home, and the number of people in social VR also increased. This study focused on VRChat, one of the most popular and free to play social VR games. A


The Chameleon Effect: The Relationship Between Imitation and Interdependence

The chameleon effect is the unconscious mimicry of nonverbal behaviours such as mannerisms, expressions, and postures. Current literature is deficit on instances of verbal behaviours as opposed to nonverbal behaviours. This imitation is said to have evolved to prospectively serve a social glue function in creating rapport and affiliation in social interactions and retrospectively increased


Planning and Designing Multi-function Commercial Space of Chinese Wonderland

The global economy has increased vigorously especially tourism industry. Tourism is one of the most effective way to grow local businesses. To attract more tourists, the food and culture of the destination must be special so that it is worth visiting. This study done in Yang Shuo of Mainland China. By adding the brand “Shan


Planning and Designing Research With Brand of Indigo Art Living Store for Chinese Dining Space – Li River Side

In recent times, the tourism industry has experienced an increase in tourism revenue. However, this upward trend has also led to changes in terms of business models and consumption patterns. For example, the usage of unique brand identities to enhance and manage the tourism industry of the Li River where was assigned as World Natural


A Minimum Temporal Window for Deviance Detection of Frequency-modulated Sweeps: A Magnetoencephalography Study

The ability to rapidly encode the direction of frequency contour in frequency-modulated (FM) sweeps is essential for speech processing. Psychophysical evidence points to a common temporal window threshold for human listeners in processing rapid changes in frequency glides. No neural evidence has been provided for the existence of a cortical temporal window threshold underlying the


Benefits of Smartwatches on Health-Promoting Lifestyles

Smart wearable devices are new tools for promoting healthy lifestyles in modern society. Health-promoting lifestyles are a multidimensional pattern of actions and perceptions that contribute to maintaining and enhancing an individual’s wellness. Smartwatches have various features, such as self-monitoring, goal setting, just-in-time feedback, and rewards. They may help individuals have health-promoting lifestyles through interesting self-regulation


Comparative Study of Relation between Realistic Optimism and Well-being Among University Students of India and Japan

Objective: This study examined the relationship between realistic optimism (RO) and well-being (WB) among the university students of Japan and India. The purpose of this research is to find whether difference in culture and economy have any impact on the relationship between WB and RO of both countries. Method: A questionnaire survey was conducted through random sampling,


Foreign Language Effect and Moral Decision Making

Would you sacrifice one person to save a group of five people? This kind of moral dilemma juxtaposes deontological ethics against consequentialism. It presents the problem of balancing doing what is right against the common good. Such morality forms the foundation of our identity as citizens. However, does this morality change when the problem is


Exploring the Mediating Role of Employee Motivation in the Relationship Between Post-Selection Human Resource Management (Hrm) Practices and Organizational Performance

The purpose of this cross-sectional study was to explore the meditating role of employee motivation in the relationship between post-selection Human Resource Management (HRM) practices (training & development, performance evaluation system, career development system, extrinsic and intrinsic rewards) and perceived performance of Islamic Banks operating in Pakistan. This study was based on primary data collected


Improving Customers Satisfaction to the Development of User Interface Design for Mobile Shopping through QFD

Retailers are trying hard to develop good relationships with their customers through mobile devices (e.g., smart phone, Tablet computer, etc.). Utilizing mobile devices is a low-cost and real-time way to provide high-quality service/ product for customers,which is a direct medium between retailers and end customers. However, unfriendly user interface (UI), such as small-size screen, low-resolution


A New Way to D.I.E.: Intercultural Communication Strategies

This workshop provides a brief overview of pertinent research and major theories related to communicating with people of different cultural backgrounds, as well as fun and useful techniques and strategies to use when counseling individuals, couples, and families; teaching in international or multinational classrooms; working or consulting in international or multinational school offices, companies, and


Verticality of Space in Japanese and English with Image-Schema in Cognitive Linguistics

The purpose of this study is to analyze the reconceptualization of lexicon-grammar in a linguistic category of vertical space from Japanese to that of English with image-schema. Talking about space substantially differs among cultures, despite the fact that physical space is the same everywhere (Bowerman, 1996; Levinson, 2003; Pederson et al. 1998). Primary differences between