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Factors Affecting Human Capital Efforts in Developing Economies: A Case Study on Cuba

Cuba faces considerable domestic and global challenges as they strive to compete in the global marketplace and increase their population’s quality of life. Cuba has invested in human capital development activities (i.e. universal access to education and guaranteed healthcare, food rations and housing) which are unique to the region. While these efforts have made an impact, research


Learners’ Perspective of the Critical Benefits of Digitalisation of Teaching and Learning in Nigeria Higher Education

In recent years, the Nigeria youths have embraced online interactions through social media, though for social interactions with least applications to teaching and learning. Some examination bodies in Nigeria have adopted digitalisation of examinations to select suitable enrolments to the university, but none of the higher institutions have commenced digitalisation of teaching and learning whereby


How Do Executives’ Values Influence Corporate Responsibility Adoption

Strategic Leadership theory posits that senior executives are responsible for shaping their organizations’ strategic direction. Values are central in guiding behaviour. Executives’ value systems, acting as their perceptual filter, impact executives’ information scanning, diagnostic and decision-making processes. Hence executives’ value systems play an important role in influencing organisational approaches to corporate responsibility (CR) adoption. While


Case Study of Administrative Planning in Japan: Initiation Stage of Citizen Participation and Information Sharing in Child-Rearing Support Plan

In Tokyo, encouraging the acceptance of childcare centers is an urgent issue as many children still need a nursery. The Japanese government has implemented an institutional reform, and local governments have formulated a new child-rearing support plan along with the reform.However, the reform is focused on extending the duration of child care at nurseries and


Information Sharing and Administrative Planning: From Japan’s Local Government Ordinances

There is presently no provision for administrative plans under the Administrative Procedure Law of Japan. In administrative planning, utilizing the amendment of the Administrative Procedure Act and the stipulation of the procedure for public comment in 2005 enables control over the level of discretion involved in the planning process to a certain extent.Further, the establishment


A Study on Education in Japanese Legal Expression: Through a Survey of Japanese University Students

The text on Japanese law is known for being difficult for Japanese people. The law is a part of the liberal arts curriculum at high school and university. The courses are focused on understanding the content of the law; however, the difficulty also lies in law-specific Japanese expression.This research aims to clarify whether the degree


Cosmetic & Disruptive Technologies Management in Education

The user experience is well developed in the business world but less so in the world of Education. Hours of testing and development are spent on refining the best process by large companies like SAP and IBM to provide customers with the best experience that inspires confidence and develops the company brand. These processes are


Improving Online Readiness in Higher Education: A Case Study

eLearning is becoming the sine qua non of higher education due to its increasing popularity and numerous Learning Experience (Lx), sociological and ecological benefits. eLearning can increase self-directed, active, social and personalized learning opportunities and reduce physical limitations, which can lead to higher student enrollment and more diverse, accessible, sustainable and scalable educational opportunities. University


Culture and Identity in Public Green Spaces: The Story of Suropati and Menteng Park in Central Jakarta, Indonesia

Changing the role of parks and green spaces to fit into the sustainable city framework are now an ongoing agenda for city planners worldwide. One popular concept is how green spaces promote urban liveability and sociability among city dwellers. While parks provide environmental benefits, parks are also public spaces that come with historical heritage, culture


Decolonizing the Contemporary African University: Towards an Inevitable Alternative

Studies show that many universities in developing countries imitate the Western university model (Chan, Li, & Yang, 2017). In the same line of thought, other researchers contend that African universities are also appendages of the Western University model (Mamdani, 2008). This essay proposes the decolonization of the temporary African University. The paper first depicts that


Where were you Mutti? Reflections on the Success of Decreasing Gender Bias in Education History Texts for Senior Secondary Schools in New South Wales

One of the transformations of modern history has been the institutional recognition of female agency to historical processes. Given that schools are natural connectors between society on matters of culture and social democracy, this suggests that a study of senior history texts presents an opportunity to critique the progress of educational reform in female inclusion, with the school as mediator


Extraversion and Introversion in Young Adult ESL Learners

Why do some ESL intermediate classes seem so energized while others seem so much more subdued? And why do even some of the most proficient students in our classes simply not perform to our expectations when asked an open-ended question? This short presentation will delve into the psychological dichotomy of extraversion (E) and introversion (I)


Overview of Edtech Research Practices and Decision-Making in Higher Education

This session will review the results of a year-long research project looking at the role of efficacy research in educational technology decision making in higher education. This study consisted of 47 interviews with 54 EdTech decision makers across six different types of institutions. The study found that institutions frequently pilot solutions to determine if they


A Three-Level Problem Corpus for Introductory Computer Programming Courses

Solving problems is a very important exercising activity for students in an introductory computer programming course. The paper introduces the construction of a three-level problem corpus for training the students’ programming skills.The first level consists of the C programming language syntax problems, including data types, control flow, functions, pointers and arrays, structures, etc. For each


Bernstein’s Pedagogic Device As Deconstruction of Teaching Practices

The aim of this study is to discuss Bernstein’s Pedagogic Device Theory as the grounding for deconstruction of teaching practices in higher education. This paper describes a teaching of teachers experience focused on building pedagogical knowledge through deconstruction of classroom practices in order to unveil the rules and implied discourses within the teacher’s mindset. It


21st Century Learning: Developing Critical Thinking and Communication Skills in the English Language Classroom

Rightfully, a crucial 21st century skill, ‘critical thinking’ has become the buzzword in foreign language education worldwide. Whilst many approaches can be adopted to encourage language learners to become ‘critical thinkers’, this presentation will describe a discussion-based approach that helps students develop critical thinking skills. While emphasizing the importance of being able to articulate their


History of Conflict Between Interest and Law

What happened on May 1998 has attracted many attention since there was a conflict among any interest which could not be solved by the law in charge. Thus, jurisprudence of interest tried to see advantaged which could be gained from interests looking because all existence interest needed certain law to protect them. Furthermore, law functioned


McDonaldization Advertising in the Context of Electronic Colonialism Theory

Food is an important element in defining culture and can be seen to be the oldest global carrier of culture. According to William Gould’s book McDonald’s: Business in Action, ‘before the introduction of McDonald’s overseas, fast food was almost unknown. McDonald’s was the first company to try to export America’s love of fast food and


The Power of Facebook Over the State-Controlled Journalism: Recapture the Position of Vietnamese Journalism

Within the frame of press classification theories developed from Siebert et al. in 1963 to Cain in 2014, this paper is important since it helps to navigate the current position of Vietnamese journalism in its transition from the Soviet Communist to the soft authoritarian style. The paper recognizes the challenges of the Facebook emerged public


China Daily’s Western Type Framing of the Egyptian Arab Spring

Existing research has mainly focused on the role of the media in the uprisings against the regimes of the countries that were affected by the Arab Spring. However, we do not have a lot of information about the way of coverage that was conducted by well-known media organizations, especially for the online English news of