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The Study on Cost Comparisons of Various Card Sorting Methods

Card sorting has always been recognized as the most economical and effective method used to elicit users’ cognition. Therefore, it has been applied as the most common method to design libraries web information architectures based on user centered concepts. However, according to Nielsen’s 2004 study, to conduct card sorting experiments, the most appropriate number of


User Friendly Requirements for Remodeling of Science Libraries: A Photo-Elicitation Study

Due to impacts of the internet and digital technology, the role and function of the university libraries are continually changing. University libraries provide comfortable and convenient spaces that are considered as the ‘second classroom’ for the students. For the College of Science, which gives more focus on experimental light reading, Science Libraries will definitely establish


John Updike and the Grandeur of American Suburban Life

The standing of John Updike (1932-2009), a multiple prize-winning author of more than 60 books, has suffered over the last two decades. Updike’s great subject was ordinary middle class America. He strove to illuminate the truths of small town America, to reveal the beauty in its ordinariness. Updike captures the texture of ordinary American life


“Drum-Taps: Whitman’s Problematic Legacy as a War Poet “

Walt Whitman is hailed as a democratic poet or even the poet of America; his Drum Taps and Sequel to Drum Taps, however, do not support this view since they fail to present a consistent whole in terms of their attitude and tone. The poems in these collections stand out with their evasive attitude towards


Allied Health Undergraduate Research of De La Salle Health Sciences Institute: A Content Analysis

Educational institutions actively contribute to the research base of a profession through the scholarly outputs produced by their graduates. The content of these outputs reflects the research thrust of the institution and the quality of the researches written. This study analyzed the content of theses submitted to Nursing, Physical Therapy, and Medical Radiation Technology undergraduate


Ideas of Justice and Punishment in Frank Johnson’s “Famous Detective Stories”

In 1939, after many decades of debate around the value of different types of reading, Australia imposed import restrictions ‘ the main target of these restrictions being ‘pulp’ fiction ‘ that lasted twenty years. In response to this regulatory action a number of publishing houses emerged, almost overnight, to fill the void and supply Australian


Serving Justice at Multiple Levels: Emotional Satisfactions Created in Yumemakura Baku’s “Abe No Seimei” Stories

Justice is considered universally a core value of the human world, although different cultures and times have their own specific approaches to justice and principles of measuring whether justice has been done. In different contexts, the scope and ponderings concerning justice are also very different. In response to the LibrAsia 2016 call to look into


Academic Library Buildings in the Electronic Age in the Philippines: A Study of Planning and Design Considerations

Academic library buildings are important centers for the efficient delivery of library services. This study primarily sought to determine the planning and design considerations that led to the satisfaction among the selected academic library buildings completed between 2003 to 2013 in the Philippines. This study, which utilized descriptive method of research, revealed significant similarities on


The Ingenuity of Kapampangan Novels in the 20th Century

The inquiry is a breakthrough attempt to initiate an investigation on Kapampangan novels that have flourished in the early 20th century after more than three centuries of Spanish conquest and during the early part of the American occupation. The province of Pampanga which has been inaugurated by Spain in 1571 has recorded multiple revolts against


Between Justice and Love: Buffy Summers as Chosen Vampire Slayer

This study discusses how the different morals of justice and love are thematized in the role of Buffy Summers, the main protagonist in the Saturn Award-winning TV series “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”. Prior to the 20th century, vampire served as antagonists, depicted as the embodiment of evil in various media. The modern vampire genre has


Yogad Folksongs of Echague: Reflections of Life and of Love

This paper endeavored to translate a collection of Yogad folk songs of Echague, Isabela, Philippines. It further explores the folk songs thematically to establish the Yogad’s identity as indigenous peoples. The paper establishes the significant role of folk songs in the life cycle of the Yogad tribe reflecting their culture and traditions. This is a


A Bibliometric Analysis of the Technology Acceptance Literature (1989-2014)

The technology acceptance model (TAM) has generated a long-term impact on management research and recent education literature. However, only little attention was given to bibliographically review the literature development on the ideas of technology acceptance. While many research reviews focused on reexamining the interrelationships among TAM constructs through meta analysis, only few provided systematic overview


Affective Learning in Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMO)

Online Games are created by having certain content specification for users to play with each other through an imaginative virtual environment. The key elements for each game differ based on the gaming objectives that can demonstrate analytical gaming skills among users. However, previous research indicates that in comparison to successful virtual game of Massively Multiplayer


An Act of Not Forgetting: Representation of 1965’s Events in Leila S. Chudori’s “Pulang” and N. Riantiarno’s “Cermin Merah”

The events of 1965 are one of unforgettable events in Indonesia history. Many of Indonesian people believed that Partai Komunis Indonesia (PKI) or Indonesia communist party was responsible for kidnapping and murdering seven highly-ranked Indonesia army generals. Later on, this act was considered to be an act of coup d’Etat to the government. Their cruel


The Law of the Ghost: Late Nineteenth Century Ghost Stories in China and Britain

The laws of the human world is often seen as inadequate in implementing justice, so that imaginations about an alternative law appear frequently in literature, and that is the law of the ghost. Cultural imaginations of the ghost in both East and West are closely related with ideas of justice. In traditional Chinese culture the


Archival Institution as Agent of Representation of Religious Plurality in Indonesia

Using qualitative research through literature analysis, this paper hows archival institutions could act as a strategic agent of representation to develop a network with religious communities in Indonesia. Thus, they all together could collect, preserve, and exhibit religious archives. Through that action, religious archives collection in the archival institution could represent the plurality of religions


Experts Collaboration: Improving Information Services for Maritime Community in Indonesia

Maritime people’s livelihood is selling processed marine products. They need some information to produce variety commodity and improve the quality. Moreover coastal people is difficult to have freshwater because of sea intrusion into wells. They have to get water from distant places. However some of them have low level of information literacy. Furthermore some are


Bribing for the Truth: A Comparative Study of Guanxi and Justice through Geling Yan’s “The Uninvited”

Geling Yan, one of the world’s most well-known writers in diaspora literature, has produced a substantial body of works in both Chinese and English. This paper attempts to provide a comparative analysis of the two conceptions of justice and guanxi through her English novel The Uninvited (2006). Drawing on theoretical bases from Jacques Derrida, John


Thinking Outside the Box: Connecting Users with Collection Building and Management: A Case Study in a Research Library

Libraries are continually focused on how to provide better service to users. This is even more critical for a research library whose users have specific information needs based on the research focus. Instead of passive reference service, libraries should think outside the box to proactively engage users from upstream, i.e. collection building and management. The


Using an Ontology to Develop the Learning Outcomes in Library

Recently, Learning Outcomes(LO) are relevance feedback information from learning activities in the university. Library is a centre of the resource services to support these activities. However, stakeholders are student, teacher, department, faculty and university which have different activities and goals. In this study, Valaya Alongkorn Rajabhat University Library is used as case study, it provides


Digital Humanities from the Ground Up: The Tamil Digital Heritage Project at the National Library, Singapore

To commemorate Singapore’s 50th year of independence in 2015, a community-led group sought to present a gift to the nation in the form of a digital collection of 50 years of Tamil literary writing in Singapore. The National Library, Singapore as the national repository of Singapore’s published heritage was approached to be a key partner


Meeting the Information Service Needs of Researchers: A Case Study of the Research Center for Science and Technology Area (Puspiptek – Indonesia)

Research center for science and technology, known as Puspiptek area, is the name of the Largest Research Area in Indonesia. In this area there are three research institutions under the coordination of State Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education. Information services to support research activities in this region provided by Center for Scientific Documentation