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An Application of Team-Based Learning (TBL) with Thai as a Foreign Language Course

Team-based learning (TBL) is a structured type of cooperative learning that has growing application in many education fields. As opposed to the conventional lecture where instructor lecturing to a group of students in some didactic presentation format, the role of instructor has changed to a cognitive coach in TBL. TBL improves academic outcomes by shifting


Curricular Changes in Teacher Education: A View of Comparative Research in Three Contexts

This work is part of a project whose objective was to study curricular changes in teacher training programs from a comparative approach. We studied the curriculum of three universities (Harvard, University of Minho and UFTM) from 3 different countries (United States, Portugal and Brazil) in the last two decades. To achieve our goals, in addition


Effective and Ineffective Coping Strategies: Psychometric Properties of a Reduced Version of Brief-Cope for Heart Patients

Negative emotions (like anxiety or depression) have been linked to the onset and development of coronary heart diseases (CHD). Recent research has also shown that the way to deal with these diseases is also a powerful predictor of their prognosis. Moreover, many studies have found that the way in which people face situations is one