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The Migrant Protagonists in Ignacio Del Moral’s La Mirada Del Hombre Oscuro and José Moreno Arenas’ La Playa

The constant movement of populations in the search of better living conditions has been observed since the early days of the human history. In recent decades Europe has been facing an ongoing migratory wave that has been shifting the social, political, cultural and economic dynamics of its countries. Spain has experienced the impact of this


Transracial Adoption: Love and Pain

In various social and political discourses, we hear that orphaned children need homes and love, and that children of the disenfranchised are being stolen (Briggs, 2012). In the spectrum of families forming between these situations, I ask what are the possibilities for loving relationships when individuals, from different cultures and ontological understandings, are positioned together


Cross-Temporal Icons: Amazonian Globality

Recent studies of the female warrior figure, have shown that it is a character that needs rethinking and contributes to the subversion of the so called “female identity”. The figure of these warriors or Amazons, comes up as a challenging one. On the one hand, seen as monsters and unnatural, and on the other, praised


Re-Thinking the Cultural Politics of Otherness: Theories and Practices

Chair: Jinwoo Choi, Hanynag University, South Korea Symposium Abstract This panel is concerned with the complex political process of otherness, which can be seen in multiple discourses and practices of political philosophy, historical narratives, contemporary identity politics, and cultural heritage. From political thoughts of being with others to UNESCO’s contemporary discourses on national belonging, the cultural


Stories About Hope’: Exploration of Survival, Refugee Identity and Possibilities for Belonging Through Art

In the settings of the World refugee crisis, we get to hear only one story – a story of trauma, victimhood and vulnerability. The visual representation of refugees has become a spectacle of suffering. But what possibilities would open, if we dared to imagine a survivor instead of a victim? Drawing on Wendy Brown, Judith


Legal Measure to Waive Abortion in ASEAN Regional Countries

The purpose of this research is to study exception of abortion in South East Asian region compared with globally legal abortion standard, and to bring this knowledge obtained to improve Thailand’s abortion law for its government is planning the use the country as the center of South East Asian’s medical hub. It has a research


The Representation of a Protest against Jakarta’s Governor in the News: A Transitivity Analysis

News as discourse has an essential role in shaping people’s opinions or views on a particular event or a social actor. Different ways to report the same news can bring different ideology and thus differences in representation (Fowler, 1991). This paper employs transitivity (Systemic Functional Linguistics) approach to examine representations of social actors involved in


Registration of UNESCO’s Intangible Cultural Heritage and Contestation of Belongings in North EastAsia

UNESCO has played a leading role in the protection of cultural heritage. While 2003 Convention for the Safeguarding of the Intangible Cultural Heritage(ICH) calls for international cooperation to safeguard the world’s intangible heritage, it inadvertently fosters nationalist claims on cultural ownership. The signatories of the Convention may treat the Convention as an approval of authentic


Silk Road As Political Metaphor: Quest for an Ideal World in Ancient Korea

This paper explores the Silk Roads as a political metaphor in the context of Korea’s ancient kingdoms. Typically, many consider Northeast Asia far from the Silk Roads. But the Silk Roads have always symbolized legendary, mythical, or sacred meanings for Koreans, imparting a sense of legitimacy to political life. Rulers apprehended “exotic” cultures in terms


The Platonic Doctrine of Untruth: Heidegger’s Interpretation of Plato’s Theaetetus and the Natural Possibility of Opinion

This article examines Heidegger’s interpretation of Plato’s Theaetetus, focusing on the problematic nature of opinion (doxa). Some commentators maintain that Plato’s philosophy seeks an absolute conception of truth simply opposed to the arbitrary character of opinion, emphasizing an epistemological framework of the Platonic metaphysics. But a close reading of Heidegger’s thoughts on the Theaetetus shows


Exploration of Justice in the Redd+ Projects Implementation in Indonesia

Reduced Emissions from Deforestation and Degradation “Plus” (REDD+) was first proposed at The 13th Conference of Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change as a climate change mitigation plan. It claimed to be just for both developed and developing states because it distributes the benefits evenly. In contrast, the forested country which


Re-Contextualizing Cultural Exchange Policy in Culture-led Urban Regeneration

This study attempts to explore the core concepts and implications of the activity of international cultural activity applied in the process of Culture-led Regeneration policies. By examining the discussions on the level of social openness in urban regeneration policies and how cities have induced immigrants to take stances, this paper seeks the approaches that should


Affective Politics of Citizenship in Reality TV Programs Featuring North Korean Refugees

This paper is concerned with emerging affective politics of citizenship in contemporary South Korean society. Focusing on the recent reality TV programs (i.e. talk shows) that featured North Korean refugees, this paper examines how North Korean refugees in South Korean society come to be recognized as one of the multicultural minority groups. In South Korea,


Ordinary Interaction and Severance: Relationships Between South Koreans and North Korean Refugees

This article investigates relationships between South Koreans and North Korean Refugees where many North Korean Refugees co-reside with native South Koreans. It focuses on the relationships within a space for everyday life. By examining interaction and social relations of South-North Koreans in a ordinary social space, this articles provides useful data to comprehend cognitively and


Theoretical Implications of Cosmopolitanism and Korean Textbooks Analysis

In an era of diversity and conflicts, we need to consider cosmopolitanism which has important lessons for all mankind beyond multiculturalism. Cosmopolitanism includes norms and ethics that transcend national and cultural barriers. On the other hand, multiculturalism draws a line between cultures to create differences that lead to unique identity. However, the Korean social studies