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Neglect and Abandonment in Anne Tyler’s Dinner at the Homesick Restaurant

Anne Tyler (born 1941) is one of the creative twentieth century American writers. Classified by critics as a Southern writer, Tyler focuses on modern families and their distinctive relationships. She writes with wit and insight about runaway husbands, wives, fathers, mothers and children. Her interest in themes concerning family, home and identity becomes increasingly significant


Who’s Next in Line? Succession Planning Practices of Academic Libraries

As libraries continue to evolve in their future of unlimited possibilities, they frequently undergo transitions in leadership that have an impact on service efficiency, organizational consistency, and alignment of priorities and strategies. Many Filipino librarians in the top-level management are now approaching retirement. Some librarians leave their organization for a greener pastures and better opportunities


Antigone and Politics of Plurality in Postmodern Era

In Sophocles’ tragedy Antigone (441 BC), the heroine Antigone defies the state law, which Creon, the new ruler of Thebes, compels the citizens to comply with. Unlike numerous critics, Fanny Söderbäck regards Antigone as public and Creon as private, counteracting the old binary opposition of Hegel. Hence, Söderbäck emphasizes the importance of plurality in politics


Trends in Reference Newspapers in Chile: The Art of Balancing Positions Through the Framing of Political News Sources

The study analyzes whether the press, in the context of Chile’s concentrated media ownership, shows trends to a uniform framing of viewpoints in news about the actions of the government, political parties or civil society. A content analysis isolating positions of the sources and the own media regarding the framing of their quotes will permit


Finding Value that Matters: Investigating Librarian’s Attitudes Toward Continuing Professional Development Pursuits

This paper primarily investigates the librarian’s attitude in their participatory decisions when it comes to their continuing professional development (CPD) engagements, which would eventually contribute to their learning and relevance as a library and information professional. Since quite a number of local research gave focus on competencies, kinds and benefits of CPD pursuits, the intention


What Happens When We “Cage” Our Fellow Humans?

Literature is a powerful medium for examining justice, judgment, and society’s treatment of humankind. “Does justice have a dark side?” Many pieces of literature show the dark side of man’s justice, such as Hawthorne’s The Scarlet Letter, which presents a young woman being punished as an outcast while her guilty male partner remains free. Other


Culture, Language and Applied Linguistics: Language Teaching and Cultural Awareness

The role of culture in a field as vast as applied linguistics is so pronounced and vital that even a highly selective overview might not be sufficient to be comprehensive. What follows might be a synoptic account of the role of culture in the realm of applied linguistics. The enigmatic point which even makes the


Networked Music Improvisation: A Common Rhythm for Art and Science.

In a context of isolation of different knowledge, simultaneous online music improvisation reestablishes a sense of justice synthesizing equanimous “points of view” in a unique experience called the “moment of hearing”. This is the outcome of intending to hear and perform in a common pulse that replaces the sense of touch in technologically mediated communication.


Unjust Identity Quest: Sahar Khalife’s the Inheritance: A Post-Colonial Study

In Sahar Khalifeh’s novel The Inheritance, the reader is immersed in a hysterical world of various Diasporas revealed between the US and Palestine. Most characters are in the process of identity quest; a journey that acquires a greater importance and difficulty in this novel because it mirrors the Palestinians’ search for home and national existence.The


Mother Goddess in Kerala: Discursive Struggles and Contested Signifiers in a Popular Faith Phenomenon

Mata Amritanandamayi faith is a popular faith phenomenon that began in Kerala, South India during the late 1970s. Over the years, Mata faith has undergone changes informed by and in response to the debates and discussions in the Kerala public sphere, and the sensibilities of an expanding middle-class. The central character of the phenomenon, devotion


Media Portrayal of Street Violence against Egyptian Women

“Often ignored in media coverage of the Egyptian revolution is how protests led by labor unions—many of them women based labor unions in the manufacturing cities of Egypt—catalyzed the revolution,” says Nadine Naber. Women are at the heart of every social movement that happens in Egypt and in the Arab world. Nevertheless, the local media


Talk Little and Know How to Listen’: Women’s Magazines as Moral Judges

Even though women’s magazines do not escape the general malaise affecting journalism today, they have always managed to captivate a large audience of women. One of the keys to their success lies in the fact that women’s magazines try to establish a personal, intimate relationship with their readers, who are addressed as a single community.


Graphic Design on Packaging for Development of Local Textile Products: A Case of Cloth Weaving Commodities in Mahasarakham Province, Thailand

This research aimed to raise a product brand (Underwood, Klein, and Burke, 2001) for cloth weaving commodities in Mahasarakham province, using the case study of Baannongkaen, village 4th, Lao sub-district, Kosumpisai district in order to promote the sale and marketing strategy, create a packaging design for products of the commodities. Fifteen packaging design models were


The Examination of Adolescents’ Motives, Relational Maintenance and Intimacy in the Communications with Their Parents

The widespread and mobile access to new technologies have affected adolescents in their daily life. Prior studies have attributed the influences of emerging technologies to the negative effects of adolescent behavior while little attention was given to the results of family relationships. Drawing from the perspectives of media uses and gratifications and family relations, this


The Nigeria – Biafra Conflict: The Inalienable Right to War

In Gowon’s 2015 Convocation Lecture titled “No Victor, No Vanquished” at Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu University, he still upheld the necessity to keep Nigeria one as a fundamental justice and an incumbent task that he proudly did at all cost. The inevitability of the Nigerian – Biafra war was the out-come. Ojukwu of the Biafran enclave


Intercultural Education of Pre-Graduate Teacher Training Students From the Perspective of Intercultural Sensitivity: Comparative Insight into the Czech Educational System

The paper focuses on the issue of Czech pre-graduate teacher training students’ intercultural sensitivity within a comparative insight into the Czech educational system. The first part describes some of the most key concepts as well as documents related to intercultural and multicultural education in the Czech Republic, focusing recent development in this field. The latter


Occult and Religious Tattoos Symbols Amongst the Underground Musicians and Fans in East Java, Indonesia.

My research is based primarily on participant observation fieldwork in Surabaya and Sidoarjo, Indonesia. I interviewed 45 musicians and fans of punk rock, hardcore, metal (metal core, death metal, black metal), and ska-punk (rude boy), in which 39 people wore tattoos and 6 others did not. In this research, I use a system of ‘ongoing’


Hindi Television News Media (HTVNM): An Inquiry About Domineering Studio Journalism

Hindi television news media is in a developing and growing stage. Although it might have been inspired or influenced from western TV media, but nowadays it has become an influential medium of mass communication among large Hindi speaking society of India. Studio Journalism is a prominent and critical characteristic of Hindi TV news media. Are


Educational Practices Between Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University and Lipa City Colleges: A Comparative Study

The study determined the difference between the educational practices of Lipa City Colleges (LCC) and Bansomdejchaopraya Rajabhat University (BSRU) such as their educational goals and objectives, their partnership with the community and with other schools, their services to their students, their financial resources, their facilities and laboratories, and lastly, their teachers’ strategies and methodologies in


Domestication and Foreignization in the Revolt of the Young: Essays by Tawfiq Al-Hakim

The Revolt of the Young is a collection of essays originally published in 1984 by one of the most distinguished Egyptian writers of the twentieth century, Tawfiq al-Hakim. The English translation appeared in January 2015 done by the present researcher. Al-Hakim (1898-1987) muses on the cultural, artistic, and intellectual links and breakages between the old


The Good German: Consensus and Dissent in the Development of British Wartime Subversive Propaganda

With particular attention to the Political Warfare Executive (PWE), this paper will examine the way in which British propagandists approached the problem of undermining the morale of German servicemen and civilians during the Second World War. As a subsidiary of both the Ministry of Information and the Foreign Office, PWE’s understanding of Germany played an


Doris Salcedo: Parameters of Political Commitment in Colombia

Doris Salcedo is the most prominent sculptor from Colombia ever and currently, one of the most prestigious Latin-American artists in the world. Her artwork, intended as political art, has war as a background, in particular the Colombian civil conflict, and it addresses the way that its violence affects victims’ lives irreparably. While Salcedo is internationally


Evaluating Turkish Media Coverage of Results for the November 2015 Elections

It is obviously seen that the Turkish general election of November 2015 will be a political phenomenon for the Turkish Political History to be discussed and studied in coming years. One of the most important factor that makes the November election important is that it is the result of a snap election period which is


Media Websites and Their Visitors’ Choices on Cookies

Cookies are small bits of data that are being sent from the websites a user visits and downloaded to their computers.They appeared immediately after the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) and are now widely used.By using these particular pieces of information, websites have the capability to offer customized services covering the personalized needs


Illustrating Justice between Literal Representation and Visual Metaphor

Artists have been representing justice as an abstract concept for long centuries, revealing and interpreting its comprehensive meaning through illustrations, taking different forms: as a visual documentary for a situation though treated as a historical evidence, or visual commentary expressing an opinion and treated like an evidence of a special point of an artist view


Easy-To-Read Books for Children with Dyslexia in Public Libraries

In Japan, most public libraries do not provide sufficient easy-reading materials or make available reading facilities suitable for Japanese children with dyslexia. Public libraries in the Netherlands almost always have “easy-to-read squares” (Makkelijk Lezen Plein, MLP). The MLP is a special provision for children with reading difficulties, allowing them to see, read, and listen to