Bernstein’s Pedagogic Device As Deconstruction of Teaching Practices


The aim of this study is to discuss Bernstein's Pedagogic Device Theory as the grounding for deconstruction of teaching practices in higher education. This paper describes a teaching of teachers experience focused on building pedagogical knowledge through deconstruction of classroom practices in order to unveil the rules and implied discourses within the teacher's mindset. It is argued that pedagogical knowledge is only produced by systematic reflection on teaching experiences. Otherwise, the teaching practices are reduced to an ensemble of given structures that establish relations of power and control instead of relations of knowledge between students and educators.Bernstein's theory of the pedagogic device shows how the teacher's mindset and ulterior power/knowledge structures guides the actions into the classroom and the application of his concepts to the deconstruction of teaching practices allows to review its subjacent knowledge form a critical point of view. This paper provides a framework for the transformation of teaching practices aiming to change the teacher-student relation, from a power and control perspective into an educational and empowering approach.

Author Information
Julián Castro Cifuentes, Central University, Colombia

Paper Information
Conference: ACE2017
Stream: Teaching Experiences, Pedagogy, Practice & Praxis

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Posted by James Alexander Gordon