Month: August 2022


The Relationship Between Cognitive Linguistic Approach and Right-Hemisphere of the Brain in Developing EFL Learners’ Pragmatic Proficiency

The present study explored how the metaphor awareness-raising approach affects the involvement of the right hemisphere in developing EFL learners’ knowledge regarding the different degrees of politeness embedded within different request expressions. The study results show that the metaphor awareness-raising group performed significantly better than the control group with regard to acceptability judgment and speaking


Focussing on the Critical: Film Pedagogy in the Modern University

This study is about the problems that arise for film education models once they are drawn back into the processes, systems and norms of higher education and asked to respond to issues around fairness, diversity and power. In our post-1992 UK university, the degree offering included a BA (Hons) Film. Founded by distinguished film scholars


The Rise of the Documentary Film Movement in Thai Cinema During the Current Political Conflict

Throughout the history of Thai cinema, documentaries have only recently become popular with Thai film-goers and young filmmakers. With the establishing of Doc Club, a documentary distributor, youngsters have become more exposed to documentary films. The success of a new generation of documentary filmmakers in international film festivals have inspired newcomers to try their hands


Learning by Doing: Enhancing the Educational Experience of Architectural Design by Using Collaborative and Experiential Means

The paper aims to identity opportunities to enhance the learning experience in the study of architectural design by using collaborative and experiential approaches where students learn by doing. Based on a case study, the paper analyses an activity where students examined various apartment typologies and modelled them on 1:1 scale using simple materials. The exercise


Exploring Indonesian Cultural Symbols for Food Packaging Design–A Comparative Study: Indonesian and Thai Consumers

Globally, the fad of consciously eating healthier and paying more attention to overall health and wellness appears to be driving a cultural shift towards more traditional foods. These are now replacing processed food because of a nutritious and sustainable food supply. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia currently consumes the highest proportion of plant-based foods, besides significant


Indian Government’s Use of Social Media During the Russia-Ukraine War

This study analyses the Indian Government’s usage of Twitter during the crisis. This study looks at the Indian Government’s evacuation operation of its nationals residing in Ukraine during the Russia – Ukraine war outbreak. It was one of the biggest evacuation operations by the Indian Government wherein the updates were shared live on social media


Astrology Content Reading Habits of Final Year Graduation Students From Mass Media: A Study in Udupi District

Media from a long time ago often features astrology content. Following the 1930 stock market disaster, the British Tabloid published the first astrology column. Due to this, the column gained popularity and persisted (Smallwood, 2019). It has endured against all odds, from the days of print to the age of social media. Although there is


Expedition for a Workable Business Model Among News Publishers: A Study of Indian Digital News Portals Post-pandemic Era

The relationship between news media and advertisers has evidently been of a support system to assure readers of credible and cheap access to newspapers. Since the advent of digital technology, things have altered every aspect of both these industries especially during and post-pandemic periods. Little did the nation know, that the digital India movement and


Art Projects Using Augmented Reality Technology

Augmented Reality (AR) lets visual artists place their creative digital artwork in physical environments. Artists create visual stories and produce digital assists. Then, Augmented Reality Technology magically brings digital media to life. Augmented Reality technology uses digital media by displaying its creativity into the physical world. Digital media overlays in the physical environments to complement


Emotional Interpretation of Funeral Symbols in Animations

Following the transition from the traditional Confucian funerals practiced by the ancient Chinese to the contemporary funeral culture in Taiwan, the new generation of amination directors have used symbolic translation to reinterpret and give new meanings to the funeral culture. On the basis of semiotic theories and the funeral culture of Taiwan, this study explored

“I See the Urgent Needs of Children”: A Dialogue With the “Firefighter of Charity Work”

This paper explores the career journey of an award-winning founder of a charity. The interview data comprised a Zoom recording, which was auto-converted into verbatim transcript, and then analyzed using social-cultural discourse analysis with a focus on the use of descriptive metaphors by the speaker. The first part of interview consisted of an informative public


Intimacies and Digital Technologies: Emotions, Conflicts and Inter-generational Relations in Chinese Liushou Families

Great internal migration caused by the economic gap between urban and rural areas has generated approximately 61 million liushou children who have to stay in their hometowns in rural areas in China. These liushou families primarily rely on digital technologies to achieve family interactions and maintain family relations. Mainstream research mainly explores the impacts of


Using Social Media Platforms for Social Issue Documentary: A Case Study of “Let Kids Be Kids” in The Series “Weirdos”

In 2020, several film directors in Taiwan launched a documentary project named “The Weirdo,” a collection of various short films themed on a wide range of social issues with an emphasis on diversity. Each film of the project was screened via social media to examine the impact of social issue documentaries on the unique platform


Changing Behaviours Through Design: An Educational Comic Brochure to Help Prevent Childhood Obesity

Communication implies engagement with the message, and it becomes more relevant when the primary purpose is to educate while having an entertainment experience. Based on the literature review, we know what types of illustrations will capture most of the attention of specific age groups. This project aims to develop a set of artefacts to increase


Who Are the Misogynists That Stigmatize Feminists in China?

Against the backdrop of rising feminist activism on digital platforms, global misogyny is thriving. Anti-feminists around the world have adopted strategies to stigmatize feminists, making feminism a dirty word. However, the predictors of such stigmatization has been understudied. Therefore, drawing from research on far-right ideologies and intergroup contact theory, the current study employed an online


Using a Smart Chatbot System as a Communication Tool for Campus Navigation

First-year students and visitors to South African universities often lose their way. This is due to widespread areas and complex routes or pathways on campuses. The experience can be intimidating and confusing to students and visitors who ask for directions from senior students or university personnel at helpdesks. This paper presents a potential answer to