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Revitalising Urban Spaces to the Needs of the Aging Population – Biophilic Healing Index Supporting Active Aging in Inclusive Cities

Due to recent years’ involvement in research on behaviours of vulnerable aging people, the author had the opportunity to explore ideas about places and spaces for carers and members of their families living with the condition of dementia by exploring and analysing case studies of interactive spaces in creative neighbourhoods. Investigation of the performance of


Improving Resilience in the Elderly Through Robot-Assisted Dementia Therapy

The number of older people with dementia has been steadily increasing for years. Physical and mental fitness is a supporting pillar for increasing resilience with regard to dementia. Therefore, older people should perform exercises as often as possible and in a targeted manner to prevent and treat dementia. Due to high cost pressures and staff


Characteristics of Support Cases for Single Elderly People in Daily Life, Medical Care, Long-term Care, and Death Situations

In Japan, the number of the elderly who cannot be supported by family members in decision making is increasing. Difficulties in making medical decisions due to dementia or deteriorated physical condition are apparent. Considering the aging process, difficulties in maintaining the quality of daily living must exist beforehand and supports are required from earlier stages.We