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Improving the Assessment and Prevention of Falls and Fractures on a Rehabilitation Ward

Background The National Steering Group and NICE provide guidelines on medical assessment and prevention of falls and fractures (1)(2). This audit assesses and compares quality of practice on an Age-Related rehabilitation ward against these guidelines. Methods A Quality improvement project, including all patients(n=31) on an off-site, Age-Related rehabilitation ward was completed. Data on falls and


Is Paracetamol Prescribed Appropriately in Elderly Patients Admitted for a Fall? – A Geriatrician’s Perspective

Aims Paracetamol is a commonly used analgesic in older adults. There have been reports of adverse events with chronic paracetamol use even at therapeutic doses. The objective of this quality improvement activity (QIA) was to evaluate the prevalence of inappropriate paracetamol prescription in the elderly admitted for falls and to introduce strategies to reduce the