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Hemingway and Dos Passos: The 1930s

Herbert Solow’s declaration (of April 1938 ) in “Substitution at Left Tackle: Hemingway for Dos Passos” (Partisan Review 4- April 1938, pp 62-64) refers to the idea that Dos Passos, who had been strongly leftist since 1916, began in the second half of the 1930s after a period of aloofness to move away from that


Creative Identity of Artist and Society That Supports

An individual does art to fulfill one’s desire to actualize oneself because this act is what makes them feel glad to be alive, which is the creative identity essential to artists. However, if one begins to feel inferior comparing oneself with others due to the stress that society gives to oneself and the culture that


Barangay Arimbay’s Indigenous Verbal Lore: An Anthology of Riddles

Barangay Arimbay’s Indigenous Verbal Lore: An Anthology Of Riddles The general objective of the study was to analyze various types of riddles based on the elements of poetry; draw out beliefs, traits, values, cultural practices and traditions reflected in the collected riddles; and, determine from said folklore texts which influences are relatively contemporary and which