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A Little Astronomical Scientist – A Dream of a Twice-Exceptional Student

This study is to explore a twice-exceptional student who has been identified as a visual disorder since childhood. This is a qualitative research focus on individual case studies through storytelling and taking open semi-structured in-depth interviews of visually impaired students with science talents. It is the goal of this research to discover and understand the


Developing Speaking Proficiency Using Task-Based Approach Through a Role-Play to Junior High School Students in Indonesia

Nowadays, teaching speaking has become increasingly important since English has been regarded as a language for international communication. In addition, the demand for teaching speaking in EFL countries like in Indonesia has been increasing as there are a large number of students who want to learn English for communicative purposes (Widiati & Cahyono, 2006). However,


Strategies for Learning Kanji Vocabulary Among Thai Students Who Studied Elective Japanese Courses in Higher Education

The purposes of this research were 1) to study how Thai students who chose Japanese as elective courses learned the kanji vocabulary and 2) to study the differences in using strategies for learning Kanji vocabulary between beginning and intermediate learners. The sample population of this research consisted of 80 students, who were divided into two


Theory, Policy, And Implementation of Scientific Learning on Geography Subjects in Indonesia

The biggest challenge Indonesia facing now is demographic bonus with population of productive age over 70% but in low level of education. The Government has made a breakthrough by implementing curriculum which is applying scientific learning models at various levels of education. This research tried to investigate the effectiveness, relevance, and balance between theory, policy,


Using Project Based Learning in Statistics Course to Develop the Statistical Literacy for College Students

Using project based learning in the course of Statistics for Career to develop the statistical literacy was conducted with the group of students from Pattani vocational college and Pattani fisheries college who enrolled the course as a core subject in the first semester of academic year 2017. The course composed of theories with practices section


Causes and Effects of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University

The objectives of this paper were 1) to study the definition and forms of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University, 2) to study factors affected to Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University and 3) to study effects of Educational Innovation in Thailand Public University. Data were collected by questionnaires from 200 academic officers of a


Cultural-Fit Management: Sustainable Success Factor of Thailand Public University

This research aimed to study 1. The meaning and forms of Cultural-fit Management, 2. The factors affected to Cultural-fit Management and 3. The correlation between Cultural-fit Management and sustainable success criteria of Thailand public university. Data were collected by questionnaires from 250 academic officers of a leading public university in the Central region of Thailand,


Authentic vs Non-Authentic Materials in Teaching English as a Foreign Language (EFL) in Indonesia: Which One Matters More?

The popularity of English around the world, including Indonesia results to the increasing demand of learning this language as a means of communication. Unfortunately, there has been a gap between the language taught in the classroom and the language used in the real life. In fact, many university students in Indonesia are still reluctant to


Saw Vocal Tradition in Local Schooling: The Contestation between Official Knowledge and Localized Knowledge

The prevailing discourses on Thai Education indicate that school is highly institutionalized and culturally hegemonized. It serves an important apparatus for the reproduction of state ideology in disciplining and preparing desired citizen. This paper is a conceptual paper that aims to address the question of whether school is actually a negotiating space. The paper argues


The Curriculum Evaluation on Doctor of Optometry Program, Ramkhamhaeng University: The First Optometry Program in Thailand

The purpose of this study was to evaluate the Doctor of Optometry Program of Ramkhamhaeng University, the first optometric curriculum in Thailand, based on CIPP Model. The population of this study was 10 teaching staff, 95 students, 31 graduates, 24 graduate employers and 5 stakeholders. The instruments were the demographic data sheet, and the researcher’s


A Contentious Genre: Defining the Historical Film

On its surface, the historical film genre appears easy to define as a film that depicts historical events. However, after many decades of research into the film and history discourse, a concrete definition of what constitutes a historical film continues to elude film scholars. There is no singular answer as to what defines a film


The Social Mobility Perception of Chinese International Students in the U.S.

This study explores the transitional identity of the youngsters who experience dual mobility—the horizontal mobility (geographic relocation) and the potential, upward mobility—in the process of pursuing higher education overseas. While individuals’ identity dynamics have been examined in multiple mobility forms such as migration, nomadism, and short-term travel, the identity project of international students has been


Sports News on Commercial Music Radio: Reinforcing National Identity?

News is an important area where the nation turns to looking for an understanding of national and world events and to place it in a historical context. Arguably, the quality of this information can only be obtained when there is a diversity and plurality in media offerings. Modern commercial music radio is now in a


The Development of a Novel Using Storytelling Technique As a Communication Tool to Enhance the Effectiveness of Communication

The purposes were to 1) develop a novel using storytelling technique as a communication tool 2) examine the effectiveness of communication after applying a developed novel. The purposive sample group was 27 undergraduate students. The research instruments were 1) a developed novel 2) a questionnaire collecting expert opinions towards appropriateness of a developed novel 3)


Ayutthaya’s Series Song: Recorded Digital Video Disc (DVD), Analytical Notes and Music Notation Program

Thai Traditional Chamber Ensemble called ‘Wong Mahori’ has been first referred to as a song formed under the Ayutthaya Period (During 1587-1767). This music was formally presented only to the King for his solely personal entertainment and to lull him. This research project was intended to simulate this early Siamese original music by utilizing the


Narrating War in Wartime Manchukuo: The Movement of Propaganda Films in Rural Northeastern China in 1932-1945

This research examines how the propaganda films made by Japanese colonial authority were screened in rural area of Manchukuo without any cinematic apparatus, and what the portrayals of the war and daily life in Manchukuo are in those films. The focus is on Manchurian Films, produced by South Manchuria Railway Company and Manchuria Film Association.


Blue Documentary As a Tool for Marine Life Conservation

Human activities, including over-exploitation, food consumption, tourism, and any other economic activities are found to have significant impacts on the ocean. In Malaysia, it is considered as a major contributor to marine life extinction. Therefore, our responsibility is to ensure the continuity of a sustainable marine ecosystem while preventing any possible extinction for future generations.


Internet Rumours with Chinese Characteristics

Internet rumors are a global phenomenon. For instance the claims that Barack Obama was not born in America persisted throughout his presidency, or Sandy Hook Truthers who claim the tragedy never occurred and was a concocted government conspiracy to remove guns from citizens. Despite the Great Firewall and the legislation against the spread of rumors


Wayang Kulit and Its Influence on Modern Entertainment

Wayang Kulit is one of the oldest forms of puppet based performances, originating from Java, Indonesia. A form of shadow puppetry, Wayang Kulit is traditionally performed behind a white cotton screen illuminated with an oil lamp by a Dalang, the puppeteer of a Wayang performance. These performances usually last throughout the night, serving as both


Representing Interculturally on the Example of Indigenous Film-Making of Colombia

This paper investigates the idea that film might become an efficient way of intercultural communication and open dialogue between the nations. It uses a case study of indigenous filmmaking by a small Arhuaco community from Colombia, which emerged as a response to violence and displacement, and concluded in a golden era of the Arhuaco filmmaking