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Educational Policy Theory and Practice: Designing Comprehensive Frameworks for Evaluating and Managing Changing Educational Environments

Educational institutions at all levels of the education system can make positive contributions to social change in global society by effectively bridging the gap between educational theory and practice to create optimum learning environments and outcomes for students. A clear understanding of educational policy theories and practices can allow educational policy makers to design effective


Emotional Intelligence in Adolescents with Javanese Ethnic (Study in Special Region of Yogyakarta, Indonesian)

The Indonesian country is known to have a very pluralist society. Of the many ethnic groups in Indonesia is known Java Tribe originating from Java Island is the largest ethnic group in Indonesia with a population of about 40.2 percent of the entire people of Indonesia (BPS, 2010). One of the areas with the majority


The Effects of Mental Imagery with Ocean Virtual Reality on Creative Thinking

Mental imagery in creativity has been regarded as facilitating insight in creative thinking, but several issues remain to be addressed to clarify the extent to which forms, abilities and strategies of imagery affect creative idea generation (Palmiero, Piccardi, Nori, Palermo, Salvi, & Guariglia, 2016). In this study, the issue of whether if Mental Imagery with


The Development of Indonesian Language Textbook Based on Multiple Intelligences Theory for Industrial Chemistry Department Students in SMK Negeri 1 Cerme

Intelligence is included in aspects of individual differences. Gardner divided intelligence of human became eight categories, called as multiple intelligences. Understanding of multiple intelligences can help students to recognize their prominent intelligence and develop their potential optimally. The research purposes are to describes development process, quality, and the effectiveness of Indonesian textbook based on the


Causes of Bullying: A Comparison of Teacher and Student Perspectives

The aim of this study was to determine any variances between teacher and student perspectives of bullying’s causes. A total of 2,210 students (in grades 5 to 12) and 406 elementary and middle-school teachers in Taiwan voluntarily participated in this study. The data were collected by a self-developed Awareness of Bullying Causes Scale (ABCS) and


STEM Education in English: A Case Study of a Japanese Technical College

Attempts to teach subject courses in English have become more widespread in Japanese universities. Methods such as Content and Language Integrated Learning (CLIL) is sometimes used to educate students in subject knowledge as well as English language. However, such practices hardly exist in Japanese technical colleges, where students are educated in vocational mechanical and engineering


Teaching English to Non-Native Primary Learners Through Picture Books

Over the past decades language learning as one of the tools to holistically develop students for the ever changing world, particularly with the emphasis on communication has been a key policy in East and Southeast Asia. Throughout the region, English is the major ‘foreign’ language taught and its inclusion in primary school’s curricula is often


Design a Pilot Program Based on the Storyboard to Teach an Iraqi Displaced Children: Experimental Study

The storyboard is a world-class art that uses storytelling to use scenes or sequential drawings to express text written in a specific script to play an important role in spreading visual culture.This important of this research is to use the impact of this art to provide a pilot program specialized based on the storyboard to


The Use of Comics to Development the Effectiveness of Training Courses and Continuing Education Programs

Training courses are a series of intensive important educational and complementary programs, based on previous foundation experiences. Create to development the participants in aspects of specialization according to the requirements of the educational system to continue developing the previous scientific and practical experiences. Personally, or adopted by the trainee institution, where the trainee gets a


The Development of Teachers’ Skills of Buddhist Instruction for Schools Affiliated with the Nakhon Nayok Primary Educational Service Area

The purposes of this research were to study the problems of teaching in schools affiliated with Nakhon Nayok Primary Educational Service Area, to develop teaching skills based on Buddhist Instruction Model, and to survey teachers’ and students’ satisfaction toward teaching based on Buddhist Instruction Model. The target group consisted of 221 teachers teaching in the


A Comparison of Political Movements in Thailand From 2005-2013: Case Study on People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), and United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD)

This paper analyzed the three political movements in Thailand since 2005-2013: the People’s Alliance for Democracy (PAD), the People’s Democratic Reform Committee (PDRC), and United Front for Democracy against Dictatorship (UDD). Thus, it found that there are both similarities and differences in Thailand’s political movements. Similarities which can be seen from demonstrations include the fact


The Role of Political Party and Political Movement in Thailand: A Case Study on PAD and PDRC

This paper argues that there is a hidden factor which impacted on Thai political conflicts. Thus, the political party played the main role and had strong relations with political movements in Thailand and it has been created a turbulence in Thai political history. In PAD and PDRC camps, the Democrat Party is a Thai political


The Role of Political Party and Political Movement in Thailand: A Case Study on UDD Camp

This paper aimed to analyzed the role and relationship between political party and political movement. In this case, we will analyzed the Thai Rak Thai Party and the Pheu Thai Party which are both of them dominated by Thanksin and Yingluck Shinawatra. Therefore, this paper found that both Thanksin who was a leader in Thai


Innovative Methods of Teaching of Radiology to Undergraduate Medical Students

The current generation of doctors have become very much dependant on radiology for making a diagnosis.Therefore it is imperative that the medical student learns radiology at the undergraduate level itself. In order to encourage and motivate students in learning radiology I have devised an innovative and unique method in teaching the subject of radiology.The main


Feedback in the EFL Writing Classroom: Effectiveness and Students’ Perceptions

In EFL writing classes, teachers give feedback with the assumption that it will help students improve. In contrast, Truscott (1996) argues that feedback has little to no value to students. This presentation, using data gathered from a first-year university liberal arts reading course, seeks to document and measure the potential effectiveness of two forms of


The Effectiveness of Child Centered Play Therapy to Improve Joint Attention Skills in Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder

Children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) have difficulties in building and developing social and emotional skills in the same pattern with their peers. Deficit in joint attention is a core problem that presented by children with Autism Spectrum Disorder in DSM IV criteria (APA, 1994). Some expert in the field of ASD have proposed play-base


OBOR: China’s Challenge to Western Hegemony in Higher Education and Implications for Malaysia Universities

The One Belt One Road initiative is seen as China’s challenge to Western hegemony in higher education. The strength of OBOR is that it has no formal institutional structure. Projects are negotiated on a bilateral arrangement between government entities at all levels and also between government and private sectors. OBOR is multifold, encompassing economic, political


The Usage Television Media That Taking Main Information From TRF Researches Focused on Cultural Tourism in Nakhonthai District, Pitsanulok Province

This research aims at using television media that takes its main information from TRF research focused on cultural tourism in Amphoe Nakhon Thai, Pitsanulok Province to disseminate knowledge to youths. The media has been developed from two TRF pieces of research. Its scope has been on 3 groups: 1) secondary school students in Amphoe Nakhon


An Action Research on the Development of Special Education Propagation Activities

In the trend of inclusive education, guiding students appreciating individual differences is vital. In Taiwan, it is common to utilize special education propagation activities to facilitate students’ appreciation of individual differences. This action research was to explore the planning process and outcomes of special education propagation activities through the circulating process of plan-act-observe-reflect.The teachers and


A Narrative Exploration Into the Experience of One Mother Raising a Twice-Exceptional Child

“Self-narrative” is the story of their own life experience. This study seeks to describe the researcher’s experience of raising a twice-exceptional child in Taiwan. The researcher’s first child was identified with developmental delay at the age of 2.5, and he was identified as an intellectually gifted child at the age of 7.5. The researcher states