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Advertising Education in Hong Kong: Perspectives from Industry Experts

The advertising industry has been changed rapidly over the last decade due to the drastic impact of technological advancement. From conventional advertising, desktop-oriented digital advertising to mobile-centric interactive advertising, and until, nowadays, stronger focus on technology-based experiential advertising. Tertiary education institutes have been aware that advertising education can not only be limited to strategical and


Renovating Language Labs to Facilitate Classroom Interaction in Language Education

Language labs are widely used in language education. The labs enable teachers to listen to individual students through headsets connected to computers. They also enable students to practice listening and speaking using their individual workstation. In recent years, peer interaction has been demonstrated as an effective pedagogy in language education. Yet, since traditional labs were


A Case Study on the Use of Theater as a Tool in Promoting Positive Discipline for Children in Ozamis City

The study aims to present a qualitative descriptive inquiry in using theater as tool in educating communities on positive discipline for children. It seeks to know the impact of the play Istoryahe Lang Ko to the parents and family heads in relation to positive discipline for children. The study uses the Social Learning Theory of


The Japanese Fox: A Rice Guardian or a Female Demon

Fox is often portrayed as a crafty, cunning or wicked animal in both Eastern and Western cultures. Tales and legends associated with fox are mostly telling stories about the animal’s undesirable characteristics, such as flattering someone for gain, preying human life for longevity, or assuming female forms for pleasure. In contrast with the notorious images


Perceiving What Comes After War is ‘Natural’: Women Ex-soldiers in Post Conflict Aceh, Indonesia

This paper focuses on the Free Aceh Movement or Gerakan Aceh Merdeka (GAM) women ex-soldiers in the post-Helsinki agreement period. This article argues that the patriarchal dividend in the form of material reward and higher social standing gained by the GAM ex-commanders from the peace process are sustained through militarized masculine ideology in domesticating women


Student Evaluations in Teaching – Emotion Classification Using Neural Networks

Student evaluation of teaching effectiveness plays an important role in Higher Education. Evaluations serve as Formative (identify areas of improvement in the process) and Summative (assess the end goal) measurements of teaching. Educational institutions collect these evaluations in both qualitative and quantitative forms. Qualitative evaluations serve as a bridge for students to express their feelings


Access to Shakespeare

Whether you are teaching Shakespeare to students ages nine or ninety, the question arises as to what approach to use–how to attack the play, how to make inroads, and how to make the Bard enjoyable and accessible. Do you explain the plot or lecture on language or contemplate the cast of characters? What to include


Factors in Teachers’ Help-seeking Preferences: From the viewpoint of teachers with new appointment terms

This research examines the factors that influence teachers’ help-seeking preferences using a structural equation model. Teachers with new appointment terms often face difficulties in their work and tend to ask other teachers or administrators for help. To identify the various factors in teachers’ help-seeking preferences, an investigation using a questionnaire was administered to teachers who


Integration of Mobile Application in Flipped Classroom for Language Learning

The goal of the integration mobile learning into a flipped classroom is to offer a new way of language learning for students and reduce the teacher’s role in the classroom. This new transformation from a conventional teaching and learning approach to heutagogy and paragogy approaches is to meet the criteria for student-centered approach and embracing


The Advantages of Using Image-schematic Animation in Teaching English Prepositions

In recent years, many researchers have examined how second and foreign language learners benefit from cognitive linguistics insights, especially in their acquisition of polysemy. However, teachers are not linguists and usually do not have enough knowledge about cognitive linguistics to apply it to their everyday teaching. This paper proposes using animation in teaching English prepositions,


Modeling the Development Paths of Startup Universities

The 21st century has witnessed an explosion of new private universities across the globe in response to rising demands and increasing rates of secondary school completion. However, there is virtually no research on these startup universities and no existing model to explain their typical trajectories in terms of their development. This study examines the development


Bilingual Transition of Address Terms for Family Members: A Longitudinal L1 Case Study from Birth

This longitudinal study focuses on the bilingual transition of address terms for family members used by a Japanese-English speaking child from birth. The child has been raised in Japan, mostly in English at home, and in Japanese at nursery since 0;4; and has been in a regular Japanese schooling system since 3;0. In a broad


Keroncong Music and Social Identity in Surakarta, Indonesia

This article aims at exploring how keroncong (folk music) musicians construct identity in community contexts. Performing music is not free from contexts rather it authorizes their position and role in that society. Being on stage they want to confirm statuses and validate world-views in public. They intend to present ideals and thoughts in larger settings.


Pocket Translation Effectiveness in Real Life Communication Situations

Continual internationalism has seen Japanese increase their interaction with people of various languages and cultural backgrounds for research, business, education, and trade. However, Japanese lack the English-speaking confidence to be effective communicators compared to other countries and are currently ranked 35th out of 74 in English proficiency (Tsuboya-Newell, 2017). One reason for this is Japan


Multi-level Structural Equation Model of Factors Affecting the Performance Appraisal Effectiveness of Special Education Teachers

The purposes of this research was to develop and examine the congruence of multi-level structural equation model of factors affecting the special education teacher’s performance appraisal effectiveness. The research divided into two phases; (I) The synthesizing the key factors of MSEM of factors affecting the performance appraisal effectiveness of special education teachers, using synthesis documents


In Search of an Effective Online Campus for Online-only Universities

This is an interim report on an investigation into the psychological and social problems in online campus life at online-only universities. The immediate goal of this research is to search for an effective communication platform for the online campus at the Tokyo Online University (TOU), which has opened its doors to student in April, 2018.


Who’s Who in High School Computer Science Textbooks in Taiwan

The scientists mentioned in a computer science textbook represent the significance of their contribution to the field. By learning about the life of the scientists and the societal and cultural background at the time, students learn not only science knowledge but also how science interacts with human life. This study examines how computer scientists presented


Problems and Needs in Writing Skills of Sales Support

In business communication, the English language is globally used for extending more business opportunities nationally and internationally. Sales department is one vital department that is obviously in need of assistants who can employ the English language effectively to increase profits for the company. One of the main tasks of sales support is to perform writing


How the ‘Productive Failure’ Instructional Design Encapsulates the ‘Active Learning’ Essence of Eliciting L2 Output Using the ‘Information Gap’ Construct

Productive failure’ (Kapur, 2015) is an instructional design based on the contrast between learners’ intuitive assumptions and proven solutions to problems analyzed for educational purposes in a given discipline. This design involves learners attempting creation of concepts or solutions before being taught, which is thought to enhance learning in that it prepares learners to comprehend


Comparative Review of the Foreign Language Learning History of a Japanese and a Flemish-Dutch Native Speaker

How we learn a foreign (second, third, fourth, …) language contains diverse approaches. It depends on, to the great extent, each learner’s personal background and aptitude such as the starting age, native language, motivation, goal(s), learning context, and life history. It is also dynamic, in the process of learning the target language, in a sense


Factors Affecting Industrial Behaviors of the Students of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi

The objectives of the research were to study levels of industrial behaviors of the students of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi, and to develop and review causal model affecting industrial behaviors of students of Rajamangala University of Technology Thanyaburi. Stratified random sampling method was governed so as to select 492 senior students of Rajamangala University


Comparing Indigeneous and Non Indigeneous Drawings: A Lesson Learnt

The study explores the use of language in elementary indigenous students from bilingual communities through the systematic analysis of their drawings. The article aims to observe whether bilingual students when asked to draw certain culture-key elements determine or not the use of a specific language spontaneously. Two hundred twenty-five indigenous girls and boys from five


Alternatives to SDGs-based Global Issues Pedagogy in ELT

The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are frequently used as a frame of reference for the teaching and learning of Global Issues content in English Language Teaching (ELT). This presentation argues that the prevalence of SDGs-based Global Issues pedagogy in ELT is partially the result of a well-intended but uncritical acceptance of the validity of the


Is Language a Form of Animal Communication, or Something Different? Implications for Ecological Identities

For many, saying humans are animals is an uncontroversial truism. It follows that human communication systems, including language, are animal communication systems. The reality, however, is more complicated. Some linguists, for instance, describe language as categorically distinct from, rather than as a unique or rare form of, animal communication (e.g. language vs animal communication rather


Being a Supersib: Exploring the Lived Experiences of Being a Supersib Within Singapore

There is increased awareness of the needs of siblings of children with a disability. They are likely to experience difficult relationships with their brother or sister with special needs and receive less attention in the family, and are at risk of experiencing negative mental health and wellbeing. Sibling groups in Singapore primarily focus on providing


The 21st-Century Skills of School Administrators under Udon Thani Primary Education Service Area Office

The purposes of this research were 1) to study the 21th Century Skills of School Administrators, 2) to study the actual state and the desirable state of the 21th Century Skills of School Administrators, 3) to study the priority needs of the 21th Century Skills of School Administrators under Udon Thani Primary Education Service Area


Fostering Outgoing Mobility by Implementing an Innovative Online Platform for Partner University Allocation – ITMO University Educational Design Practices

Within the Russian internationalisation strategy for increasing incoming and outgoing academic mobility indicators, ITMO University utilises a variety of tools to match the objective. Increased number of ITMO students aimed at spending a semester abroad and constantly growing number of 200+ active academic partners worldwide become a challenge which calls an innovative solution. While students


Strengthening Social Resilience Through Identity Reflection in High-Schools: iBelong’s Radical ODT Methodology in Israel

iBelong is an Israeli NGO missioned to strengthen the sense of identity and belonging of youth by offering experiential journeys for self-discovery and community engagement. In the past 14 years, iBelong is mandated by Israel’s Ministry of Education to provide ODT educational activities and intercultural experiences. Arguably, the dislocating effect of globalization, exaggerated by social


Current State and Awareness for Art Activities among the Artists with Disabilities – Focused on Busan area in South Korea

Purpose The purpose of this research is to determine current state and awareness for the artists with disabilities who have lived or have been working in Busan area. Methods 323 artists with disabilities responded to the questionnaire which was composed of 16 items. The collected data were analyzed using SPSS 22.0. Results First, the artists


The Effect of Positive Psychological Program Using Coffee Activities on Happiness and Parenting Efficacy of Mothers of People with Developmental Disabilities

[Purpose] This study aimed to identify the effects of positive psychology programs using coffee activities on the happiness and parenting efficacy of mothers who raise people with developmental disabilities. [Methods] Nine mothers who used N Welfare centers in B city voluntarily participated in program and agreed the purpose of this study. The program was conducted


A Study on the Influence of Current Inclusion Experiences of University Students on the Attitude Toward University Students with Disabilities

The purpose of this study is to identify the level of attitude of university students who currently have inclusive education experience with the university students with disabilities and to find the variable that affects the attitude of accepting the university students with disabilities. In this study, 234 second-year university students of B city responded to


Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Movie Scripts

This is a study of cross-cultural language use in Clint Eastwood’s movie scripts. Eastwood, the renowned film director, starred and produced numerous movies in a variety of genres. The study focuses on the language of the movie scripts used in Eastwood’s War films and Western. Scripts were downloaded from a website “The Web’s Largest Resource


Space and Politics of Sukarno’s Utopian Vision Exhibition in Gedung Pola, Jakarta, Indonesia

Gedung Pola not only functions as an exhibition room built specifically to exhibit Sukarno’s Utopian vision on architecture and city planning but also it has become a place to exhibit his political strategy on Nationalism and Modernism. The building serves as a representative political space for Sukarno’s ideal propaganda for Jakarta citizens in particular and


The Using of Guidance Process for Promoting Opportunity of Adolescent Mothers in Udon Thani

The purposes of this study were to study the needs and the guidelines for supporting of opportunities educational, career, and personal and social of adolescent mothers by using of guidance process for promoting opportunity of adolescent mothers. The participants of this research were 6 adolescent mothers by purposively selected that they were early pregnancy before


Factors Influencing Legitimate Peripheral Academic Participation of Students in Higher Education

The aim of this study is to examine factors influencing legitimate peripheral aspects such as interpersonal of the lecturer, student’s behavior, classroom and environmental condition which influence affective and cognitive outcomes of students in IT Del. The data of this study included two methods: interviews and questionnaire. A random sample will be used in this


Participation of Local Curriculum Development on Community Pathway Integrated with Royally Initiated Project

The purposes of this study were threefold: 1) to develop and identify educational quality of local curriculum on community pathway integrated with Royally Initiated Project based on participation requirements according to school and community context 2) to study learning outcomes by using local curriculum that develops: knowledge, process, and attitude toward activity learning by local


Student-guided Learning Methodology: From Teaching to Learning

Academic institutions are increasingly viewed as not only knowledge providers but also as cultural change agents. They are therefore expected to cultivate new types of student competencies that can cope with daily challenges in an ever-changing world. Israeli academia has adopted new teaching paradigms but most lecturers still use traditional methods. This study describes how


The Effects of Questioning Strategy on Young Girl Students in Web Quest Activity

Promoting science learning and science performance of girl students has been an important issue. The study explored the effects of questioning strategy on young girl students in a webquest activity. A quasi-experimental design was adopted on 46 fifth-grade girl students. These students participated in a mixed-gender group activity aided by questioning strategy with detail question


Identifying Variables in English as Medium of Instruction: A Trajectory Equifinality Modeling Analysis of Two English Teachers in Japan

The Japanese Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) has long tried to change the medium of instruction (MI) for secondary school English education. Released in March, 2018, a new course of study states that junior high school English should be taught in English. This reinforces an earlier announcement for MI in senior


Progressive Expressions in the Papiamentu Language

Linguists have described the functions of the markers expressing the grammatical categories of tense, aspect, and modality in Papiamentu, a creole language spoken in the Caribbean. However, the connection between these markers and the aspectual meaning of the verbs they modify has not been extensively studied. This presentation addresses this relation by looking at sets


Applying Cooperative Development in Exploring College English Teaching in a Large Class Format

Large class size as a growing phenomenon in developing countries is closely related to two reasons: initiatives to achieve universal education and rapid population growth (Bendow, Mizrachi, Oliver, & Said-Moshiro, 2007; Shehu & Tafida, 2016). Given the fact that the large class phenomenon cannot be eliminated within a reasonable amount of time, it is important


Maternal Affect, Work and Family Conflicts, and Infant Negative Affectivity: A Longitudinal Study of Working Mothers in Singapore

Infant negative affectivity (NA) refers to an infant temperament characterized by a predisposition toward anger, frustration, fear, and sadness. There is growing recognition of the influence of maternal factors on infant NA which could affect an infant’s long term development. This paper documented the preliminary findings of a longitudinal study that aimed to explore maternal


Equipping Adult Learners with Basic Literacy Skills for Cognitive Sustainability

The non-literate adults in Nigeria are often faced with the inability to apply mental intelligence in their lifestyles which is reducing their relevance in the 21st century society. The study therefore, seeks to equip adult learners with basic literacy skills for cognitive sustainability in Lagos state, Nigeria. Four research questions were raised and answered; and


Bridging the Old and the New – The Digitalization of Museums in Indonesia

We are currently in the midst of the digital era where mobile screens, technological advancement, virtual realities and boundless exchange of information are at the center of human civilization. These digital transformations influence various shifting forms of human interaction as well as the nature of education. Aside from formal education institutions, museums can be described


Interdisciplinary Learning in Secondary Schools from Multiple Perspectives

The purpose of this study is to investigate how interdisciplinary learning enhances lower-form students’ learning in secondary schools and is also to provide a practical example for teachers in secondary schools to promote interdisciplinary learning beyond the existing curriculum. The research was carried out with 121 secondary 2 students aged 12 to13 in the school


The Effects of Inquiry-based Learning on Understanding Writing and Presentation Classroom Research Proposal of Science Student Teachers

The purpose of this research were to study 1) understanding of classroom research, 2) writing ability of classroom research proposal, 3) presentation ability of classroom research proposal, and 4) attitude toward the inquiry-based learning of science student teachers’ that they were studying 4th years in the second semester of academic year 2019 at UdonThani Rajabhat


Alignment of Learning Competencies, Instruction and Summative Assessment in Mathematics 10: A Basis for Curriculum Implementation Monitoring Plan

Using mixed-method design, this study determined the extent of the implementation of the curriculum guide in Mathematics 10 classes, the alignment of learning competencies, instruction and summative assessment, identified the challenges encountered by teachers, and developed a Curriculum Implementation Monitoring Plan. Questionnaires and documents of teachers from eight public schools in the Division of Nueva


The Relationship Between Transformational Leadership and Work-related Attitudes: The Mediating Roles of Research Self-efficacy and Job Stress

Academic leaders at managerial universities have faced tremendous challenges to recruit and sustain committed and satisfied university faculty members. Against the backdrop, this study examined the nature of the relationship between departmental-level academic leaders’ transformational leadership and university faculty members’ work-related attitudes (i.e., organizational commitment and job satisfaction) by investigating the mediating roles of research


Measuring the Computational Thinking Ability and Surveying Freshman Students’ Opinions on Teaching and Learning Styles

Computational Thinking (CT) is a key skill in the 21st century that everyone needs, rather than just being a programming skill used only by programmers. To develop students’ systematic thinking and analytical ability, we should add computational thinking to them. A sample group consisted of 89 freshman students attending the Department of Educational Communications and


Addressing Mathematics Anxiety of Grade 5 Students Through Modules and Strategies and Its Effect to Student Achievement

The study sought to address mathematics anxiety among grade 5 students of Elizabeth Seton School – Las Piñas Campus by defining its relationship with student achievement, facilitating modules and strategies, and determining its effect to student achievement. The study examined the mathematics anxiety levels of 267 grade 5 respondents and utilized an instrument adopted from


Junior High School Students who are Extroverted and Lonely Prefer SNS – Analysis of SNS Time by Diary Method

There are a lot of concerning shown about excess using of SNS by Japanese young people on a smartphone. This research made an examination for the relation between extroversion, loneliness and using SNS time on smartphone referring to The Internet paradox study. Got a result from 701 junior high school students in Japanese nationwide by


Mapping the Convergence of Communication Disciplines: A Conceptual Study

A positive reputation of an organization is needed in order to ensure the organization sustainability. Therefore, communication with internal and external stakeholders become important. The main objective of this paper is to visualize how the concept and practice of organization-communication, corporate-communication and public relations are combined in the process of organization reputation development. Focus group


Has Online Media Fulfilled Journalism Ethics for News Coverage of Revenge Porn Victims?

In 2017, a girl as victim of revenge porn with the initials HA, became a trending topic on social media. Most online media made this case as their headline news, but they had not kept the secret of HA’s identity. They actually exposed the identity of HA specifically, such as her full name, her social


Culturally Relevant Gamification Approach for Climate Change Education: Tackling the Climate Change Issues Through Food System Activities

Climate change education require an educational approach that able to engage, motivate, and empowering children to take an action. Gamification approach in education has potential to increase the students’ motivation, and engagement during learning. In climate change education context, to empower students to take an action, educational approach that able to create sense of relatedness


The Reproduction of Japanese and Foreigners as Separate Categories – An Ethnographic Study on English Summer Camps in Japan

Internationalization (or kokusaika, the “continuation of the practice of being open to the outside world while protecting and promoting the national culture” (Hagermann: 2009)) remains a pre-eminent, long-term goal of the Japanese Ministry of Education. As interaction between Japanese and non-Japanese is still limited in Japan, the Japanese government puts a great emphasis on creating


Advancing 5C’s for 21st Century Foreign Language Competency

Given the dynamic nature of globalization, the curriculum design and instruction of foreign language education are constantly being discussed and redefined. While print literacy continues to be the primary instructional medium in the physical classroom settings, the growing and mushrooming access to internet resources, social networks, learning through technology, and multi-modal communication require educators to


The Study of Instructional Steps in STEM Education Curriculum to Enhance Creative Problem Solving Competency

This research aimed to study of instructional steps in STEM education curriculum to enhance creative problem solving competency. In-depth interview, content analysis and analytic description were used. Target group for in-depth interview were 42 stakeholders, including of school principals and vice principals, science teachers, mathematics teachers, vocational teachers and leader teachers of STEM education, in


The Association Between Parental Anxiety and Early Parenting Behaviour at Six Weeks Postpartum

The present study investigated the influence of parents’ anxiety on their parenting behaviour towards their newborn infants. Five types of parenting behaviour were examined, namely, discipline, parent-led routine, apprehension, nurturance, and involvement. A total of 635 participants (350 mothers, 285 fathers) were recruited at six weeks postpartum from a regional hospital in Singapore. According to


Data Harmonization and Development of a Common Scale for Measuring Healthy Aging Across the World: The ATHLOS Scale

According to the World Health Organization 2015 report, healthy aging is defined as an “ongoing process of developing and maintaining the functional ability that enables well-being in older age, with functional ability determined by the interaction of individual’s intrinsic capacity and their environment.” Few studies have adequately addressed this concept and various measures have been


Trends of Independent Living and Associated Factors in Ageing Older Old Adults: Evidence from the UK

The world’s older population is growing at unprecedented rates; the proportion aged ≥60 is projected to reach 22% in 2050, double the figure in 2015, with particularly marked growth in “older old” populations. Independent living is perceived as an indicator of healthy ageing and implies more resilience and less reliance on social care services. In


The Research Competency Improvement Model Based on Integrated Method of Teacher Professional Students in Faculty of Education at Udont-Thani Rajabhat University

The purposes of this research were: 1) to study and compare students’ achievement between pre-training and post-training, 2) to study classroom skills in research abilities, and 3) to study attitude towards doing classroom research. The research sample group consisted of 26 Mathematics student teachers, Faculty of Education Udon Thani Rajabhat University. They were drawn by


Achieving Quality in Education Under SDG 4 – Financial Challenges and Gaps from an Indian Perspective

India has made significant progress in universalizing both primary and elementary education by showing holistic improvement in Gross Enrolment Ratio through implementation of education schemes and projects. The flagship programme of Sarva Shikha Abiyaan (SSA) coupled with the Right to Education Act (RTE) has accorded the highest priority for development of education. With a view


A Voice E-book Reading System Designed for the Visually Impaired People

No matter in life, study, or at work, reading is one of the major sources to obtain information. However, traditional books are mostly printed on paper. The books are not suitable for visually impaired persons to read. Though such a situation can be improved by Optical Character Recognition (OCR) technology. However, the quantity or timeliness


Transferring Results of Intercultural Communication Research to Business English Classroom: Structure and Register Fluctuation in Business Emails from British, Polish, and Spanish Companies

Emails are the most common communication means in the present business world. A broad range of email studies focused on cultural variations in business email writing, but very few approached intercultural business communication in Europe. In one of them, Gómez-Moreno and Skorczynska (2013) described variations concerning the prototypical move structure and register in a corpus


Study of English Training Model Based on Backward Design Technique: IAESTE Thailand as a Case study

The university students need to prepare themselves to be ready as the competent workforce for industry. On-the-job plays an important role in a student’s development as it applies the theoretical learning of a student to day-to-day practices in the industry. To enhance students’ skills to be stronger and ready as competent workforce for borderless world,


Into the Grey Zone: Ethical Implications of Overseas Japanese Security Deployments

The Liberal-Democratic Party government of Prime Minister Shinzo Abe passed bills in the Japanese Diet in 2015, which reinterpreted Article 9 of the 1947 Constitution; this allows the Japanese Self Defense Forces to participate in collective self-defence. The SDF could now potentially engage in conventional military operations with allied forces in future, but other aspects


In Search of Wellness in Hong Kong: The Evolution of Delusive Public Space in the Metropolis

From a fishing village with only several hundred of the population to one of the most densely populated city and globally recognized economic body — Hong Kong has been transformed into a world-renowned city with a unique history and vivid lifestyle, which has deemed her a very mysterious place that is yet to be unfolded.


Chinese Permanent Residents in Japan: A Qualitative Study on Acculturation Attitudes and Mental Health

The aim of this study is to analyze the relationship between mental health and acculturation attitudes of Chinese who have Permanent Resident visas in Japan. In this study, we used Berry’s Acculturation Attitudes Model (1989) which examines two major issues: the extent to which people maintain their original cultures, and the extent to which people


Oral Discourse Analysis in a Master’s Classroom: A Cross-Cultural Approach

The purpose of this communication is to present the results of a study about some teaching experiences applying oral discourse analysis in a Language and Technology Master’s Degree classroom in Spanish with Chinese students. We take into consideration the studies on oral specialized language and theories related to communication strategies. In conjunction with the invocation


Ensuring Student-Centered, Constructivist and Project-Based Experiential Learning Applying the Exploration, Research, Interaction and Creation (ERIC) Learning Model

Experiential learning literally is making meaning from direct experience. It plays vital role in facilitating the process of creating knowledge, sense-making and knowledge transfer in teaching, training and development. This study assessed the effectiveness of Exploration, Research, Interaction and Creation (ERIC) Learning Model which is a framework adopted from various theories and philosophies such those


Using Gabriel Marcel’s Disponibilité and Creative Fidelity in Highlighting the Importance of Maintaining Marital Vows in Filipino Spousal Relationships

“Until death do us part”. This statement is one of the most famous and most striking lines that couples say during their marriage for it accentuates the life-long journey of the married couples to stay in love and faithful to one another for the rest of their lives. With this, it is a great challenge


Prevalence and Predictors of Exercise Addiction – A Comparison between High School and College Students in the United States

There is a growing recognition of exercise addiction (EA), which is characterised by uncontrollable and excessive exercise resulting in physical and psychological problems. This study aimed to examine the prevalence of EA and compare its predictors in high school and college students in the United States. 533 high school (mean age = 17.39) and 1240


Identifying Risk Factors Associated with Online Gaming Addiction among Female College Students in Singapore

Online Gaming Addiction (OGA) is characterized by excessive preoccupation, urge, and impaired control over internet gaming despite negative consequences. Literature has emphasized on male OGA, but studies on female OGA remain scarce. This research investigated risk factors of OGA among Singaporean female college students. 364 female college students (Range=17-20years, Mean age=19.2, SD=0.8) completed a survey


Acute Effects of a Multi-Disciplinary Program for Community-Dwelling Older Adults: A Local Study in Taiwan

Population aging is a global socioeconomic problem including Taiwan. Aging processes would result in a declination of muscle power, cardiopulmonary endurance, as well as functional performance. If we do not find the resolution, it would be the burden of society. Aims of the present study were to conduct a comprehensive program to community-dwelling older adults


A Blended Learning Model for Public Senior High Schools in the Division of Laguna

This study aimed to design a blended learning model for public senior high schools in the division of Laguna. A descriptive-quantitative research design was considered in the study and utilized the neo-positivism for objectivity and neutrality of the research process. A survey using Mercado’s eLearning readiness assessment tool and eLearning System Readiness Assessment(ELSRA) based on


Mental Health Needs of Depressed New Filipino Fathers

Emerging studies about paternal mental health among new fathers have been seen as a wide interest in terms of experienced post-natal depression. This is because when an unprepared new father feels the need and pressure to adapt with changes in lifestyle and in his new role as the father in the family, he starts to


Sex Education: Level of Knowledge and Its Effects on the Sexual Behavior and Opinions Among the Government Senior High School Students of Vigan City SY 2018-2019

The Philippines, being a Christian country, finds Sex Education a sensitive topic to discuss with. But, with the increasing cases of pregnancies, sexually-transmitted diseases and other forms of sexually-related violence, the Philippine government raised their vote to integrate and teach sex education in the curriculum. After recognizing the vital role of education on the rising


Leadership in Public Basic Education: The Case of Superintendents in the Philippines

In the Philippines, the leadership role of superintendents was widely recognized; however, there were still very limited studies on how they led the country’s public basic education. Consequently, this study investigated the leadership pattern in public basic education of superintendents. Using a case study research design, this study conducted an in-depth analysis of the perception


“No One Left Behind” – A Training Framework for a Data-literate Mindset in Higher Education Administration

In order to leverage the advantages of digitalization, many Higher Education Institutions have initiated transformation towards data-informed models, and attention has been paid to competency-based data literacy among a selective group of administrative team. However, often underrepresented in the discussion is the importance of a data-literate administration as a whole, as further data efforts are


Teaching How to Give: Charitable Giving Education in Japan

This presentation examines how the importance of charitable contribution is discussed and taught in Japan. In response to the financial crisis of the 2000s, many Japanese institutions, such as the Financial Service Agency, have started to re-emphasize the significance of financial education. Newly made financial educational resources became available, including textbooks, workshops, and seminars. Interestingly,


Do Sociodemographic and Gender Determinants of Late-life Suicide Differ in Older Swedish Users and Non-users of Antidepressants? A National Population-based Study

Background: The treatment of depression is a main strategy for suicide prevention in older adults. Our aim was to examine factors related to suicide in older adults (75+) with and without antidepressant therapy. Methods: We used register data for all Swedish residents aged ≥ 75 years (N=1 413 806) between 2006-2014. We identified all persons


Comparative Study of Relation between Realistic Optimism and Well-being Among University Students of India and Japan

Objective: This study examined the relationship between realistic optimism (RO) and well-being (WB) among the university students of Japan and India. The purpose of this research is to find whether difference in culture and economy have any impact on the relationship between WB and RO of both countries. Method: A questionnaire survey was conducted through random sampling,


The Power of Narratives in Behavioral Policy Interventions: The Case Antanas Mockus’ Mime-Artist Interventions in Bogota, Colombia

When trying to make sense of policies and influence others, citizens and other stakeholders (including policy makers, beneficiaries, opponents and the media) rarely rely on complicated technical documents. Rather, they rely on narratives or stories about policy problems and solutions. These narrative accounts are essential to understand the particularities and effects of policy interventions in


A Study on the Relationship among Depression Status, Anxiety Degree and Self-injury Tendency of the College Students

The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationship among depression status, anxiety degree and self-injury of the college students. The method of survey research and the instrument is Mental Health Scale for Undergraduate-Screening Assessment (MHSU-SA). The inventory consists the following five indexes, such as depression status, anxiety degree, self-injury, impulsive behavior, and mental


The Construction of Peer Group Supervision Ability Scale

The purpose of the research was to develop a “Peer Group Supervision Ability Scale (PGSAS) ” for professional counselors working in the colleges to evaluate and enhance their abilities when they try to organize peer group supervision sessions. The research object was based on counseling psychologists, clinical psychologists and social workers working in the colleges


Factors Related to Active Ageing Among Community Dwelling Older Adults

Active ageing is processes that lead older adults to have a good quality of life that supporting older adults to have active ageing is very important for the current social situation because. The objectives of this correlational research were to study the relationship among the selected factors such as age, education, income, self-care agency, social


Home and School Profile Variables and the Students’ Academic Performance: Basis for a Proposed Intervention Program

This study aimed to determine the relationship of home and school profile variables to the academic performance of the Grade 10 students at Eusebio High School, Division of Pasig City, SY 2018-2019 to serve as basis for a proposed intervention program. Specifically, it pursued to answer the following questions: 1. What is the home profile


Sailing Through: The Assessment of a Philippine Grief Support Program Using Bible-Based Lessons and Art Therapy

The Sailing Through workshops began in 2018 by my father and I through the Christian Advocacy Reaching Everyone (CARE) Foundation, and first conducted exclusively for our church (International Churches of Christ Quezon City). These support groups address different life challenges such as grief, caregiving for terminally ill loved ones and mental health issues. They are


Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy to Reduce the Anxiety Being Experienced by Chronic Kidney Disease Patients Who Required Hemodialysis

Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) and hemodialysis are conditions that potentially trigger negative emotional responses such as anxiety, depression, anger, guilt, and fear of death. Anxiety commonly appears following the diagnosis of kidney failure and the requirement of hemodialysis. The anxiety is based on the potential impact of body image change and death. The anxiety may


Elder Abuse and Quality of Life: A Study Among Elderly in Rural and Urban Households of Maharashtra

The irreversible and inevitable process of ageing, initially seen as a concern of the aged persons and their families alone, has now gained wide public attention. For nations like India with a higher percentage of older cohorts, care and safety of elders have become one of the emerging concerns in Public Health which rationalises the


Flow and Daoism: Comparing Consequent Attitudes

Flow theorist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi compared the experience of Flow to Zhuang Zi’s Dao. To experience flow is like Cook Ding’s skill in cutting-without-cutting—an effortless doing, termed as wei-wu-wei—associating both with happiness. Many have investigated this parallelism to see if the analogy is apt. Several have concluded that Flow and Dao may not really be comparable,


Nature in Ikebana (Japanese Flower Arrangement): Beyond Sustainability

Western culture, in particular the Modernism Art Movement has had a significant influence on ikebana since the Meiji period. While ikebana like other traditional art forms was under the influence of the Japanese fascism in 1930’s, it was this period that ikebana has undergone a cultural transformation that is closely related to a redefinition of


Engaging and Motivating Foreign Language Learners with Audiovisual Aids: The Case of French in Selected High Schools in Ghana

The integration of multimedia in language teaching and learning has been a subject of interest to many educators in recent times, as research has shown its impact to be outstanding. In Ghana, French as a foreign language (FFL) is the only foreign language, aside English, which is taught from the early stages of the educational


Empowering Communities by Optimizing the Deployment of Neighborhood-scale Resilience Hubs: A Case Study of Maui Island

As a part of an integrated planning approach to develop programs intended to support communities increasingly facing impacts of natural disasters, including those associated with climate change, neighborhoods must strengthen their local community cohesion and resilience. One way to support neighborhood-scale resilience is to create recognized and accepted local resilience hubs. These hubs are physical


The Influence of Self-determination on Mastery Experience in a Creativity Game-based Learning

Creativity refers to the process of generating contextually or culturally original and valuable products. This study aimed to develop a self-determination (SD) focused Digital Game-based Learning System for Creativity (DGLSC-SD-A) for 3rd and 4th graders and, further, to investigate the relationship between self-determination and mastery experience. Eighty-two 3rd and 4th graders participated in this study.


Effect of Consistency of Interest and Perseverance of Effort on Academic Achievement: A Cross-cultural Meta-analysis

Near a decade, the rapid growth of grit research existed in both educational and psychological literature. The concept of grit is firstly originated by Duckworth and her colleagues (2007) which operationalized into two distinct facets: Consistency of interest refers to individual maintenance of commitment towards long-term goals without getting distracted by new goals, while perseverance


Buddhist Perspective on Economics

Teachings on economics is not taught by the Buddha in a certain, separate discourse (sutta), area and time or it is neither systematized in a separate portion nor it could be found in one place in the Pali canon. However, Buddhist teachings (Buddhasasana) on economics which is lofty, universal, excellent, beautiful, educative for any society


Conceptual Metaphors in Political Discourse: State is Woman – Woman is Construction

This project aims to analyze the conceptual metaphors through political discourse during the period of 2018 presidential elections in Montenegrin society, as a means of understanding how human action and (un)consciousness both shape and are being shaped by surrounding cultural and social structures. The study focuses on revealing cultural constructs through the examination of the


A Snapshot of e-learning: Vocabulary Retention in Academically-advantaged Background

Vocabulary is significant to academic achievement. Instructional curricula are usually designed to include vocabulary teaching, learning, and assessment to help retention. Researchers have addressed the essence of vocabulary learning by providing a plethora of learning strategies across the wide English for Academic Purposes (EAP) spectrum. As learners progress in school, academic vocabulary accumulates in content


Gender Differences in Subjective Age of Word Acquisition

Studies in language development have shown that throughout childhood and adolescence girls are more advanced in language acquisition than boys. However, researchers in psycholinguistics have paid little attention to gender differences in subjective age of acquisition (AoA) – people’s reports of the age at which they think they learned a particular word. The aim of