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Flow and Daoism: Comparing Consequent Attitudes

Flow theorist Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi compared the experience of Flow to Zhuang Zi’s Dao. To experience flow is like Cook Ding’s skill in cutting-without-cutting—an effortless doing, termed as wei-wu-wei—associating both with happiness. Many have investigated this parallelism to see if the analogy is apt. Several have concluded that Flow and Dao may not really be comparable,


The Relationship Between a Good Government and Elite Ruling: A Comparative Study on Mencius and John Stuart Mill’s Political Philosophy

Political philosophy is a popular area in contemporary comparative philosophy research. The concern about how to construct an ideal government is crucial in this area. The author chooses two philosophers from the east and the west to conduct this comparative study. Mencius is an important Confucian philosopher, whose thoughts about the policy of benevolence and


Arthur Schopenhauer and East: Compassion as the Basis of Ethics

The basis of this paper was to create a new ethics statement using mixed culture of East and West philosophy about compassion. The materials I have used include some parts of the following works: books of Arthur Schopenhauer, Vedas, Confucian literature, Buddhist and also some books about Islam philosophy. The method which I have improved