Buddhist Perspective on Economics


Teachings on economics is not taught by the Buddha in a certain, separate discourse (sutta), area and time or it is neither systematized in a separate portion nor it could be found in one place in the Pali canon. However, Buddhist teachings (Buddhasasana) on economics which is lofty, universal, excellent, beautiful, educative for any society at any time and a systematic study of which leads to the fixed objectives that can be achieved through minimum usages of goods considering the total, holistic condition of the whole environment and society of all sentient beings and those teachings are scattering in different texts especially in Anguttara Nikaaya, Majjhima Nikaya and Samyutta Nikaya of Pali canon. This paper will broadly focus on the economics of Buddhism based on the early discourses that is sutta literature of Pali canon.

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Mokesh Barua, Mahachulalongkornrajavidyalaya University, Thailand

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Conference: ACERP2020
Stream: Religion - Religion and Education

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