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Is Language a Form of Animal Communication, or Something Different? Implications for Ecological Identities

For many, saying humans are animals is an uncontroversial truism. It follows that human communication systems, including language, are animal communication systems. The reality, however, is more complicated. Some linguists, for instance, describe language as categorically distinct from, rather than as a unique or rare form of, animal communication (e.g. language vs animal communication rather


An Alternative Paradigm to Cognize Power: Spiritual Subscription

The paper situates power in the hand of spiritualism which guides our daily activities starting with highly intellectual to simple domestic activity. All these activities are seamed through this inherent disposition of power and blossom with the cultivation of insight in all living beings. In our hurried and superficial view of things ‘Spiritualism’ which was


Power and Domination

Historically, we speak about women as the ignored and the invisible, while the standard of humanity is male. Much recent feminist discourse seeks to expose the phenomenon of the exclusion of the feminine voice in language. The analysis of the corruption of the use of language may reveal this silencing. We see how the perpetuation