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Morphological Assimilation of Arabic Loanwords in Maguindanaon

The study is synchronic, i.e. examined the integration of Arabic loanwords in Maguindanaon at present. It used qualitative, descriptive, and structural methods in identifying loanwords through morphological structure within the domain of contrastive analysis. Morphological integration seems to be more difficult when the languages in contact possess two distant morphological paradigms. Factors influencing the degree


Adaptation of COVID-19-related Loanwords into Japanese

In recent years, the quantity of loanwords that have been adapted from foreign languages has increased as globalization advanced. Among this process, assimilation and extinction of the words are natural phenomena that have been observed in the past and in the present. The changes produced by these process sometimes cause communication gaps among people due


If You Know What I Mean: Rendering the Causative in Japanese and Croatian

One of the things expressions “make” and “let” have in common is that they can be used to express causative meaning in a sentence. Some languages show causative markedness more clearly than the others – for example, the Japanese causative marker -sase undeniably signals the causative nature of a sentence. Other languages, such as for


Elimination Mechanism of Glue Variables for Solving SAT Problems in Linguistics

We propose GVE(Glue Variables Elimination), an algorithm that organically combines neural networks with a deterministic solver to solve SAT(Boolean satisfiability problem) in the filed of linguistics. It gives full play to their respective advantages by following steps: (a) applying a graph learning algorithm to learn the structure of the CNF formula; (b) finding the glue


Progressive Expressions in the Papiamentu Language

Linguists have described the functions of the markers expressing the grammatical categories of tense, aspect, and modality in Papiamentu, a creole language spoken in the Caribbean. However, the connection between these markers and the aspectual meaning of the verbs they modify has not been extensively studied. This presentation addresses this relation by looking at sets


English Vowel Duration Affected by Voicing Contrast In Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese

Learning a foreign language, especially to second language learners, comes with learning new phonetics contrasts. Adults often have difficulty in learning non-native vowels especially when the vowel inventories in their first and second language are different. This study describes the speech acquisition of English vowel in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese speakers, and addresses their


The Production of English Affricates by Yemeni EFL Learners of English

The production of English sounds by non-native speakers of English has been extensively discussed in the phonetic literature, particularly in the areas of second language speech production and pronunciation instruction. The current study aims to explore the production of the English affricates /ʧ/ and /dʒ/ by Yemeni EFL learners of English. The production data involved


A Cross-Linguistic Investigation on ‘Outer Circle’ Englishes: A Corpus-Based Approach

Kachru (1994) provided a model to categorize the three concentric circles of World Englishes: ‘Inner circle’, ‘Outer circle’ and ‘Expanding circle’ (Bauer, 2002). In the Inner circle, English is the language of identity for its native speakers. However, when transferred to countries in the Outer and Expanding circles, English becomes an alien form of expression


Ching Phra Chan Collection: A Reflection to Theravda Buddhist Legend

It is undeniable that Thai classical music plays significant role in ritual context in Thai society since the ancient time especially played during the arrival, the meal, and the farewell of Buddhist monks. Ching Phra Chan (CPC) is the special collection of songs played during the meal. This leads to the research question why these


A Move Analysis of the “About Us” Page on University Engineering Websites

This study investigated the rhetorical structure of the “About Us” page on North American universities’ engineering website based on move analysis developed by Swales (1990). Promotional genres tend to promote products for potential audiences as communicative purposes. The university “About Us” page is considered as one type of promotional genres (Bhatia, 2004). It aims at


A Preliminary Investigation of the Effects of Visual Cues on Sentence Stress Production of EFL Elementary Students

Teaching English phonics is a common practice in pronunciation instruction in Taiwan’s elementary English language classes. However, elementary students in Taiwan often perform poorly on suprasegmentals like intonation and sentence stress, and the suprasegmental aspects of English are not emphasized in class and in textbooks. Nevertheless, research findings support the teaching of suprasegmentals as it


The Role of Vocabulary in Reading Comprehension

It is generally agreed that many factors contribute to one’s reading comprehension and there is consensus that vocabulary size one of the main factors. This study explores the relationship between second language learners’ vocabulary size and their reading comprehension scores. 130 Malay pre-university students of a public university participated in this study. They were students


A Corpus-Based Analysis and Appraisal of News Reports on Protesters from Political Conflicts in Thailand by Foreign News Agencies

Appraisal has been employed in previous foreign studies. They have focused on corpus-based analysis and comparison of news reports. However, The previous work in Thailand has inadequately focus on appraisal of news report comparison among news agencies, and corpus analysis. The data have been selected from newspapers written in Thai. Thus, this paper aims to


The Derivation Words Recognition: Understanding the Suffixational Patterns of English Vocabulary

Words are one of the important elements that language learners must master as having insufficient words will be a barrier for them to deliver ideas or expressions. The challenge to understand English words seems to be very complicated because they are dominated by derivations. Considering to that matter, this paper will describe the patterns of


Feeling Righteous? Stress Shift in English L2 Learners

This study examines the stress assignment of English suffixed words produced by L2 learners. The stimuli were disyllabic words and their two suffixed forms: in isolation, e.g. ‘HUman’, with neutral suffixes, e.g. ‘HUman-ist’, and with non-neutral suffixes e.g. ‘huMAn-ity’. The addition of non-neutral suffixes in the present study induces two types of stress shift: (1)


Can Machine Translation Be as Effective as a Human Translation? A Cross Linguistic Analysis of Machine Translation Ambiguity between English, French and Armenian.

Statement/Research Question: Machine Translation (MT) still remains a tough challenge for both linguists and programmers. In spite of all the promises and hopes, it failed to meet the satisfactory standards. Actually, translation itself is a tough process, even for human beings. Can MT be compared with Human Translation? The paper discusses the difference between MT


A Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis of the Highest-Frequency Vocabulary in Advanced and Native English

Corpus linguistics has vastly developed and been addressed in order to mirror the frequencies of naturally occurring lexical items not only in English, but also in many other languages. Learner corpora represent the written interlanguage performance of L2 or foreign language users coming from different mother tongue backgrounds. International Corpus of Learner English (ICLE) is


The Reflections of Mental Processes in Language: Verbs of Perception

The verbs which notify the work, action, event and state are important words in the languages. These verbs meet the physical movements as well as non-physical movements. Examples of physical movements can be given as run, walk and jump etc.; think, understand and know etc. are examples for non-physical movements. The non-physical movements are known


Place-Name Target Multi-Source Metaphor and Metonymy

The paper considers metaphorical and metonymical descriptions of places when a place-name target domain correlates with two or more source domains. It is argued that the target and the sources are united by means of some common element, which provides wholeness of the multi-source metaphor/metonyny. Such metaphors and metonymies are represented by the structure ‘A


The Common Semantic Feature of ‘Irregular’ Noun Plural Forms in English

There is only a limited number of Noun Plurals like foot-feet, goose-geese and Past Tense verb forms such as sing-sang, win-won that are produced by Internal Vowel Alternation (IVA) and today these forms are considered to be irregular in Modern English, i.e., they do not follow the rules of Past Tense /+(e)d/ and Noun Plural