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Serious Game Design and Integration in English Phonology and Pronunciation Teaching

Interest in using games to impart knowledge has grown tremendously over the past few years. Following a pedagogical shift toward a learner-centered approach, serious games offer new perspectives in Second Language Acquisition (SLA) (Reinhardt et al, 2020; Bogost, 2007). This study investigates the design process and use of a digital game for L2 phonology at


Imitation and Self-imitation Practice on L2 Pronunciation Progress

The major aim of the current study is to investigate the outcomes of computer-assisted L2 pronunciation training to verify if there is a positive correlation between self-imitation practice and L2 pronunciation improvement in the process of second language acquisition. 35 Polish students of Applied Linguistics (at English level B2+) divided into two groups did imitation


Blended Learning Between Success and Catastrophe in Third World Countries: IKR as a Case

Despite destructive impacts on Health and economy, COVID19 brought humanitarian disaster, especially for education and learning. Social distancing gave prospects to find an alternative method for students to get connected to their academic modules and educational procedures. Educational technology and e-learning are fundamental system to progress controlling over time, place and pace. Blended learning (BL)


Facilitating Autonomous Learning During a Health Crisis – COVID-19 Contingency Plan in Singapore

As the Singapore government raised its alert level in the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, language programmes were urged to step up and offer emergency contingency plan to convert all face-to-face lectures into online lessons. This necessary action, namely a switch from classroom to communication technologies posed a number of challenges for language modules to


Developing Relationships in an Online Environment

Relationship building is one of the main goals for engaging students in online learning environments. Several research studies have found that student persistence in an online environment is positively correlated to student perceptions of social presence. This presentation will explain and show examples of various tools and techniques that can improve social presence in an


Engaging and Motivating Foreign Language Learners with Audiovisual Aids: The Case of French in Selected High Schools in Ghana

The integration of multimedia in language teaching and learning has been a subject of interest to many educators in recent times, as research has shown its impact to be outstanding. In Ghana, French as a foreign language (FFL) is the only foreign language, aside English, which is taught from the early stages of the educational


Writing in English with Help

Writing is one of the most difficult skills for Japanese people to master in English learning. The Ministry of Education held a nationwide English proficiency test for the 3rd year students of senior high school in 2017. In the report, the Ministry pointed out the link between low writing scores and low frequency of employment


Research and Practice on the Blended Teaching Mode of College English Based on MOOC + SPOC Platform

Based on comparison and contrast between the blended teaching mode and the traditional one, this project takes college English course at Harbin Institute of Technology as an example to design and practice the blended teaching mode based on the MOOC + SPOC platform. This mode aims to develop cross-cultural communicative competence of college students in