Month: May 2020


Smartphones at the Workplace: An in situ Mixed-Method Study on Smartphone use During Intellectual Work

Smartphones and other ICTs have become permanent companions in our daily lives. Increased use of these devices has impacted and often changed our daily routines. Users are in constant negotiation and coordination between the online and offline worlds they inhabit, and decisions about how to use their time and attention are becoming increasingly challenging. This


Online Forums: How Can Educators Make Online Work Well? Communicating Through Graphic Design: Relevance, Focus, Reflection

This paper connects best practices observed and developed through experiential learning in online forums, structured as open reflective spaces, with structured feed forwards. We are all online, constantly communicating, exchanging, learning, teaching, developing and creating. In such a vast space we often lose sight of the importance of the space itself. Almost every day we


What Influences High School Teachers’ Motivation to Engage in Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

Numerous studies have confirmed that continuing professional development (CPD) is a significant contributor for improving teacher effectiveness. Hence, this paper reports on a study that explored the motivation of high school teachers in Saudi Arabia to engage in CPD programmes. It adopted a mixed methods (MMR) sequential explanatory design utilising an online questionnaire completed by


A Cross-cultural Analysis of Self-examination in Shakespeare’s Hamlet and Chinese Philosophy and Tragedy

Western culture and Chinese culture are two completely different cultural systems in the world, while both of them can be analyzed together at a microscopic level. Although the protagonists in Chinese drama are not as complex as in Shakespearean drama where the characters are shaped by more than two aspects, the struggle of personality can


The Least of our Worries: Reception Teachers’ Understanding of Visual Art and its Place in the EYFS Curriculum

Visual art education in early childhood has been shown to have an especially significant impact on children living with high levels of disadvantage. Yet, evidence also indicates that the curriculum in the reception year of school is narrowing, with an increased focus on literacy and numeracy, to the detriment of children from disadvantaged backgrounds in


Can the Intervention of SCAMPER Bring About Changes of Neural Activation While Taking Creativity Tasks?

SCAMPER (substitution, combination, modification, putting to other uses, elimination, and rearrangement) has been regarded as an effective technique that provides a structured way to help people produce creative ideas and solutions. Although some neuroscience studies regarding creativity training have been conducted, no study has focused on SCAMRER. This study pioneers computer-based learning in integrating fMRI


A Study on Students’ Cognitive Load, Learning Motivation, and Learning Strategies in a Engineering Course Integrating with Mobile Learning Tools

This study carried out via both qualitative and quantitative methods. Results showed that in terms of learning emotions, flipped classroom based on mobile learning had some effects on students’ “self-directed learning” and “self-efficacy”. Flipped classrooms had a more obvious effect on improving the low achievers’ intrinsic goal (learning motivation), metacognition (learning strategy) and resource management


Soft Heroes and Unusual Detectives: Researching Bodily Parody by Reading Itxaro Borda While Staring at Ana Laura Aláez

The body has become a central element in the Basque cultural production, even if it arrived with some delay in relation to the international practices. Within this context, this case study research examines the use of parody as a strategy to put the female body in the centre. For this purpose, this communication analyses works


The Implementation of VR Technology in the Recoloring of the Historical Pharaonic Sites: Case Study on Khuwy’s Tomb

Egypt has a rich Pharaonic heritage. Most of them are tombs or temples as the Egyptians believed in eternity. The ancient Egyptian artist decorated tombs and temples with colored hieroglyphic texts that serve their eternity believes. By developing his own color identity a remarkable color scheme was distinguishing most of the pharoanic arts. He used


World Order, Regime and Law of the U.S., UK, France and Europe

After the Second World War, the United States, United Kingdom, France and Europe have built Peace, World Order, Regime and Law with NATO and alliances. In 2020, the World is confused by the coronavirus pandemic. The United States, United Kingdom, France and EU cope with the pandemic. On March 2020, French President Emmanuel Macron said:


Hemingway and Dos Passos: The 1930s

Herbert Solow’s declaration (of April 1938 ) in “Substitution at Left Tackle: Hemingway for Dos Passos” (Partisan Review 4- April 1938, pp 62-64) refers to the idea that Dos Passos, who had been strongly leftist since 1916, began in the second half of the 1930s after a period of aloofness to move away from that


Developing a Modern Pharaonic Identity Through the Implementation of Creative Geometrical Grid Systems

Most of the remains from ancient Egypt came from tombs and temples, as the Egyptians believed in afterlife eternity. That was the main influence for the development of art in ancient Egypt. The ancient Egyptian artist covered the walls with hieroglyphic texts and illustrations that serve their eternity believes, but his organization of the elements


Who is Oliver? Unexecuted Wills and Threatened Legal Rights in Oliver Twist

In this paper, I examine the unexecuted wills and the difficulty in exercising legal rights in Oliver Twist. In Dickens’s novels, the making and exercising of wills is very important because these actions are required for inheritance. The decision of to whom a person will bequeath their fortune exposes a character’s desire for money, affects


Fellini in Memoriam – Auteurship and Absurdism as Keys to Understand a 2020’s Society Where Normality is Anything but Normal

We live in global times where, at once, we enable the world to grow closer and become more unified, and are still separated through our ingrained fear of The Other; of movements and people different from ourselves. The current COVID-19 pandemic forces us to open our eyes to the potential and capacity of citizens of


The Impact of Camera Innovations on Visual Aesthetics in Documentary Films – A Filmmakers Perspective

Innovations in camera technology often have a direct impact on the moving image aesthetics. This is especially true for documentary film productions, where cheaper camera models from the consumer and semi-professional sectors are frequently used (Ellis, Documentary: Witness and Self-revelation, 2012). Documentary filmmakers have strongly responded to the new possibilities of portable camcorders and other


A Shifting Gender Regime in Contemporary China? Fans’ Queer Readings of the Film Ne Zha

The animation film Ne Zha was a hit in the summer of 2019 in Chinese cyberspace. The film generated a lot discussion and user generated content from online fans. This is due largely to the film’s nuanced depiction of the relationship between its protagonist Ne Zha and his friend/enemy, Ao Bing. The homosocial/homoerotic undertone in


Transformational Journeys of Institutional Leaders of University Community Engagement

Alternatively described as a practice, a movement, a philosophy and a field, university-community engagement has been institutionalized in different models throughout many Western nations. In an ongoing Canadian study of engaged institutions in 4 countries- the US, Canada, UK, and Australia- engaged scholars in executive (senior) leadership positions participated in a narrative study of identity


Research of Primary School Students’ Knowledge and Attitude to Internet Tolerance

Internet tolerance is a very relevant problem in the context of the 21st century, when a greater percentage of communication between people, including children, occurs precisely in the virtual space. The survey included 230 girls and boys from Primary school. The research is conducted through a questionnaire, which includes 20 questions and explores student’s opinion


Attitude to Authority and Digital Competences of Bulgarian Primary Teachers

The thesis of this study is based on the assumption that the authority of the teacher manifests as a specific status or professional role and should be internalized in his overall professional profile. The teacher’s role-playing authority is defined “a formal authority” and is strongly influenced by the requirements of the educational environment and the


An Evaluation Model for a Non-sexist Education: Beyond Performance Accountability

This article refers about the development of assessment tools concerning to identify gender biases in teachers of a Vocational Education institution in Chile. Particularly, in the fields of engineering and technology, usually characterized by having male majority presence. Our aim is to identify, based on a mix method perspective, the limits and the potentials of


Hybrid Learning Higher Education: The Co-creation of Value in the Student’s View

Interaction (student-teacher relationship) and active participation (student involvement) were enhanced due to digital transformation and as long as the student interacts with the teacher, he changes into co-creator student, as the perception of his role in the process of learning evolves. A context in which it is possible to observe such conjuncture in higher education,


Exploring the Conceptual Framework and Knowledge Base of Nature-based Experiential Education

Given the active interest in developing nature-based learning opportunities (e.g., nature schools), it would be beneficial to know how it is understood and practiced within the profession. A review of the relevant literature indicates the knowledge base and conceptual framework tend to differ by country, region, school, and teacher. It is unknown how teachers are


Barriers to Girls’ Education at the Elementary Level in India

Gender inequality in India has remained a subject of considerable interest among the researchers. With about one-third population comprising of the youth, India has tried to improve access and quality of education to reap benefits of this demographic dividend. Despite its sustained efforts, studies have found that girls in India still face disadvantage in access


Trends in Practical Undergraduate Training of Future Primary School Teachers

The aim of the paper is to outline the development and current trends in practical aspects of undergraduate training of future primary school teachers. The research is based on the requirements of schools which need thoroughly trained students prepared for practical educational work. For a long time, university education has primarily focused on teaching theoretical


Learning International Literacy and News English Through Cross-disciplinary Instructional Modules

Discussing international affairs demands multidisciplinary knowledge and communication strategies from partakers. The demand is elevated for nonnative English speakers when critical ideas are exchanged for controversial topics in English. This research explores the value of an innovative ESP training featuring interactive educational technology and cross-disciplinary team-teaching, to introduce international literacy to 26 college-level Taiwanese English


From College to Workplace: English for Specific Purposes Beyond Technical Skills

In most college curriculum, technical skills and knowledge are prioritized across disciplines. However, the academically monolateral curriculum insufficiently prepares college graduates for job-hunting and workplace. Developing essentials of professional communication are as vital as technical qualifications before college graduates enter the corporate world. The importance of communication competence in this regard calls for deliberate training


Action Research at Educare: Shifting Focus to the Learner for the 21st Century

A new small-school, Educare or Edu2 (pronounced edu-car-ai; from the Latin word meaning “to draw out”) opened its doors in Montreal, Canada, in September 2019. Edu2 has launched an innovative educational environment to address the challenges of preparing students to live meaningful and fulfilling lives in the 21st century. In order to achieve that, Edu2


Oral Language and Comprehension as a Predictor of School Readiness Using Preschool Early Literacy Indicators

The REDY, Set, Start: School Readiness for All! study attempts to improve school readiness for pre-kindergarten students in North Carolina by nurturing oral language development in early childhood programs. This study was designed to address the achievement gap in gifted education among underrepresented students with a special emphasis on low-income and at-risk children. There are


Increasing Reproduction of Territorial and Social Inequalities in Public Education in Hungary: Causes, Components, Practices and Mechanisms

In the lecture, I examine the development and reproduction of socio-spatial inequalities through the system of education, learning and training. I consciously approach phenomena from a “bottom-up” perspective as they become perceived by people and their communities getting in contact with educational institutions. In this vein, in my analysis spatial representations of the world economy,


Whose Culture? Exploring Multiculturalism Through Ministry-approved Children’s Literature in the Republic of Croatia

This research aims to explore how the mandatory children’s literature, prescribed by the Ministry of Science and Education and covered within the school subject ”Croatian Language,” depicts Croatian cultural heterogeneity and global cultural diversity and whether it offers examples of vocabulary that would assist elementary school students in engaging in critical analyses about human-rights topics


Education and Embracing Cultural Differences

The paper aims to highlight the role of education to overcome the cultural barriers. In the difficult times that humanity is going through, it is sometimes recognized that the world is influenced more by the culture of the place, money, information, emotions and less by reason. Emotional intelligence, imagination, inventiveness, creativity delimit areas of progress


Motivational Impact of Perceived Self-sufficiency and Personal Religious Beliefs

In this paper we set out to explore the impact of perceived self-sufficiency and personal religious beliefs on the connection between Motivation to Volunteer (VFI) as theorized by E. Gil Clary and Mark Snyder (1998) and Job Expectations which students possess before entering the workforce for the first time. Our goal is to find out


An Interdisciplinary Look Behind the Top 100 International Universities Recognized for Innovation: Geographically, Historically, and Financially

The need for higher education institutions to strategically innovate proves no small feat given strong heritage and reputations for being slow to change. In fact, the international universities most recognized for innovation by Reuters (2018) span distinctive eras from around the world with the oldest such as Oxford, founded in 1096, and Harvard, dubbed the


A Study for Entrepreneurial Education for the Middle-ages

The purpose of this paper is to explore the significance of considering the characteristics of the entrepreneurial process in entrepreneurial education for middle ages. In an ageing society, starting self-employment from middle-age is expected more than ever. Recent entrepreneurial studies have shown that middle-aged entrepreneurs are more successful than young ones. Since the 1990s, entrepreneurial


Effects of Using Self-regulated and Metacognitive Learning Strategies in L2 Writing Through Instructional Cognitive Involvement at a Thai University

This mixed method research study has investigated the possibilities and effects of instructionally induced cognitive load to facilitate self-regulated and metacognitive learning strategies for developing L2 writing skills. If low self-regulated learning is a cause of lower use of metacognitive learning strategies leading to low proficiency, then a reverse process of promoting self-regulated and metacognitive


Correlation Between Interlanguage and Internalization in SLA

Interlanguage is the type of language or linguistic system used by second- and foreign-language learners who are in the process of learning a target language. Interlanguage is dynamic and permeable as it serves as a bridge between L1 and L2 when learners lack knowledge and fine mastery of rules. They refine certain rules and obtain


Actual English for Hospitality Industry From Foreign Hotel Guests in Thailand: A Case Study of Ayutthaya Province

Effective and appropriate communication in the hospitality industry needs more than language knowledge. This study aims to 1) explore the needs of conversational English of front office staff in Ayutthaya Province, Thailand; and 2) analyze the expressions spoken by foreign tourists in Ayutthaya. To discover the needs of English language learning, the questionnaire has been


Impact of Learners’ Backgrounds on Speaking Proficiency of EFL Young Learners in Mexico

This study investigated how learners’ background characteristics have an impact on the language ability of young learners of English (YLE). Research confirms learners’ uniqueness to be the most consistent predictor in successful language learning (Dörnyei & Skehan, 2003). These factors include motivation, parent education, time of exposure to the target language, among others. One context


Death of the Enemy: The Spectacularity of War and a Zombie Enemy

The constructedness of the notion of ‘enemy’ specially during war times often includes demonization and propagandist characterization bordering on depicting inhumanity in ‘them’. But in this paper, the move is from a human enemy to a nonhuman one – a zombie. Keeping in mind its nonhuman characteristics and inhumanity, the argument is carried on to


Cross-cultural Language in Clint Eastwood’s Western

This is a corpus-based text analysis of some of Clint Eastwood’s Western movies. Eastwood starred in and directed numerous Westerns. The present study looks at cross-cultural language used in four of his films; Unforgiven, High Plains Drifter, The Outlaw Josey Wales, and Gran Torino (which is not strictly a Western) using the full movie scripts. To understand


Professional Photographers of Instagram: The Meaning of Visual Communication Through Modern Photography in Digital Society

The purpose of this paper is to study the modern forms of visual communication of people, through Instagram. In order to study the way in which the visual message is transmitted between individuals, and then how this transmission of information affects its final content, determining the creation of aesthetic experience and perception in the individual,