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Revisiting External Stakeholders’ Role in Environmental, Social and Governance (ESG) Disclosure: A Systematic Literature Review and Research Agenda

An increasing number of countries have implemented mandatory environmental, social and governance (ESG) disclosure to encourage listed companies in apprising their stakeholders on the ‘non-financial’ aspects of relevant operational risks, resilience and outcomes. Recent studies however revealed that mandatory disclosure in most cases does not increase the quality of filed reports, thus may hamper ESG


Factors Contributing to Recommendation Intention on Full-time and Part-time Job Websites

Websites are the gateway to consumers’ purchasing behavior in all industries, and effective website design greatly contributes to companies’ competitiveness. This tendency is particularly dominant in recruiting human resources. Consumers browse recruitment websites that aggregate information from many companies, then select and apply for jobs. The hypothesis of this study is that the required website


“Depends on the Consequences”: Measuring Consumer Attitudes Towards Manipulative Marketing

Academic discussion about the ethics of marketing typically focuses on the role such practices can play in undermining human autonomy through manipulation of the consumer’s decision-making processes However, empirical researchers have not explored these issues from the perspective of those who may be targeted by such messages. In this study we use a pair of


Agile Project Management for Digital Innovation and Improved Performance: A Case Study From the Telecommunications Industry

The goal of this paper is to explore the impact of Agile Product Development on the financial and non-financial performance of a company operating in the telecommunications industry. Following research hypotheses were framed and tested: H1: There is a positive relationship between Agile New Product Development methodology and organisational performance as expressed by financial measures


Assessing Tourism Destination Image and Spatial Pattern using Opinion Mining Analysis

Footprints of tourism activities from tourists are significantly increased in social medias with its maturity in recent years. More tourists use the platform of social media to present their travel records. Thus, the content of travel records include tourists’ mood during journey, comments of scenic spots visited, spatio-temporal information and other important information about tourists


Online Reviews in an E-Commerce Environment: Impact on Brand Trust and Consumer Equity

This study adopts a quantitative approach using a factorial between-subjects experimental design to determine the effects of online reviews on brand trust and consumer equity. Customer equity links closely with customer value, brand value and relationships unlike willingness to buy. An online user discussion forum was purpose-built to conduct experimental research for this study, using


Co-Evolution of Internal and External Selection

The paper content is embedded in an evolutionary approach in strategic management, in which the processes of selection, variation, and retention are significantly salient, however, the logic of selection and co-interrelated adaptativeness is primary. The paper focuses on external and internal selection. Moreover, the paper concerns co-evolutionary integrating research perspective. Both internal and external selection


A Novel Business Model Based on Real Time Bidding and Online Video Interaction Technology

The aim of this paper is to introduce a novel business model based on real time bidding (RTB) and an online video interaction technology and to demonstrate how they can be integrated to boost the power of advertising. The interaction technology was built around a novel object recognition/tracking technique and a traditional video-processing one. Innovative


Effects of the Re-Branding Campaign Strategies on the Image of Nigeria Abroad (2009-2014)

This paper is an assessment of the effects of the Re-branding Campaign launched in 2009 by the Federal Government of Nigeria to “market” Nigeria abroad. Two major objectives were investigated in the study. These include; (i) to assess the effectiveness of the approach adopted by the government of Nigeria for the re-branding project based on


Success and Performance: A UK SMES Perspective

The SME sector is very diverse it covers a range of types of businesses and they cover a wide range of industrial sectors. It is hard to characterise them and some of the simplistic terms do not reflect the nature of SMEs. Terms such as ‘life-style’ businesses or ‘innovatory’ business only vaguely encompass the nature


Entrepreneurial Orientation and Survivability of Banks in Nigeria: The Mediating Role of Human Capital Management

This study empirically investigates the relationship between entrepreneurial orientation and organizational survivability as well as the mediating role of human capital management in the relationship. Primary data is generated from 144 top level management staff of the target banks through structured questionnaires and analysis is undertaken in four major phases: the demographic, univariate, bivariate and


What Precedes Flexible Role Orientation?

Wild race of business nowadays enforces organization to form a troop of reliable employee. It is not the time to rely on employee with mediocre vision and point of view. Organization needs a team of powerful employees with flexible role orientation who see broader task as something within their range of responsibilities. Having less number


The Effect of Work Family Conflict on Employees Job Attitudes and Mediating Role of Organization Citizenship Behavior: A Study of the Banking Sector of Pakistan

Researchers have repetitively verified the nonconstructive effects of work and family conflict on employee’s behaviors and attitudes. For this reason interference of work and family was key concern for individuals and as well as for the organizations around the globe. This research was an attempt to analyze significant impacts of Work Family Conflict on job


Multidimensional Performance Measures as Inductors of the Adoption of Best Practices and the Achievement of Projects’ Goals

“Sebrae at your doorstep” is the program designed by Sebrae, the Brazilian Micro and Small Business Support Service, to actively approach companies offering basic management tools and its catalogue of business solutions. In 2014 it was executed in 24 states of Brazil, having reached 451 thousand companies. Its Responsibility Matrix involves responsibilities from the states


Research on Factors Influencing Job Satisfaction in Labor Relations of New Generation of Migrant Workers in China: The Sample from Tianjin Binhai Development Zone of China

New generation of migrant workers (NGMW) refers to the ones who were born in the countryside from 1980s to 1990s, and as adults then become the labor force in manufacturing or services. NGMW with their individual characteristics is an important component of labor market in China. Based on the previous research review, this paper takes


Impact of Financial Reward on Employees’ Commitment in College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti, Ekiti State

The need for increased efficiency has become extremely important in educational institutions like the College of Education, Ikere-Ekiti. In order to bring about staff efficiency, managers must put in place strategies to help workers achieve maximum efficiency on the job. One of such strategies is financial reward. This study therefore examines the impact of financial


Guidelines for Improving Productivity, Inventory, Turnover Rate, and Level of Defects in the Plastic Industry

The purposes of this study are to study the current situation, opportunity, and obstacle in plastic industry, to create a model for improving the efficiency, reducing level of inventory, turnover, and level of defect. This study used snowball sampling from 20 companies from plastic industry in Thailand. The results found that 18 companies are medium


University Branding and Rural Tourism through the Interactive Information Kiosk System

This paper discusses the use of Interactive Information Kiosk System on the development of university-based location in order to enhance tourism for the rural city in Taiwan. The Interactive Information Kiosk System is a touch screen technology relatively new for universities in Taiwan, particularly in remote areas. Further, the Interactive Information Kiosk System is suggested


Is There a Liability of Japaneseness in Least Developed and Developing Economies:A Study of the Japanese FDI in The Middle East and Africa

Given the insularity of Japan and its unique institutional, economic and cultural framework, we posit that the economic distance, the economic freedom distance and the cultural distance between Japan and the host country of investment will have an important influence on its Foreign Direct Investments (FDI) levels. Using a 31 country sample in the context


Designing a Creative Tourism Supply Network: Experiential Perspectives

Tourism development involves examining and designing a supply network so that tourism value can be delivered to the tourists. Creative tourism supply has special characteristics compared to other types of tourism in terms of key resources, processes, and deliverable. It is more likely that experiential perspectives play an important role in designing its supply infrastructure


Accounting Standard for Smes in Japan

The first accounting standard for SMEs in Japan was established in 1949. This is called �gBook Keeping Guidance for SMEs�h. It was established soon after World War II by the request of the Shoup Mission of the US. Since that time, the accounting standard for SMEs, which was appropriate for current situations, was not established.


The Financial Constraints and Firm’s Profitability: A Case Study of the Indonesian Transportation Companies Listed in Indonesian Stock Exchange

This study attempts to analyze the correlation between financial constraints with the firm’s profitability through return on asset (ROA), return on equity (ROE) and profit margin (PM). The indicators used in determining the financial constraints are cash flow(CF), firm size(FS), dividend payout(DP), interest coverage(IC), debt to capital ratio(DTC) and long-term debt to capital ratio(LTDC). The


Measuring the Effects of Online-To-Offline Marketing

Due to the emerging mobile device usage and rigid competition in e-commerce industry in recent years, companies begin to create a new strategy for their e-marketing, that is, online-to-offline (O2O) marketing, to integrate multiple channels more efficiently. However, still very few studies focus on measuring the effects of O2O marketing strategy. The purpose of this


Negotiation Practices in Japan: An Update on the Bubble Era

The subject of negotiation practices and preferences by culture continues to attract academics and business practitioners around the world. In the case of Japan, however, data has hardly been collected since the years after the Bubble Era, even Adair, Brett, and Weingart (2007) is based on data collected in 2001. Other recent works such as


The Conceptual Link between Leadership and Innovation: The Role of Organizational Climate and Personal Initiative

Travel and Tourism industry is recognized as one of the vehicles for socio-economic developments. The growing competition arising from globalization trends and technological advances exacerbates the demand for hotels to innovate their services and processes to ensure their effectiveness and competitiveness. It is believed that employees’ innovative behavior can be seen as a competitive advantage


The Conceptual Relationship between Work Values Ethics and Innovation Using Leadership as a Mediating Factor

Due to differences in cultures and values, it is widely suggested that management practices needs to be adjusted to suit the contextual environment. Several researchers have revealed a huge impact of national cultures and their implications on management such as leadership styles. Few studies, however, have explored the relationships between work values at the individual


Developing Staff Schedules under the Constraint of Constant Total Staff Quantity in a Gas Station

This research aims to solve the labor scheduling under the constraint of constant total staff quantity in a 24 hours gas station to minimize the labor cost and increase the service level. The methodology consists of studying the gas station work procedure, service time and customer arrival time in each hour were integer programming models


Role of Community in Strengthening Identity of Cultural Tourism Resource in Nakhon Pathom, Thailand

Nakhon Pathom is an important city in central Thailand that has historical and Buddhist significance. This culturally diverse city is known as the home of the biggest pagoda in Asia. Within this context, this research aimed to: 1) study the potential for cultural tourism at Klang Khu Wiang Temple; and 2) investigate the problems and


Is there any Connection/Relation between Ad Creativity and “Old Brain”? Analyzing Awarded Advertisements through Neuromarketing

Creativity is a central component of advertising success and in a close relation with the other components like getting interest and attention. Many awards in the advertising business focus on creativity, only a few focus on the effectiveness of advertising. Neuromarketing is a new field of advertising research which tries to understand consumer’s mind. It’s


Customer Reactions to Service Providers Assertiveness

Despite the acknowledged important of interpersonal interaction in the service encounter, there remain gaps for further investigation particularly on uncovering dimensions of service quality pertaining to behaviors during the interpersonal interaction and the resultant responses from customers. The study investigates customer responses to service encounters characterized by a high degree of service providers�� assertiveness, and