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Estimating Effectiveness and Efficiency of Solar Energy Policy for Indonesia: A Hybrid Agent-Based Model Analysis

We estimate the impacts of four renewable energy policy interventions to photovoltaic (PV) market size, government expenditure, economic growth, and environment. For this reason, we develop an agent-based model dedicated to capturing the specific economic and institutional features of developing economies focusing on Indonesia. We undertake an integrated approach to ABM by combining input-output analysis,


Conceptualizing Media Health Literacy in Thailand: Bridging Between Media and Health Concept

Health literacy concepts have been addressed for a period and are continuously reviewed, redefined, and used as variables in health behavior research. Many studies indicate health literacy as a determining factor of health behavior, namely health literacy is associated with a variety of adverse health outcomes. The widely used definition of health literacy is “the


Scouting Method: Innovative Process for Happiness of Life: A Case Study From Scouting in Thailand

The 75-year Harvard Study of Adult Development on happiness indicates three lessons learned for being a “happy person” including social relationship, the satisfaction of social relation, and health. Therefore, good social relations should be created for every level of social structure, both vertical and horizontal relationship, however, making it real is the hard problem in


International Posture and Ideal L2 Self as Determinants of Informal Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

In recent years, mobile devices have become popular tools used to facilitate language learning due to their unique characteristics such as portability and flexibility. While these devices can be used in a variety of contexts, they are especially useful for informal learning because they have become normalized in the lives of users. However, engagement in


Leveraging Online Databases to Enhance Australian International Students’ Academic Skills: A Case of Gapminder

The academic adaption in the university context has become a challenge facing the international students in Australia (Yu & Wright, 2016). To date, a number of students have experienced ‘academic shock’ (Savic, 2008) as they may initially lack of appropriate academic skills as well as proficiency in the English language to adapt to the new


Transformational Model of Management for Integrated Schools in the Philippines

One of the Department of Education’s initiatives to increase the literacy rate in the Philippines has been the conversion of elementary schools into integrated schools, meaning, a high school department is created or added. In the Northern Luzon area particularly in Ilocos Norte and Laoag City, nine elementary schools have been converted into Integrated Schools.


Economic Evaluation of Pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic

This paper estimates the economic valuation of pastures in the Kyrgyz Republic. The agriculture sector of the Kyrgyz Republic faces a challenge of pasture overgrazing by shepherds. One reason for this act is insufficient salaries of shepherds. Most shepherds of these pastures are not aware of the economic value of these natural assets. This calls


The Effect of Socio-Economic Status on Informal Mobile-Assisted Language Learning

Japan is known as a highly technological proficient country with a wealthy population. However, since the 1990s, the country has been in economic recession. Currently, one in six Japanese children lives under the poverty line. This growing socio-economic gap reduces the chances these children have to gain access to quality education and the technical skills


Taiwanese Students’ Place in the World: Lessons from Inventors and Left-Handers in EFL Textbooks

Despite of their considerable influence on multiple aspects of learning, language textbooks have most often been investigated for their cultural representation, frequently from the perspective of whose culture is represented, including target culture, source culture, and international cultures. Using examples from two lesson in two EFL textbooks, this article highlights the need for studies to


Deaths of Rural Police Departments threaten the Security of Their Small Towns

Small town police departments have the same legal and operational obligations as those in urban areas, but far fewer resources due to their smaller tax bases. If a town can no longer support their police department, it is disbanded and rarely revived. When a police department is disbanded, the town contracts with the county sheriff’s


Factors Influencing Education Students’ Perception of Aggression at a University in South Africa

Short description: A multivariate approach was applied focussing on perceptions of students’ self, relationships and aggression.Long description: The dynamics of learning at a university from undergraduate to post-graduate is complex. Aggression is part and parcel of everyday life and learning. Knowledge management within such a context poses challenges to those involved, i.e. for student-learners, professors


The Effects of Culture on Consumers’ Response to a Carbon Tax and Container Deposit Scheme: A Sustainable Consumption Study

As the temperature of the planet rises, governments are adopting measures to curb human activities that contribute to global warming. Introducing policies that people would adopt and to achieve the desired outcome is, however, a growing challenge. This situation is not quite unexpected particularly in multicultural societies where people have diverse cultural values and attitudes


Environmental Intensity of Human Wellbeing in Bhutan : Evidence from Regression Analysis

A special volume on ‘Absolute Reductions’ in the Journal of Cleaner Production (Akenji, Bengtsson, Bleischwitz, Tukker, & Schandl, 2016) emphasised the need for a radical socio-technical transformation that can bring material, energy and emissions within the ecological limits. Economic activities are at the heart of consumption of materials and energy and emissions being the waste


Management Education for Global Sustainability

Challenges to corporate business success requires the development of a new type of manager/leader who can integrate business expertise with knowledge of science and technology. The Professional Science Masters (PSM) Degree in Sustainability Science is an example of this new model of graduate education. While the PSM degree has grown significantly in U.S. graduate education,


Evaluation Research and Development of Strategic Plan for Faculty of Public Health Burapha University

Research Objectives to evaluate and develop a strategic plan of the Faculty of Public Health Burapha University. The source of data are 349 students, 40 Executives and professors of the Faculty of Public Health and 17 Staffs. The result found that: The research summarized assessment strategic plan KPI by 64.29 per cent, KPI by goal


Operative Fiscal Management Mobility and Its Implications to School Performance in Compostela Valley Division

The main purpose of the quantitative descriptive correlation study was to determine the significant relationship between the level of operative fiscal management and the level of school performance in Compostela Valley Division for School Year 2016-2017. Data were collected from the 44 school heads and 146 teachers both from elementary and secondary schools through a


Exploring Japanese University Students’ Perceptions of Peer Feedback in Oral Presentations

While there are many benefits of using oral presentations in EFL (English as a Foreign Language) classroom, learner difficulties with making an effective presentation are often addressed in the Japanese EFL context (Brooks & Wilson, 2014; Kawachi, 2012). In order to help learners to make effective presentations, the author believes that implementing peer feedback in


The Diversity Experienced by Left-Handers: Reports of Five Different Generations

This research aimed to understand how people experience the condition of being left-handed, trying to identify the characteristics of laterality and comprehend the person’s relationship with family, school and work concerning this condition. It was possible to locate the difficulties faced by this group, the easiness and advantages of being left-handed, discussing the significance of


Is There Still a Gender Myth: Science Fields for Boys and Humanities for Girls?

MEXT, Japan (2006 and 2016) reported the numbers of university students’ enrollments. In the area of Electric Communication Engineering, particular, it is almost 16 times differences in 2006 between men (132,404) and women (8152). It is almost 10 times difference between men (103,476) and women (9546) in 2016. The authors of this study, however, believe


A Case Study of the Integration of Sight Word Instruction to Enhance Students’ English Reading

Reading proficiency has been thought of as a fundamental basis of other learning skills and subjects. Also, it plays an influential role on learns’ confidence and motivation. However, it has been found many learners, especially EFL beginning learners, think reading is quite challenging. They think it is difficult to recognize words and comprehend the reading,