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Overcoming Barriers to Gender Equity in the Workplace: Why aren’t we there yet?

Gender inequity continues to exist in all facets of society, community and the workplace. This paper seeks to explore the myths and truisms about gender equity in the workplace, particularly in large organisations where gendered hierarchies and entrenched behaviours tend to prevail. Despite evidence of concern, there is limited understanding of how gender inequity impacts


Surrealism: A Global Cultural Movement with Local Political Agency

Surrealism is a cosmopolitan cultural movement that transcends the very notion of a nation-state. Notwithstanding, it has been canonised as Paris-centric, which belies its global expanse. Whilst surrealism’s cultural impact remains globally untrammelled, it empirically mustered political dissent in the local politics of Haiti, Martinique and Mexico. I postulate that Surrealism’s political impact was greater


Internet Addiction Motivations Among Chinese Young People: A Qualitative Analysis

The present study aims to explore the internet use pattern and the possible internet addiction motivations among Chinese young people, such as parenting style, social environment, changes of communication pattern, and psychological empty etc. Qualitative interviews were conducted. A total of 25 addictive young people and two parents were interviewed individually. Analysis of interviews found


Orchestrating French Music Conservatories: European Political Interventions and Local Governances

This research aims to understand the processes of institutional recombination of French higher music education system in the context of European integration. How do the current constitutive elements of French multi-level governance (municipal, departamental, regional, national and European), both informal and formal, operate on music conservatories ? How do these institutions, related by national and international


Falklands Calling’: Exploring the Life of the Local Community in Terms of Global Interaction

The aim of this paper is to explore the degree of international interaction of the inhabitants of the Falkland Islands. The paper argues that the way the islanders see themselves and interact with the rest of the world has evolved after, and as a result of, the 1982 war. The war was fought between Argentina


The Specificities of a Public Procurement Contract Contract Formation

As opposed to civil law, where contracts are generally formed simply through offer and acceptance, in public procurement law the contract is the result of a complex procedure with rules and terms strictly established by national and European legislation. In civil law, for a promise to become an enforceable contract, parties must agree on the essential


Keys to Words That Are Already There: Chief Bromden’s Psychedelic Journey Towards Redemption

This paper investigates how One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest is an artistic piece of psychedelic creation that traces the journey inside the mind of a psychotic narrator. This psychedelic narrator only heals through the effect of the psychedelic hero who opens his Pandora’s Box and uncovers his book of mystery. This journey is nothing


The Acceptance of Social Network Services of Generation Y in Thailand

This research is aimed to 1) study the relationship between the perceived usefulness in the use of social network services and the behaviour of Generation Y people in using social network services; 2) study the relationship between the perceived ease of use of social network services and the behaviour of Generation Y people in using


Gender in Negotiation

This study aims to investigate how negotiator perceive the other side when the negotiator identified the same or opposite sex. For this reason 162 employees from six different company have been interviewed about negotiation. The research sample was composed of 91 males and 71 females. The participants interviewed with open ended questions. The questionnaire asks


A Culture of Peace and Indigenous Women’s Engagement in Peacebuilding: A Cross-Cultural Concern

Southeast Asia is home to various cultural communities beset with war and conflict. Peace building efforts in the islands have been raised to a certain level of intensity. With the hopes to avoid war and conflict, initiatives toward achieving peace have been documented, but mostly, those which are wanting of stories involving women in the


Globalization and the Rise of Ethnic Conflict in Southeast Asia

The rise of ethnic conflict in Southeast Asia is a phenomenon brought about by the tension coming from the assertion of cultural identity in the region vis-à-vis the forces of globalization. Globalization has a huge impact in the social, cultural, economic and political aspect of the countries in the region. The reconfiguration that it caused


The Global and Local Urban Identity

The notion of urban identity has been the subject of many researches. In the era of globalization, the impact of urban change and the challenges which faces the local urban identity of the city increases. Some cities are experiencing a serious struggle with the issue of identity in various ways while they are exerting a


Investing on Preventive Diplomacy: How ASEAN can Generate Soft Power through Its Peacemaking Mechanism

Preventive diplomacy is defined by the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) Regional Forum as diplomatic or political action used by states to avert disputes that has the possibility of threatening regional peace and stability. The 2015 ASEAN integration offers possibilities for the establishment of ASEAN soft power. Soft power is the ability to attract