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Trends in Reference Newspapers in Chile: The Art of Balancing Positions Through the Framing of Political News Sources

The study analyzes whether the press, in the context of Chile’s concentrated media ownership, shows trends to a uniform framing of viewpoints in news about the actions of the government, political parties or civil society. A content analysis isolating positions of the sources and the own media regarding the framing of their quotes will permit


Media Portrayal of Street Violence against Egyptian Women

“Often ignored in media coverage of the Egyptian revolution is how protests led by labor unions—many of them women based labor unions in the manufacturing cities of Egypt—catalyzed the revolution,” says Nadine Naber. Women are at the heart of every social movement that happens in Egypt and in the Arab world. Nevertheless, the local media


The Examination of Adolescents’ Motives, Relational Maintenance and Intimacy in the Communications with Their Parents

The widespread and mobile access to new technologies have affected adolescents in their daily life. Prior studies have attributed the influences of emerging technologies to the negative effects of adolescent behavior while little attention was given to the results of family relationships. Drawing from the perspectives of media uses and gratifications and family relations, this


Hindi Television News Media (HTVNM): An Inquiry About Domineering Studio Journalism

Hindi television news media is in a developing and growing stage. Although it might have been inspired or influenced from western TV media, but nowadays it has become an influential medium of mass communication among large Hindi speaking society of India. Studio Journalism is a prominent and critical characteristic of Hindi TV news media. Are


Evaluating Turkish Media Coverage of Results for the November 2015 Elections

It is obviously seen that the Turkish general election of November 2015 will be a political phenomenon for the Turkish Political History to be discussed and studied in coming years. One of the most important factor that makes the November election important is that it is the result of a snap election period which is


Media Websites and Their Visitors’ Choices on Cookies

Cookies are small bits of data that are being sent from the websites a user visits and downloaded to their computers.They appeared immediately after the introduction of the World Wide Web (WWW) and are now widely used.By using these particular pieces of information, websites have the capability to offer customized services covering the personalized needs