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Effects of Socioeconomic Factors on Tourist Demand and Consumer Surplus

In this paper, we analyze the effect of socioeconomic characteristics on the Korean tourist demand and estimate the consumer surplus. The Poisson regression model is often used for a dependent variable with the count variable. However, the number of trips is greater than zero, so this paper applies the truncated Poisson regression model to estimate


Evidence-Based Development of an Undergraduate Disaster Volunteerism Course for English Learners

Disaster management is a field of increasing importance as global climate change increasingly impacts our world. Students can, and often do, play important roles in disaster response. Following the 2011 Eastern Japan Great Earthquake and Fukushima nuclear plant disasters many students became involved in a variety of disaster response activities. These activities benefited the disaster


Sustainable Education: Institutional and Academic Plans for Student Success

In view of recent efforts to redefine the meaningful role of education on a global scale, this paper will outline some of the latest attempts to overcome struggles related to a decrease in student enrollment and restore a renewed interest in learning by operating on multiple ranges.At an institutional level, a description of the case


A Case Study in Collaboration, Cross-Disciplinarity, and Mixed Reality Prototyping in Higher Education

The Supercourse brings together students from five different university degree-programs to develop mixed reality prototypes, in collaborative teams, using elements of design thinking and lean startup methodologies. The class exists within the context of a larger university initiative around student-driven entrepreneurship called “Zone Learning”, and in addition to it’s stand-alone goals in mixed-reality technologies, serves


Concurrent Instruction of Japanese Adult Learners via Independent Call Methods and Classroom Instruction

This presentation focuses on the efficacy of teaching EFL learners through an approach that combines independent computer-based grammar learning with weekly classroom-based lessons focusing on speaking, listening, and writing. The fifteen-week study aims to measure language learning through standardized testing, classroom observation, and online quiz results. Conscious learning was also monitored through periodic surveys. Learners


Top Global University Project: Promotion of Around-The-Clock Liberal Arts Education and its Educational Outcomes

This presentation describes the educational outcomes resulted from the implementation of the project “Promotion of around-the-clock liberal arts education.” This project was implemented at Akita International University as part of the Top Global University Project sponsored by the Ministry of Education, Culture, Sports, Science, and Technology (MEXT) to become ‘Japan’s world-class liberal arts university.’ It


Student and Teacher Inter-Agency in Negotiated Learning Environments

Opening exciting new opportunities for student learning and fulfilment calls for curiosity, creativity, empathy and the ability to negotiate, and re-negotiate, learning environments. This negotiation requires a degree of agency on the part of students and adults who take active roles in co-constructing learning trajectories in line with students’ aspirations. Student agency does not involve


Managing to Reduce the Risk of Mango Harvest and to Make the Value of Integrated Agro-Tourism: A Case Study of Mango Orchard Entrepreneur in Chachoengsao, Thailand

Mango is a kind of fruit which can be planted all over the world including Thailand, and Chachoengsao is one of five provinces where mangoes are planted the most in Thailand as the soil in those areas are suitable for planting mangoes. The objectives of this research were 1) to study the body of knowledge


Examining Conflicts Over Land Acquisition and Ownership in Dormaa Traditional Area, Ghana

In Ghana, conflicts over land are ubiquitous largely due to competing views of ownership as well as diverse cultural and economic interests. In some cases, land conflicts are so contentious that it takes nearly three decades for coming up with any settlement. This paper focuses on the Dormaa traditional area, the Brong-Ahafo region of Ghana,


Efficiency Analysis of Rice Farmers in the Upper East Region of Ghana

This paper examines the efficiency of two rice producer groups in Kassena–Nankana Municipality, the upper east region of Ghana. Comparing the efficiencies of the two rice producer groups will help to recognize the group capable of utilizing their fewer inputs while increasing productivity. The first farmer group practices irrigation and the second group engage in


Qattara Depression and Its Hydropower Potential

The Qattara Depression in Egypt has been suggested to be used for hydropower production. This paper investigates the possibility of having a Hydropower plant in this location to solve the current energy problem in the region, by providing the most updated results that would be used in such a project compared to previous studies. Hydrological


Assessment of Disaster Safety at Matara District General Hospital in Sri Lanka

Hospitals are essential infrastructures in responding to disasters. They are expected to remain functioning during and in the immediate aftermath of disasters. Sri Lanka has experienced a number of natural disasters such as tsunami of 2004, and experienced inadequate disaster preparedness at many local hospitals. However, very limited research has been conducted in Sri Lanka


Kenya-Tanzania Conservation Synergy for Migratory Lesser Flamingoes

Every year, about 805,000 flamingoes migrate between Lake Nakuru, Kenya’s primary flamingo feeding site, and Lake Natron, another important breeding site in Tanzania. In 2008, the Kenya National Single Species Action Plan for the Conservation of the Lesser Flamingo set the stage for concerted and harmonized conservation initiatives. For effectively monitoring the conservation of lesser


Lending Māori Artistic Practice Structures to Academic Research and Writing: Mahi-Toi

Māori (Indigenous New Zealand) researchers may have one or many mahi-toi (artistic) talents. All mahi-toi are ideas brought forth from the conceptual world into the physical realm by mahi-ā-ringa (work with hands), and the practitioner is the conduit. When the mahi-toi practitioner is also the researcher and vice-versa, the vernaculars in both circles enrich and


The Gap Between Curriculum, Assessments, and National Standards Within Vietnamese English Language Teacher Education

English Language Teacher Education (ELTE) in Vietnam is undergoing rapid change in response to the requirements of a rapidly evolving socio-economic context. Vietnamese government is playing a leading role in making many changes to educational policy to prepare for the development of ELTE in the globalisation contexts. The issue is that there are still significant


Curriculum Development and K-12 Challenges in the Philippines: A Reflexive Case Analysis Towards Redesigning Language and Literature Education in College

Higher education in the Philippines has been challenged to adopt changes in the curriculum given the institutionalization of K-12 basic education program in the country. In this context, faculty and administrators of higher education institutions in the country needed to take proactive measures to redesign its curriculum that would meet the need of a new


Exploring Vietnamese EFL Teacher Educators’ Professional Development in the Context of the National Foreign Languages Policy

This presentation outlines a project researching Vietnamese teacher educators’ professional development (PD) in a period of ongoing educational transformation, initiated by the national language policy (Project 2020). The empirical research examined current English language policies issued by the Ministry of Education and Training (MOET) and EFL teacher training institutions (N = 50) as well as


Educational Television in India: Challenges and Prospects

Today, in India television is considered as an important medium that is being extensively used to impart information to its viewers. The availability of new information technologies at the global level, satellite television broadcasting has been increasingly used for distance education and training in India. Research reveals that television differs from other media in the


The Integration of iBooks and Travel Documentary Films for Foreign Language Teaching and Learning

Authentic travel documentaries provide language learners with a deep insight into the target language and culture. A travel documentary as short as 30 minutes not only takes people to travel, as its name suggests, but also serves as a miniature encyclopedia encompassing such aspects of the target country as history, politics, culture, geology, music, military,


Surviving at Fire and Post-Fire Debris/Mudflow Prone Zones in Colorado Front Range in Light Feng-Shui

Extreme climate patterns in recent decades have led to frequent fire events, rainstorms and debris/mudflows in Colorado Front Range, USA. The landforms of Rocky Mountains coincide with these natural hazards. Once people settle in hazard-prone zones, they are in danger. In many cases, disastrous tragedies stem from design errors. These mistakes in practice reflect a