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Family Members as Informal Carers in Old Age Care Policy: Preliminary Observations from a Critical Discourse Analysis

As a model of care for older adults, ‘Ageing in Place’ emphasizes enabling older adults to continue to live in their familiar environment for as long as possible and is central to policy on elderly services in Hong Kong. Increasingly, older adults are seen to be service users who determine their care priorities. This entails


Conflict Resolution Styles and Marital Satisfaction in Men and Women: Study in the First Five Years of Marriage

Men and women have differences in conflict resolution styles that tend to be used to resolve their marital conflicts, affecting their marital satisfaction. This study was conducted to examine whether there was a significant effect of conflict resolution styles on marital satisfaction in men and women in the first five years of marriage, and also


Gender Differences in Relationships Among Conscious and Unconscious Cognition of Culpability of Bullying Victims and Accepting Attitudes Toward Bullying

Examining the validity of the Implicit Association Test for assessing unconscious cognition of culpability of bullying victims, including the idea that bullying victims are also responsible for being bullied (Hori et al., 2020a), indicated significant gender differences in the subscale scores of the scale for measuring accepting attitudes toward bullying (Shinto & Saito, 2001). However,


Gender Differences in the Effects of Expectancies for Hypnotic State on Attitude Towards Hypnosis

Significant but weak positive correlations between expectancies for the hypnotic state and attitude towards hypnosis (Nakatani et al., 2021a) are reported in women. Fukui (2012a, b) analyzed gender as a control variable and found the moderating effects of interpersonal dependency or empathy in the effects of expectancies for the hypnotic state on attitude towards hypnosis.


The Law School Experience: Adopting Regulation Strategies

Law school is the training ground for all future lawyers. While the law profession can be a compelling career opportunity, developing the necessary skills required for the profession can be tough a tough journey, and can be overwhelming. Experience of psychological distress among law students is evident in various research studies. The aim of this


A Qualitative Study on the Style of Art Teaching Instruction for Improving Creativity: The Perspectives from Chinese Elementary School

Teachers’ instruction styles are significant to educate students on improving creativity, especially in an early educational stage (i.e., the elementary school). In this study, a survey was conducted to investigate the types of instruction employed in Chinese elementary schools’ art classes to train students’ creativity. In a primary school with complete educational resources located in


An Exploratory Study on Workers’ Characteristics Affecting the Use of Different Acting Strategies in Emotional Labor

There are two acting strategies in emotional labor: surface acting and deep acting. Previous studies have shown that surface acting has negative effects, such as depression, burnout, and increased turnover of workers. For deep acting, the findings are inconsistent with both positive and negative effects being reported. In addition, these acting strategies are thought to


Japanese University Students’ Intention to Seek Help From Psychological Professionals Compared to Family Members and Friends

There was no national certification for psychologists in Japan until recently. However, nearly 30,000 licensed psychologists have registered since the Licensed Psychologists Law was promulgated in 2015. Nevertheless, it remains challenging to consult a psychologist, possibly because psychologists lack recognition as consultants, despite societies’ recognition of the need for their services. We compared the intention


Impact on Short-term Mood by Two Factors of Browsing “Kawaii” Objects and Linguistic Communications

It is a general behavior for people who have similar tastes to share their feelings about an object related to “kawaii” and to communicate linguistically. It seems that communication by utterance of “kawaii” has a positive effect on short-term mood by the action of relieving psychological stress, and it improves the adaptability of human relationships.


The Construction of Self-Awareness Efficiency Scale for Helping Professionals

In the helping profession, having good self-awareness can effectively improve the working efficiency while helping others. The purpose of the study is to provide a better understanding by constructing a “Self-Awareness Efficiency Scale for Helping Professionals (SAES)”. The research is divided into four stages. The first stage is “qualitative interview” stage. The researcher invited six


Bullying Victimization, Self-compassion, and Depressive Mood as Predictors for Resilience in Thai Junior High School Students

Past empirical findings suggested the significance of resilience in adolescents. Those with a higher level of resilience coped better when encountering negative life events and were less vulnerable to mental health problems. Hence, this study aimed to identify psychological variables associated with and predictive of resilience in Thai adolescents. These variables were divided into those


Elements of Cooperation Necessary to Foster Safety Culture in Nursing Facilities from a Nursing Perspective

In Japan’s aging society, many elderly people with dysfunction are moved to nursing facilities after being discharged. These facilities allow the elderly to recuperate while continuing to receive medical treatment. Accidents at nursing facilities, such as falls, may result in readmission and lower quality of life. Therefore, ensuring safety at nursing facilities that support life


The Modulation of Cultural Priming on the Self-Bias Effects in Perceptual Matching

Recent research has discovered a bias towards the processing of self-relevant information in perceptual matching tasks. Judgments for self-associated stimuli are processed faster and more accurately than judgements for friend or stranger associated stimuli. It is also well known that priming of independent or interdependent self-construals successfully modulate self-biases in high-level tasks such as self-referential


Envisioning a Healthier Build Environment for Elderly People with Dementia in Denmark – A Conservatory for People and Plants

Recent scientific research has shown how exposure to daylight, clean air and continual contact with greenery, natural elements and habitats are crucial factors for human well-being (e.g. Gonzalez & Kirkevold, 2014; Detweiler et al, 2012). In the wake of these findings, it is highly important to improve access to facilities that enable and promote these


The Process of Overcoming Difficulties and Gaining Happiness by Realistic Optimists – Relationship between Well-Being and Realistic Optimism

Objective: This study examines how the people with realistic optimistic view overcome difficulties and obtain well-being and also examine how they perceive well-being. Method: Initially a questionnaire survey was conducted on 17 correspondence students aged above 60 using realistic optimism scale. 8 participants who scored high in the questionnaire survey were chosen for the interview.


Gammified Tools in the Development of Communicative Production in Remote EFL Learning

One of the most critical challenges of Foreign Language teaching is developing students’ oral communicative competences, enhancing productive skills, and expressing thoughts in another language. This teaching process requires using different resources to acquire cognitive experiences that promote meaningful learning. However, during the COVID-19 pandemic, teachers emphasized virtual learning environments (VLE) and other digital resources


European Master Active Ageing and Age-friendly Environment (EMMA)

This poster presentation focuses on the Erasmus+ Project EMMA (European Master Active Ageing and Age-friendly Environment) which runs from September 2020 to August 2023 consisting of six higher education institutions from Austria, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Portugal and Slovenia. The aim of the project is to develop a 100% online, transdisciplinary and transnational joint degree which


The Effects of Smartphone-based Interventions on Changes of Creativity Mindset, Passion Toward Smart Phones, and Self-efficacy of Creativity

This study aimed to examine a smartphone-based intervention effect on changes of passion in smartphone use, growth creativity mindset, fixed creativity mindset, and self-efficacy. Participants were 84 college students. The employed instruments included Inventory of Passion towards Smart Phones (IPSP), Creativity Mindset Inventory (CMI), and Inventory of Self-Efficacy in Creativity. The IPSP included four types


Cultural Differences in Creativity Mindset, Passion Towards Smartphone Use, and Well-being

This study aimed to investigate the cultural differences on creative mindset, passion towards smartphone use and well-being, as well as the relationships between these variables among college students in Taiwan and Australia. Participants were 136 college students from Taiwan and 135 from Australia. The employed instruments included Creativity Mindset Inventory (CMI), Inventory of Passion towards


Philosophy of India-Dravidology

Sankhya principles, dominate the Indian thinking all along. It is seen in Buddha’s teachings, Upanishads and Bhavadgita. Kapila, the author of Sankhya is a Tamil scholar in the Sangam age. Asura is a word denoting the Dravidians. While discussing the views of all commentators in his book, Larson did not discuss this aspect. Brahmins divided


Research Self-Efficacy of Adult Learners After Philippines’ K to 12

Baseline data to describe the ability of adult learners in research is indispensable for a successful curriculum evaluation. The idea that research is indispensable in nation-building is an ideology that all nations would agree with. To build a nation is to build the next generation and identifying the strengths and weaknesses of the next generation


Measuring Articulatory Distance for Consonants Towards a Learner-language-sensitive Pronunciation Training Tool Development

This study introduces the theoretical basis for the articulatory distance in foreign language learning context, which serves to find the efficient and optimal path to correctly pronounce the consonants of the target language in a learner-language-sensitive way, i.e. taking into account the operational difficulties for different learners who already have their own specific phonological system.


REVAMP: Transforming Technology-enhanced Education to Cater for Learners’ Dispositions

The integration of technology into an education system is a precarious affair that prompts educators and policy-makers to refer to various technology implementation guidelines including but not limited to Technology Acceptance Models, Gilly Salmon’s 5 Stage model, Puentedura’s SAMR model, or Koehler’s TPCK model; to name a few. The integration of technology involves the aspects


Role of Learners’ Subjective Difficulty Rating Toward a System for Practicing English-Speaking

This preliminary study on how to develop a system for English-speaking practices explores the role a subjective difficulty rating should play in such a system, using a questionnaire and a level-based vocabulary list. By selecting 75 English verbs from the five difficulty levels in the list, 72 Japanese university students rated the difficulty of answering


If You Know What I Mean: Rendering the Causative in Japanese and Croatian

One of the things expressions “make” and “let” have in common is that they can be used to express causative meaning in a sentence. Some languages show causative markedness more clearly than the others – for example, the Japanese causative marker -sase undeniably signals the causative nature of a sentence. Other languages, such as for


Adaptation of COVID-19-related Loanwords into Japanese

In recent years, the quantity of loanwords that have been adapted from foreign languages has increased as globalization advanced. Among this process, assimilation and extinction of the words are natural phenomena that have been observed in the past and in the present. The changes produced by these process sometimes cause communication gaps among people due


Evaluating Year One University English Course Material in Taiwan

Language textbooks play a major role in language teaching and learning, providing a structured approach to teaching and learning (Tomlinson, 2012). In particular, the vocabulary employed in textbooks provides the foundation for successful communication and serve as the core of language proficiency (Nation, 2001). The purpose of this study is to evaluate an in-house developed


The Influence of Comma- and Period-pause Duration on the Listener’s Impression of Speeches Made in Mandarin Chinese

The influence of pause duration at commas and periods on listeners’ impressions of speeches made in Mandarin Chinese was investigated. Spoken excerpts of speeches from textbooks were presented to native Chinese listeners (n=20). In the first experiment, the pause durations of both commas and periods in the speeches were manipulated together, in 8 steps from


The Lived Experiences of Indonesian Caregivers in Caring for Older Adult Stroke Survivors in Taiwan: A Phenomenological Study

Background: Changing social and economic structures of an aging society have resulted in the growing demand for foreign caregivers (‘paid migrant workers who provide in-home help to aging adults) among families in many developed countries, including Taiwan. However, less documented and understood is how these caregivers perceive their roles and responsibilities. This study aimed to


Elimination Mechanism of Glue Variables for Solving SAT Problems in Linguistics

We propose GVE(Glue Variables Elimination), an algorithm that organically combines neural networks with a deterministic solver to solve SAT(Boolean satisfiability problem) in the filed of linguistics. It gives full play to their respective advantages by following steps: (a) applying a graph learning algorithm to learn the structure of the CNF formula; (b) finding the glue


Teaching Burmese as a Foreign Language: A Case Study

The development of Myanmar as a country has led to an increased interest from foreign NGOs, businesses, labourers and professionals alike. One significant barrier that has arisen is their ability to learn the Myanmar language. The Myanmar language is comprised of a speaking format and a writing format. The current study explored the writing ability


The Search for Precedents of Metaphysical Mercy in the Theology of Ibn ‘Arabi

Ibn Sina (d. 1037) is perhaps the most important philosopher of the pre-modern era. Among his many contributions, the proof for the existence of the Necessary Existent stands out. Ibn Sina proceeds to extract each of God’s attributes (sifat) from His necessary existence. Although his ideas met with resistance in some quarters, they found a


Spiritual Cannibalism: The Ethics of the Eucharist

Common sense dictates that cannibalism – the act of eating another person – is immoral whether because of the harm done to the other person or a violation of human sanctity. The Eucharist has been interpreted in many Christian traditions as the actual flesh and blood of Jesus. On its face, it would seem that


Content-Based Language Teaching in International Liberal Arts Education

This research tries to define the important points that should be considered for application of Content-based Language Teaching (CBLT) in International Liberal Arts (ILA) education. The research team members have long-term experience of teaching ILA courses in two and more countries in two and more languages. Based on their own experience of teaching and the


The Case Study on the Freshmen’s Self-assessment on the Indicators of Character and Beliefs Cultivated by the Experiential Education

This case of the University of Science and Technology mainly explores the 2020 cohort of freshmen’ recognition of the importance indicators of character and beliefs and their self-assessment on the degree of enhancing character and beliefs after participating in the experiential learning activities.The objects of this study are the freshmen who enrolled in 2020, experienced


Study on the Use of Speech Recognition Function to Practice Speaking English Using the Voice Translator “Pocketalk”

Although some speech recognition software is highly developed, few studies have focused on how this technology should be adapted for foreign language learners with various proficiency levels, including Japanese students. Thus, this study explores the use of speech recognition to support the practice of English speaking by using the voice translator “Pocketalk.” English sentences spoken


Bridging the Gap for Critical Eco-Literacy in the Philippines through Debating

The Philippine Congress has finally declared climate emergency in the country on November 25, 2020. While long overdue, the declaration has nonetheless sparked anew the need for environmental awareness and education. Two weeks after the declaration, high school debaters from various academic institutions gathered for the 4th Ateneo Eco Debate (AED), the sole national debate