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Exploration in the Mist of the History: Review of Blind Spots in Research on History of Taiwanese Cinema

Past discussion on the history of Taiwanese cinema rarely focused on the Japanese colonial period. By literature review and new findings of historical data, this study explores past arguments on the history of Taiwanese cinema from three dimensions in order to probe into the mist and perspective of the research on the history of Taiwanese


Whither the News: Problematizing the Gendered Limits of Coverage on Women’s Wartime Labour in Canadian Newspapers, 1939-1945

During the Second World War, women’s involvement in Canada’s ‘total war’ effort meant increased domestic responsibilities, volunteering, enlisting, and joining the civilian workforce. Women’s labour force participation more than doubled throughout the war, blurring gendered divisions of labour and rendering women’s labour a subject for discussion in the public sphere. But what about in the