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Dementia Care Users’ Resistance to Long-Term Home Care Service: Taiwanese Care Workers Advised Communication Strategies

Population of older people living with dementia is expected to rise in Taiwan due to the dramatically ageing trend. Long-term home care service becomes increasingly needed to help family with older people diagnosed with dementia cope. However, due to the health condition, older people with dementia can be difficult to reason given the changes in


The Influence of Comma- and Period-pause Duration on the Listener’s Impression of Speeches Made in Mandarin Chinese

The influence of pause duration at commas and periods on listeners’ impressions of speeches made in Mandarin Chinese was investigated. Spoken excerpts of speeches from textbooks were presented to native Chinese listeners (n=20). In the first experiment, the pause durations of both commas and periods in the speeches were manipulated together, in 8 steps from


Business English as a ‘Lingua Franca’ (BELF): Focusing on Cross-Cultural E-mail Communication

Business English as a ‘Lingua Franca’ – BELF – has been getting more and more international attention recently in the field of TESOL because global business has become common and normal by now. The presentation will focus on English business e-mail as it is the cornerstone of international business communication. It is often assumed that


The Rhetoric of the Freedom Party of Austria in the 2019 National Council Elections – Lexicon, Pragmatics, Discourse

Our study deals with the language of the Freedom Party of Austria in the early elections to the National Council in 2019. It analyzes the party’s rhetoric after the corruption scandal that led to early elections. The linguistic analysis takes place in three stages. First, the lexical level of the language is examined – in


Teacher-Student Communication in Taiwan Senior Education Contexts: A Focus on Older Learners’ Views

Senior education has received increasing attention in Taiwan as an active response to the dramatically ageing population but existing literature hardly draws the importance of teacher-student communication as a means to improve the teaching and learning processes involving older learners. This present research focuses on older learners’ views on teacher-student communication in senior education. A


Increasing Tutor EI Skills to Improve Tutee L2 Writing

Russian academic writing centers challenge to instill the educational nature of individual consultations (IC) adapting them to the Russian mindset. The shift from result to process writing approach is demanded. To attract more tutees and be effective, tutors in academic writing centers should not only be professionals in the field of L2 academic writing, but


Representation of Chinese-Sundanese Ethnic Identity in Suryakencana Bogor through Code Switching and Code Mixing

Indonesia has 1340 ethnic groups with 300 different ethnic groups recorded ( According to Hasbullah (, there are around 726 regional languages in Indonesia, but only 456 regional languages have been successfully mapped. Indonesian language as a national language is use when one ethnic group wants to communicate with another ethnic group. Language according to


Politeness and Impoliteness Strategies in the Courtroom: An Analysis of a Trail Script

This research presents a conversation analysis (CA) study based on the data from an American reality TV show which aims at solving the following question: what type of politeness and impoliteness strategies are applied by the participants in the courtroom? Results from the trial conversation data show that the conflict between the speakers is the


Local Tourism Destination Content in Online Travel Agency Promotion

Online Travel Agency (OTA) had an impact on making people ease to travel, through their mobile devices without any extra charges. Based on Alvara Research Foundation, Indonesia’s Top 5 online applications are Traveloka,, Blibli, KAI Access and, Airy. This paper is aim to describe how local tourism destination content in those application and their