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A Research on the Evolution Mechanism of Chinese Rural Traditional Buildings Under the Background of Modern Urbanization

Chinese traditional villages belong to a typical “rural society”,However, with the rapid urbanization of China, modern transportation has rapidly extended from the modern metropolis to the countryside. Meanwhile, not only modern building materials, but also urban building types, lifestyles and aesthetics have quickly flowed into the countryside, which have a great impact on traditional buildings


Influence of Jingxing Ancient Route to the Changes of Villages Along It in China

The Jingxing Ancient Route has been a natural passage linking Hebei and Shanxi Province for over 2000 years in China, and was also the most important route for the contact of Zhao and Qin state in history. In 2006, it was listed in the important heritage sites under state protection of China. The route stretches


Chinese Music, Difference and Inter-community Relations in a 19th-century New Zealand Gold-mining Setting

The socio-cultural milieu of colonial New Zealand changed significantly in the 1860s as a result of the discovery of gold and the subsequent immigration of Chinese miners at the invitation of the Dunedin Chamber of Commerce. At first, Chinese miners arrived from the Australian goldfields, where they had earlier migrated, and later from southern China


Being at Home in Transnational Spaces: Conceptualizing the Lifeworld of Chinese Migrants Abroad

In the scientific discourse in China, overseas Chinese are usually represented as constitutive elements of the Chinese nation-state. In contrast, Western migration studies tend to analyze Chinese migrant’s identities only in the context of their relation to the host country. In a way, both approaches fall into the trap of methodological nationalism and thus fail


The Development of the City with the Historical District: The Comparison with Suzhou and Nantong

It is a serious issue that some historical district in China has been faced the constructive destruction. On the one hand, as a space carrier with a high concentration of regional natural environment, history and culture, urban construction and other elements, the historical district has high value of the historical heritage and urban characteristics. On


Human Resource Management Outsourcing in Chinese Large and Medium-sized Enterprises: Its Effect on Organisational Performance

Globally, many enterprises practice human resource management (HRM) outsourcing activities to achieve operational efficiency and growth. Research in the Chinese context is limited and insights on the latest HRM outsourcing trends that are significant to understand the HRM outsourcing phenomenon in China are insufficient. The objective of this paper aims to examine the effect of


Cultural Sustainability of China the Relationship of the “Geomantic Omen” and Microclimate

Sustainability is understood to be one of the most important solution to environmental issues. Adjusting the microclimate elements around the building to ultimately achieve the building’s own energy consumption is an important method for green building implementation. The aim of this study is to analyze the theory and methods of ancient people’s regulation in the


Muslims in Ming China – A Reappraisal

This article seeks to reconstruct the integration and acculturation of Muslim communities in the early Ming Dynasty in China (1368-1424). The great influx of Muslim peoples from Arabia and Central Asia in the wake of Mongol invasion in the Yuan Dynasty (1271–1368) marked the start of a strong, permanent Islamic community in China, even as


Ambivalent Attitudes Towards State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) in China: A Case Study in the Southwest of China

This paper is part of my research on workers in Chinese State-Owned Enterprises (SOE) in the late reform era. The research question is about the changes of SOE workers by comparing the pre-reform era and after reform era in China. The researcher holds the hypothesis that SOE workers who were in power before the economic reform are now in


Between the Concept of Rights and the Philosophy of Ethics: An Investigation on the Concept of Marriage of Chinese Lesbians

This article examines the issue of how the Chinese citizen makes a choice when a confliction appears between the pursuit towards rights and the obedience to the code of ethics, and compared with the effects of rights concept why the constraint of ethics as a Chinese typical traditional cultural system exerts much more influence on