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Transformative Interventions in Cell Biology: Motivating Cell and Molecular Biology Majors Using Instructor/Student-Interactive Demonstrations of Key Concepts

Our overall educational goal is to individualize student learning by creating an environment that values each student. Improved high-quality instruction in core STEM courses will be provided to accelerate and deepen student learning by addressing more individually students’ needs in an effort to decrease achievement gaps (i.e., such as those in under-represented groups). This project


Too Exotic to Enchant? How the Femme Fatale was sent on Retreat

In their latest adaptations of Japanese movies, producers such as Spike Lee, Adam Wingard, and Rupert Sanders all display the femme fatale in relation to the discourse of patriarchy and female empowerment. She is portrayed as a complex figure who is entangled in power, desire, femininity, self-determination, and deception. Ultimately, the femme fatale causes the


Translation and Cross-Cultural Adaptation of Fall Risk for Older People – Community Setting (FROP-Com) to Thai Version: Psychometric Properties

Fall Risk for Older People – Community Setting (FROP-Com) was developed in Australia. It has the ability to predict falls in older people through 13 risk factors being rated on a graded 0-3 scale. We needed a qualified Thai-version FROP-Com questionnaire to assess multifactorial risks of falls in our community-dwelling elderly and this could lead


Love and Consent in the Sacrament of Matrimony: A Moral-Theological Approach

In the Sacrament of Matrimony, the exchange of consent between the spouses is sustained by the Church to be the indispensable element that “makes the marriage.” If consent is lacking, there is no marriage (CCC, 1626). This is an indication that the couples’ mutuality of human act, performed in “giving” and “receiving” during the Rite


The Difference of the ‘Regression in the Service of the Ego’ Between Art Students and Professional Artists

Present study aimed at exploring the difference of the ‘regression in the service of the ego’ between art students and professional artists. The subjects were 21 art students of graduate school (average age 25.5) and 25 professional artists (average age 46.4). They were administered Rorschach test and the result was analyzed according to the scoring


The Influence of Mentoring and Coaching Relationship on job Satisfaction and Life Satisfaction in Teachers: Pilot Study of Vocational Teachers

A lack of support from the principal, colleagues or other school leaders is one of the most important problem in teachers. There are many dimensions for teachers to handle in their lives such as workload, independently in career, life balance, and stress. Then it may decrease job satisfaction and life satisfaction in teachers. Mentoring and


Gaming Disorder among Singapore Adolescents: Influences of Parental Work and Gaming Behavior, Parent-Child Conflicts, and Family Communication

Gaming disorder is a behavioral problem characterized by impaired control over gaming, increasing priority given to gaming over other activities, and continuation or escalation of gaming despite the occurrence of negative consequences (WHO, 2018). Adolescents and young adults are particularly vulnerable to become addicted to Internet/video games. This study investigated the role of parental behaviors


Development of Science Academic Achievement by Using Inquiry Based Learning and Problem Based Learning of Grade 1st Students

The aim of this research was 1) to develop the students’ science academic achievement in order to pass the criteria of 70 percent of full score 2) to study the students’ satisfaction toward the Inquiry-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning activities. The research study was conducted on 38, 1st-grade students who were 6-7 years old in


A Practical Theory of Lifelong Learning Assistance for Promoting Community

Lifelong learning is a concept that targets not only adults including the elderly but one that involves all generations from the time of birth to death. From an originally theoretical viewpoint, this concept should be accompanied by radical changes in the traditional concept of education and schooling. Politically, lifelong learning has been one of the


Communicating Sustainability

This paper examines contemporary mediated communication on sustainability, encompassing strategic messaging and news. Using case study analysis, it explores how information about sustainability is being communicated by a range of actors—from environmental non-profits to Fortune 500 companies—and how those messages and stories flow through mainstream and social media. Situated in a political climate where tweets


Don’t Consume Less, Just Recycle More: Public Perceptions About Waste Generation and the Recycling System

As waste generation and its environmental costs increase globally, do Americans have any idea how much waste they generate? What do people think are effective personal actions they can take to reduce waste? In a national online survey, 932 participants reported their perceptions about waste behaviors and the recycling system. When asked about what they


Teaching English to Refugees in Greece: The Case of Lexena School – Challenges and Possibilities

In the last year Greece has experience an influx of refugees, this has been associated with forces having a highly destructive character, resulting in a continuing transformation of existing notions concerning the proper forms of teaching and boundaries of such fundamental phenomena as culture and education. Integration processes have also involved dramatic changes in national


Contrasting Pragmatic Elements of L2 Japanese and L2 English Learning: A Closer Look at Refusals and Indirect Opinions

This paper examines the acquisition of pragmatically correct refusal and indirect opinion strategies by first language (L1) English learners of Japanese, and mirror image pragmatic acquisition of L1 Japanese learners of English. The scholarly evidence seemingly indicates that both L2 learners of English and Japanese can acquire and adopt pragmatically correct refusal and indirect opinion


A Study in Singapore: Perceptions about the Importance of Written English Language and Undergraduates’ Competency Level

Although there are four official languages in Singapore, English has been the language of the government and its international trade since the 1960s. The medium of instruction in the school system, from primary to secondary and post-secondary levels, has also been English. Despite indications that the standard of English in Singapore is higher than most


Two Recent Lessons in Ethical Humility: Boeing’s 737 MAX and Volkswagen’s Dieselgate

Volkswagen engineers cheated: they intentionally misled U.S. regulars using software. The engine’s software sensed when a vehicle was being tested for emissions, and changed the engine’s performance so that its emissions were low. When the engine software sensed that the vehicle was not being tested for emissions, it change the engine’s performance to increase power


Valuing Diversity: Content based EFL Teacher Training

This paper presents a decade of collaborative teaching between two Israeli lecturers: one, a Palestinian-Moslem from Nazareth, the other, a Jewish-Israeli from Jerusalem. The course they developed aims to achieve a dual purpose: First, developing future EFL teachers’ awareness of their potential role in a multicultural society and second, accompanying students on a journey that


Unveiling the Lived Experiences of the Faces Behind the Niqab: Allegiance to Faith

Niqab is the general Arabic term for a woman’s veil that covers the whole head except for the eyes. This study sought to vividly describe the lived experiences of Muslim women who wear the niqab within Metro Manila. It employed a qualitative research approach to be able to completely analyze the perspectives and feelings of


EAP programme Evaluation: Suggestions from Monolingual Students

This paper explores the quality and effectiveness of English for Academic Purposes (EAP) courses offered to the first year monolingual students at a private university in Bangladesh. The aim of the study was to obtain feedback from first year (freshman) undergraduate students regarding the EAP courses delivered in the university and utilise the data collected


Designing Mobile Application to Support Immigrants in Higher Education – A Practical User Experience Evaluation Case

In 2015, Finland received a record number of asylum seekers generating subsequently prominent challenge for social integration of immigrants. Regarding 40 % of working-age immigrants in Finland to be higher educated, and smartphones widely used among immigrants, SIMHEapp project (Supporting Immigrants in Higher Education) was initiated. Existing applications are designed primarily to speed up successful


Character Strengths as Paths to Spiritual Life

There is a noticeable increase of interest in the study of spirituality within the context of positive psychology. The literature review shows several parallels between dimensions of spirituality as explored within psychology of religion and spirituality, and the model of character strengths (CS), as developed by positive psychology. However, coming from the domain of psychology


A Proposal to Develop Explicit Grammar Knowledge as an Expansion of the Presentation Stage in the Three P’s Framework

From a theoretical point of view in second language learning, it is crucial to understand the importance of explicit knowledge and learning when teaching adolescents and adults to develop automatization of abstract grammatical structures. Dekeyser (2008) acknowledges this idea, claiming that “the instructional approach should be different depending on age: full-scale immersion is necessary for


Intercultural Competence in Internationalization Context: Some Recommendations for Tertiary-level Foreign Language Teaching

In the context of globalization, the internationalization of higher education is an unavoidable tendency. This endeavor, in one way or another, highlights the need for intercultural competence which plays an influential role in students’ development and acquisition of socio-linguistic skills. To explain, native speakers of different cultures communicate and interpret a language behavior in various


Math Readiness: Early Identification of Preschool Children Least Ready for Formal Mathematics Instruction in School

Key mathematics competencies mastered in kindergarten are associated with higher mathematics achievement in later elementary and middle school. Unfortunately, deficits in math understanding can begin before students enter school, often due to home environments that lack sufficient mathematics enrichment. Moreover, the gap between students who begin school behind and their more prepared peers only widens


Contrastive Interlanguage Analysis of Modal Auxiliary Verb Usage by Japanese Learners of English in Argumentative Essays

This research concludes that Japanese non-native English speakers (JNNSs) use modal auxiliary verbs in a way that differs from what native speakers (NSs) use from two perspectives: frequency of occurrence and verb phrase structures (VPSs) where modals occur. To lead this conclusion, JNNSs’ usage of nine central modals (‘can’, ‘could’, ‘may’, ‘might’, ‘shall’, ‘should’, ‘will’,


An Exploratory Study about Korean Students’ Perceptions of the Effectiveness of English Medium Instruction Courses and Their Use of Language Learning Strategies

English Medium Instruction (EMI) in university courses is expected to have positive effects on university students’ English language learning in non-English-speaking countries since they can learn English on campus (Macaro, 2018). For successful second language learning, efficient use of L2 learning strategies is essential (Oxford, 2017; Cohen & Wang, 2018). The goal of this study


Doing Multicultural Education in Times of Trouble: A Case of PBL in Bilingual Arab-Jewish School in Israel

Israeli society, like many contemporary societies, consists of various cultures and sub-cultures. This diversity finds expression in Israel’s education system, albeit through segregation, since the system is divided into culturally-based educational sectors, most prominently among Jews and Arabs. This segregation strengthens mutual cultural alienation rather than intercultural dialogue. Against this tendency, a few bilingual-bicultural Arab-Jewish


Self-evaluation of The Success of the Main Clinical Skills Given in Medical Faculty

Background: The aim of medical education before graduation is to train qualified physicians who have the knowledge, skills and attitudes that can provide qualified services, who can improve themselves continuously, acquire problem-solving skills and have clinical competence. We would like to determine how the interns feel about their practice and knowledge and just before the


Curriculum Design of Chinese as a Foreign Language Courses at The University of Hong Kong

As China can still enjoy a high GDP growth rate for the next decade, there is a rapid increase in the number of foreign students coming to Beijing, Shanghai and Hong Kong to study Mandarin. Meanwhile, Hong Kong is truly an international financial center in the world, therefore, a lot of students also come to


A Critical Discourse Analysis of English Listening Sections of Korean College Scholastic Tests

I conducted a critical discourse analysis of the English listening sections of the 2019 and 2018 Korean College Scholastic Ability Tests (hereafter CSAT), which are national college entrance examinations in Korea for the year of 2019 and 2018 with the following two research questions: 1) Are the ways of speaking socially determined and appropriate in


Legitimate Peripheral Participation (LPP) in Community-based Child-rearing Support Centers (CCSCs)

Legitimate peripheral participation (LPP) represents how newcomers become experienced members and eventually experts of a community of practice (Lave & Wenger 1991). The purpose of this study is to investigate the developing LPP process in Community-based Child-rearing Support Centers (CCSCs) through qualitative research on the process that the participants (parents) experience mutual communications and acquiring


What is Missing in the Process of Poverty Alleviation?

Taking alleviating extreme poverty as the top priority, the World Bank has conducted many projects in achieving this goal, such as increasing health, promoting educational access for girls, and so on (World Bank, 2018). All these projects that invest in human capital work to boost the economy and reduce poverty. However, a close look at


Students Perspectives of Experiential Learning in a Technical Education Program

This paper discusses students’ perspectives of the impact that hands-on experiential learning laboratories have on both technical understanding and soft skill development. The hands-on experiential learning laboratory exercises provided opportunities for teams of students to build assemblies outside the classroom on full-scale projects by applying knowledge first learned in class. These exercises have been designed


Level of Grit Among Faculty Members in a Selected Higher Academic Institution

This quantitative correlational study investigated if there is a significant relationship between the demographic profile and the level of grit of faculty members from a selected higher academic institution (HAI). Survey questionnaire were distributed to 155 faculty-respondents through the College Deans and School Principal. Result of the study is consistent with the findings of Duckworth


Increasing Student Engagement in a Hybrid Class

Hybrid learning occurs when face-to-face instruction and online instruction are combined and about 30% to 79% of teaching takes place outside of the classroom (Allen, Seaman, & Garrett, 2007). Hybrid courses aim to combine the best features of face-to-face and online instruction; while face-to-face instruction provides social interaction and builds trust, on-line instruction offers convenience


A Systematization and Comparison Framework to Facilitate Structured Selection of Sustainability Assessment Approaches

Sustainability assessments (SA) of products, processes, organizations, strategies, etc. aim at providing a basis for decision-making towards (more) sustainable practices and principles. An extensive variety of SA approaches as well as a wide diversity of assessment situations exist, making situation-specific approach selection a complex issue. However, well-founded selection is crucial, as selecting unsuitable approaches for


Caregiver Burden, Psychological Distress and Marital Dissatisfaction among the Spouses of Patients with Major Depressive Disorder

Major depressive disorder is a debilitating mental disorder. Providing care to a family member with any psychological disability can cause significant distress to the caregivers. The aim of the study was to investigate the relationship between care giver burden, psychological distress and marital satisfaction among the spouses of the patients with major depressive disorder. It


Reflection on Mādhyamika Philosophy and Japanese Buddhism

This paper tries to explore the Reflection on Mādhyamika Philosophy and Japanese Buddhism. Buddhist philosophy declares that all worldly things are impermanent and full of suffering.Nāgārjuna was the systematic expounder of Mādhyamika Philosophy. He emphasizes middle view and avoids all extreme or absolute “ism’’(void). And he admits śūnyatā which has two sense svabhāva śūnyatā and


Understanding Perceptions in Foster Care: Changing the Narrative

Changing the Narrative is a youth-initiated effort to identify implicit bias toward youth and alumni of foster care (YAFC) and to redress it within the education and social services sectors. Results from a survey distributed to a representative sample of the general public in Los Angeles County (N=2488) confirmed both that the public has negative


A Register Analysis of Written Messages From the Papacy and the Universal House of Justice

This study investigates selected features of the Catholic and Bahá’í registers through an analysis of written messages from the Papacy and the Universal House of Justice (UHJ) using a corpus-based approach. The research questions of this study pertain to the situational characteristics and language patterns associated with these registers, and the functional relationships that connect


Exploring CLIL Tasks in EFL Classrooms: Development of Mock English Television Advertisements for Raising Intercultural and Media Awareness

This study aimed to investigate the effects of having Japanese university students create mock English television advertisements as a CLIL (Content and Language Integrated Learning) task for developing intercultural and media awareness in English communication classes. After a preliminary study in a different class, an advertising development task was introduced as a part of the


A Comparative Study of Three Mathematical Models for Predicting the Indoor Environment Quality (IEQ) in Secondary School Classroom

Indoor environmental quality is considered as an important indicator to reflect the occupants’ comfort level in buildings. However, it is difficult to evaluate the impact of physical parameters on the occupants’ comfort individually because of the coexistence of parameters and their interactions with each inhabitant. The objective of this research is to find out the


The Structural Equation Modeling of Human Resource Development Affecting Internationalization of Private Schools

The purposes of this study were to develop and examine the goodness-of-fit of the model of Human Resource Development factors affecting the Internationalization of Thai private schools developed by the researcher with empirical data. There were 626 samples of research conducted from private schools in Thailand. The factors were found as a result from thorough


English Vowel Duration Affected by Voicing Contrast In Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese

Learning a foreign language, especially to second language learners, comes with learning new phonetics contrasts. Adults often have difficulty in learning non-native vowels especially when the vowel inventories in their first and second language are different. This study describes the speech acquisition of English vowel in Chinese, Korean, Japanese, and Vietnamese speakers, and addresses their


No Hands, No Feet: Power in the Art Vision of Bahman Mohasses

As one of the most famous contemporary Persian sculptors, two subjects are important in the work of Bahman Mohasses: the physical aspect and the treatment of the object based on the growth, decay, and dissolution of the body, as well as the power of isolation or loneliness. In the works of Mohassess, the issue of


Prediction of Success in Online Study: Testing, Evaluation, and Interpreting Data

Distance online education has already proven to be a viable alternative to traditional education. However, the task of raising informationally competent and easily adapting to a new learning environment specialist is still far from completion. The purpose of this work is to create a method that allows in the first days of the semester to


Now You See Me, Now You Don’t. A Small-Scale Blended Learning Study in a Rural RE setting in Sindh, Pakistan

With the spread of internet connectivity in the past decade, blended learning, a hybrid teaching model, is receiving much attention as it is considered to be a bridge between the traditional form of classroom teaching and the world of e-learning. However, this model of learning has always been studied in regions which has internet availability.


Healing Village: Implementing Biomimicry, Natural Architecture to Promote Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare is essential to have many beneficial outcomes. Healing Village is a healthcare project in Tehran, Iran which was designed for all people living in the surrounding community as well as patients. This project aims to spread long-term health and well-being among neighbors and takes advantage of the surrounding resources from biomimicry and


Using Maximum Variation Strategy Within a Case Study to Explore Reasons Teachers Are Willing to Contribute Open Educational Resources

The intent of this exploratory study was to increase the body of knowledge and guide decisions regarding sustainability of Open Educational Resources (OER). Previous studies have reported one of the challenges facing facilitators of OER repositories is teachers’ lack of willingness to contribute their instructional materials. This study, in contrast, investigated the reasons teachers are


The Picture That Is Worth Ten Thousand Words

Japanese Zen Buddhism and the Impossible Painting, a book by Harvard professor Yukio Lippit, studies one national treasure of Japan: The Gourd and the Catfish, a painting by Taikō Josetsu, a Zen monk who was active during the Muromachi period (1336-1573). Lippit’s book examines the painting’s subject matter, innovative technique, manner of display, and literary


Lyotard’s Notion of ‘The Differend’: The Critique of Meta-narrative Approach to Ethics

Being a political philosopher Lyotard’s aim was to establish a philosophy through which the society could find ways to legitimate different incommensurable narratives to build a just society. He considers ethics as pedestal of justice to regress all kind of wrongs, occurring in our society. So, the aims of this paper are to state the


Exploring Filipino Kindergarten Children’s Concepts of the Environment: A Study of Drawings

The success of Environmental Education (EE) is based on how the curriculum helps students develop the “right” relationship with the environment. EE scholars reveal that environmental problems arise not because EE approaches have failed but because people connect with the environment differently. Hence, educators should understand students’ views of the environment before formulating environmental science


Implementing Mindful Learning Intervention to Enhance Creativity

This study aimed at employing technology-based interventions in daily life to investigate the relationship between mindful learning and creativity. One hundred and forty-nine college students participated in the experimental instruction and they were randomly assigned to a control group or the experimental groups. All participate took the pretest and the posttest within a week. The


The Effects of Informal Learning on the Creative Expression of Craft Design

Craft design education can be defined with professional practice and creative expressions in a comprehensive domain. While the apprenticeship used to be a core of traditional ways of knowing in craft education, and the modern craft designers are learning through working in creative studios and heuristic teaching to promote their original performances. For the assessment


Using the Delphi Method to Identify Technical Workshop Topics

This research utilized the Delphi method to collect data from a selected panel to both identify and rank the importance of technical workshop topics in one of the sixteen Career and Technical Education (CTE) Pathways. The primary reason for selecting this research method was based on past research where it was utilized in gaining consensus


Transdisciplinary Knowledge Ecosystems to Advance Interdependence and Agency

This paper proposes that transdisciplinary knowledge ecosystems will take a lead role in the knowledge innovation economy of the 21st century. These ecosystems will leverage interdependences of the five components of the “quintuple helix model of knowledge innovation”: academia, industry, government, civil society, and the general circumstances of democracy conditioned by culture and media. The


Teaching Healthy Lifestyle in the Higher Education in Hong Kong: Report and Reflection

Since the major curriculum reform in 2012, most of the university curriculum in Hong Kong has extended by one year, and this offers good opportunities to provide a programme of General Education for students despite their chosen major disciplines. The compulsory general education programme is seen to be an important component in the nurturing of


The Production of English Affricates by Yemeni EFL Learners of English

The production of English sounds by non-native speakers of English has been extensively discussed in the phonetic literature, particularly in the areas of second language speech production and pronunciation instruction. The current study aims to explore the production of the English affricates /ʧ/ and /dʒ/ by Yemeni EFL learners of English. The production data involved