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Health Risk Assessment of Heavy-Metal Containing Soil Near Some Auto Service Centers of Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

The municipal solid waste of coal combustion is one of the main environmental problems in Ulaanbaatar, especially in the area of “Ger” districts due to lack of heating system and no waste management [D. Altantuya et al., 2012 and B.Byamba et al., 2017 and Delgermaa et al 2016]. The coal ash is disposed of in


Communicating Sustainability

This paper examines contemporary mediated communication on sustainability, encompassing strategic messaging and news. Using case study analysis, it explores how information about sustainability is being communicated by a range of actors—from environmental non-profits to Fortune 500 companies—and how those messages and stories flow through mainstream and social media. Situated in a political climate where tweets


Healing Village: Implementing Biomimicry, Natural Architecture to Promote Sustainability in Healthcare

Sustainability in healthcare is essential to have many beneficial outcomes. Healing Village is a healthcare project in Tehran, Iran which was designed for all people living in the surrounding community as well as patients. This project aims to spread long-term health and well-being among neighbors and takes advantage of the surrounding resources from biomimicry and


Application of Google Street View Application for Footpaths’ Inspection in Nakhonratchasima City Municipality, Thailand

Walking is one way to increase physical activity regardless of whether the purpose of walking is for transportation or leisure. Therefore, this paper aims to inspect urban footpaths in term of infrastructures and facilities based on data of Footpath Standard Inspection (FSI) from the Ministry of Transport (MOT). This study selected 5 routes of Nakhonratchasima