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Development of Science Academic Achievement by Using Inquiry Based Learning and Problem Based Learning of Grade 1st Students

The aim of this research was 1) to develop the students’ science academic achievement in order to pass the criteria of 70 percent of full score 2) to study the students’ satisfaction toward the Inquiry-Based Learning and Problem-Based Learning activities. The research study was conducted on 38, 1st-grade students who were 6-7 years old in


A Study in Singapore: Perceptions about the Importance of Written English Language and Undergraduates’ Competency Level

Although there are four official languages in Singapore, English has been the language of the government and its international trade since the 1960s. The medium of instruction in the school system, from primary to secondary and post-secondary levels, has also been English. Despite indications that the standard of English in Singapore is higher than most


Critical Thinking Research in the Philippines: A Scoping Review on Research Gaps

– This paper has been retracted by the author because of legal issues – This paper deals with scoping review of critical thinking studies done in the Philippines by Filipino scholars from 1971 to 2017. It examines the extent and nature of research activity to identify research gaps. The researchers utilized Arksey and O’Malley’s (2005)


The Management of Innovative School: A Case Study of Nakhon Ratchasima Province, Thailand

The objectives of this research were to: 1) study the characteristics and factors of Innovative School 2) study the administrative process according to the factors of Innovative School 3) Study the development guidelines for innovative schools. The target group were school director, teachers, personnel, school boards, parents, students, organizations and related agencies of Innovative School


Integration of Cultural Practices in Teaching Mathematics

The interdependence between culture and education is not new to educators anymore. Educators acknowledge the fact that culture defines and gives identity to education while education strengthens culture. Indeed, these two disciplines are inseparable and complementary. However, cultural relevance in mathematics instruction is seldom evident. This qualitative study designed lesson plans that drew upon the


A Study on the Design of Teaching Materials for the Application of Mobile Learning Apps in Printing Professional Courses

This study aims to explore the design of teaching materials for the application of mobile learning apps in printing professional courses. This study firstly conducts literature review to understand the development status of the content for the Mobile Learning Apps, the production process and the teaching materials that conform to the requirements of the printing


Research as Assessment for Learning vs Assessment of Learning at Higher Education

At higher education, students are terminally assessed through a research output that demonstrates their originality, creativity, innovativeness, and contribution to knowledge and problem solving in society. However, the assessment process, unlike the traditional pencil-and-paper and other performance assessments which are thoroughly proctored by the examiner, is one that is loosely structured. Depending on whether the