The Role of Political Party and Political Movement in Thailand: A Case Study on PAD and PDRC

This paper argues that there is a hidden factor which impacted on Thai political conflicts. Thus, the political party played the main role and had strong relations with political movements in Thailand and it has been created a turbulence in Thai political history. In PAD and PDRC camps, the Democrat Party is a Thai political party and it is the oldest in Thailand, upholds a conservatively and classically liberal pro-market position. As well as, their political ideology shifted to pro-middle class and upper-class level rather than labor class. Then, several Democrat Party leaders allied themselves with the PAD and PDRC camp. Yet, some of them became leaders to protest the government and occupied government buildings. Therefore, without a doubt, this Thai political turmoil since 2005 until present political party is highly dominated Thai political ideology to Thai people.

Author Information
Pattara Chompooming, Maejo University, Thailand
Non Naprathansuk, Maejo University, Thailand

Paper Information Conference: ACE2017
Stream: Education, Sustainability & Society: Social Justice, Development & Political Movements

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