Month: August 2021


Semiosphere and Taiwan’s Horror Movies of the 1970s

This article follows the line of thought from Lotmanian semiosphere to analyze the communication act in the works of the 1970s Taiwan’s horrors to argue this once neglected genre not only had influenced the development of Taiwan’s cinema but represents the critical social and political transformation in Taiwan. I argue that the growing popularity of


KOL Training on Live-Streaming Platform in Taiwan

Recently, with the coming of multimedia and technology development, new-type industries come out. In addition, live-streaming industries are the crucial milestones in 21st century. We can combine videos, short clips and online community to develop new business model. Through online community and social software, people can share their daily lives online with their creativity to


Better Than Not Practicing at All: Resilience and the Okinawan Martial Arts Community Online

The onset of the COVID-19 pandemic in early 2020 has by necessity transformed how we interact with others, drastically changing every aspect of how we conduct our lives. From work to leisure, education, and fitness, much or most of what we once did in in-person groups moved fully online, but some activities could navigate this


Exploring the Cinema of Exile in Hisham Bizri’s Films

This research paper examines the themes of exile and diaspora in Hisham Bizri’s films Vertices: Beirut. Dublin. Seoul (2016), Shooq (2017), and ELEKTRA, My Love (2021). The paper analyzes Bizri’s films by applying Hamid Nafsi’s concept of accented films as an analytical framework, which refers to films produced in the West by postcolonial or Third


Detecting Political Secession of Fragmented Communities in Social Networks via Deep Link Entropy Method

Breakdown of global connectivity in social networks trough disintegration of fragmented but interacting communities leading to political secession is a major source of forming and strengthening echo chambers and political polarization. Hence, quantifying the significance of each edge (the connection or relationship between two particular nodes, for example two friends on Facebook, or two follower/followed


Effective Strategies to Motivate Musical Students to Practice

Practice is an important element in music studying as it contributes to the development of basic music skills and music expertise (Barry, 1992). However, it is difficult for students to sustain the hours of practice required to develop performance ability, especially in the current learning- teaching environment where school teaching is with a demanding, directive


Resilient Creatives: Experiences of Filmmakers During Covid-19

The COVID-19 pandemic has in various ways affected many industries across the globe, including filmmaking. While many government organizations have instituted specific Covid-19 film production guidelines – from mandatory physical distancing to recommended best practices, other strategies have also been developed within the film communities themselves. Through creative developments like contactless equipment rentals, Zoom auditions,


Reflux and Rejuvenation – Exploration and Practice of Yim Tin Tsai in Hong Kong under the Background of Rural Revitalization

It is a hot topic on the rural areas that are at a disadvantage due to the rural depopulation and the lost civilization. This paper is based on the theory of ecological museum and public art involvement in community building, adopts the methods of qualitative research, experience summary and literature research, refers to the paper


Electricity Savings and Carbon Mitigation Potential of a University Campus in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

This study estimates the electricity consumption and related carbon dioxide (CO2¬¬) emissions for the buildings and facilities the main campus of the International University – Vietnam National University in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. The AIM/Enduse model is used to calculate the CO2 emissions in 2019 based on the recorded electricity consumption and project the


The Reduction of Domestication of Anime on American Television Over Four Decades

The importation of anime into the United States began in earnest in the 1980s, although a few titles were imported before that time. One aspect of this anime boom in the US that has not been explored fully is the process of localizing anime for American audiences, and gradual reduction of that process. Early anime


A Success of Content Communication Through Y-Series: A Case Study of 2gether the Series

The research entitled “A Content Communication through the Y-Series Entitled 2gether The Series” is a qualitative research aimed to study 1) the content presentation in y-series entitled 2gether The Series and 2) the exposure to the content of the y-series entitled 2gether The Series. The purposive sampling method was applied; and the y-series entitled 2gether


Immersive Technology Uses in Interactive Media: A Collection of Case Studies

A collection of case studies that combine immersive technologies such as augmented and virtual reality in various contexts are introduced to outline some of the signals and trends in emerging interactive media. A series of authors share uses of AR/VR/MR in a wide range of fields including tourism, education, archeology, communication, and more. Common themes,


Intermedia Motion Tracking in AR/VR – On Immersive Storytelling and Choreographic Patterns

According to the KAMC Submission Stream “Performing Arts Practices: Theater, Dance, Music”, we would like to contribute details on our current research project IML – “Immersive Media Lab” ( The project was funded by FFG COIN “Aufbau” and started in 2018 at the St. Pölten University of Applied Sciences under the leadership of Dr Franziska


Baomu in China: The Portrayal of Female Domestic Workers in Newspapers and Social Media

This study investigates how female domestic workers, known as Baomu, are portrayed in Chinese news media. Extant studies have provided an enlightening insight that this group is increasingly framed as a non-negligible threat in newspapers with the growing social demand of domestic services and the heated discussion of several vicious crimes committed by some Baomu


Role of Female Physicians in Women’s Health Movement in Japan: The Case of Prescription-Free Emergency Contraception During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Although the COVID-19 outbreak resulted in challenges to global public health, it also posed new challenges in people’s private lives due to the stay-at-home policy. Understandably, this measure aims to prevent the spread of COVID-19. However, it influenced intimate relationships in the private sphere, such as unintended pregnancies, sexual violence, and domestic violence in younger


Pingtung County Recovered from Natural Disaster and Achieving the Goal of Providing Domestic Electricity 100% by Green Power

After the completed “Aqua Solar Farm” project (installed capacity with 23.4 MW) due to typhoon Morakot in 2009, we are on the way to 100% green power for the need of domestic electricity in Pingtung. The first “Green Energy Promotion Office” was established to promote green energy in 2016. After engaging in “100% Renewable Cities


Benefits for Bystanders? Effects of the Japan-South Korea and the US-China Trade Dispute for Japan (2018-2020)

The China-US and the Japan-South Korea trade dispute since 2018 and 2019 involve Japan’s three top trading partners. This paper provides a comparative analysis of economic spillovers for Japan from both disputes between 2018 and 2020. The author argues that the China-US dispute entailed positive and negative spillovers for Japan as a bystander. As a


Resilience as a Policy Goal and a Policy Measure: South Korea’s New Deal Policy in the Post-COVID-19 Era

Resilience draws attention as a way to combat the unprecedented uncertainty today. Especially in this post-COVID-19 era, a sense of insecurity penetrates nearly every aspect of our lives, from political to economic, social, and cultural dimensions. At times, those dimensions meet and overlap each other, affecting and being affected. Resilience thus can be both a


Examination of the Challenges in Local Climate Action Planning and Implementation in Japan

Climate change poses substantial challenges for the effective implementation of counter-measures. Carbon emission reduction and climate impacts adaptation require actions from the international level to the local level in terms of the geographic scale and the level of government Here the implementation theory poses questions regarding the implementation of meta-policies, the effectiveness of top-down and


Socio-environmental Life Cycle & Its Relevance to Long-term Sustainability: A Key Success of Jorong Barutama Greston Coal-mine Closure, South Borneo – Indonesia

Environmental management is currently a priority in various industrial activities, ranging from upstream activities such as mining and energy related to the manufacturing sector to various consumer products for daily activities to represent downstream activities. This paper discusses the closure of the mine managed by Jorong Barutama Greston (JBG) about a long- term social environment


Life Cycle Thinking & Social Sustainability based on Capacity Building: An Insight from Indominco Mandiri, East Borneo – Indonesia

The coal mining’s environmental management issue has become a severe global concern. Various mining management activities in Indonesia are currently starting the mine closure phase and are concentrating on developing environmentally beneficial and low-emission products. Indominco Mandiri, a coal mining company in Bontang, East Kalimantan, has implemented a capacity-building program based on social and environmental


Preliminary Life Cycle Assessment to Support Socio-Energy Innovation for Metal Processing Industry: An Approach from Pindad, Bandung – Indonesia

In order to support and participate in the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) contribution, one of the instruments is the life cycle assessment as an approach to the study of clean production in the manufacturing industry. Pindad Bandung, which operates in West Java, Indonesia, is a metal processing manufacturing industry producing multiple Indonesian-made products. As innovation


Ecosystem Restoration as a Part of Energy & Environmental Life Cycle Contribution for Socio-Cultural Sustainability in Trubaindo Coal Mining, Indonesia

This paper discusses the ecosystem restoration efforts conducted by TCM, one of the coal mines operating in West Kutai, East Borneo. The activities conducted by TCM starting from initiatives in managing good mining practices and are based on the principles of sustainable environmental management. Restoration efforts start with a simple step, namely, replanting the post-mining


The Line Between: Virtual Re-Tellers Exposing to Two Modes of Visual Literacy

This qualitative study aimed at investigating how the use of Virtual Reality Literacy (VRL) contributes to creating virtual agents story re-tellers. The study compared the retellings of a silent story shows by fourth grade students (n=6) by exposing them first to a TV show and the same show using a VR. In a very important