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Transformational Leadership as a Pedagogical Approach in Design Education

Education leading to wisdom has been acknowledged as a key transformational experience since time immemorial and the process is organic. An ideal interaction between the teacher and the learner has always been that of a mutual experience which impacts and elevates both the stakeholders involved. A natural positive outcome can be of social enhancement and


Innovative Teaching and Learning: Mixed Reality Linked Gamification in Secondary Biology

Gamification is one of the recognized educational approaches that improve the motivation and engagement of the students in science learning. The project aims to implement the gamified mixed reality courseware for the enhancement of secondary school students’ understanding for the inaccessible conceptual topics of fluid mosaic model of cell membrane, homeostasis of blood glucose level


Narratives About the Need to Develop the Sense of Cooperation of Managers

Nurture a sense of cooperation is one of the “soft skills” of managers. Our work aims to describe how is the manner in which they behave and think influenced by the memories of certain daily-life situations. Our research question is: By what and how can these situations be linked to the “soft skills” learning? Our


Needs and Health Problems of the Elderly: A Perspective of the Family Care Giver in the Community

Objective: Aging is natural process which unique occurred in the old age population. This study aims to examine the elderly needs and health problems in perspective of the family care givers in the community. Methods: The qualitative study was conducted using the in-depth interview with the family caregiver who experiences to care the elderly for