Month: November 2021


Empowering Learners: Online Radio Broadcasts to Enhance the Students’ Speaking Skills

The speaking skill is one of the most challenging skills to develop in the Content and Language Integrated Learning Classroom (CLIL) since it requires the student to have enough confidence and language proficiency to communicate their ideas and opinions about a topic effectively. Noticeably, students lack opportunities to talk in the classroom and use the


Shared Leadership Education: The Experiences of Music Teachers in a Music School

In all levels of professional music education – music school, conservatory / art gymnasium, music academy, shared leadership is a new and little researched concept. Most of what is known in music education is that a teacher is the leader of education, whom leads the education – prepares a program, writes down tablature, puts together


Chat-Based Learning Management Assistant Hybrid Learning

The communication channel for distance learning has been evolved from physical mail, teleconferencing, and email. However, the current trend of the most common communication channel has shifted to online chat. It has replaced the email for most of the communication, and it is almost real-time as well as easily accessible. The work introduces a new


AI Ethics in Next Generation Wireless Networks: A Philosophical Outlook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are playing a great role in modern society nowadays. Developing AI-based algorithms more intelligent than humans, for example, it has beaten humans in many specific domains such as chess, and ensuring the use of their advanced intelligence for good rather than bad raises a lot of ethical issues including safety, security,


The Impact of Relative Deprivation Perception and Job Insecurity on Performance

The main purpose of this study is to understand the impact of individuals’ relative deprivation perception and job insecurity on performance, but also to prevent or solve the mechanism, in other words, this study also wants to explore factors that can slow down relative deprivation perception and job insecurity to undermine performance, to explore from


Foot Care Intervention for Older People With Dementia: A Scoping Review

Background: Foot care is important for maintaining walking function in the older people with dementia. However, the effect of foot care intervention on older people with dementia has not been fully clarified. Method: A scoping review was conducted according to the Japanese version of PRISMA-ScR. The eligibility criteria were (1) targeting elderly people with dementia,


Children of Hope: Influential Factors, Growth Mindset, and Self-concept of Children in Conflict With the Law

One of the most challenging issues in the Philippines today is the increased involvement of the children and youth in committing offenses against the law. With a deficiency in research discussing delinquency in a different stance, the researcher aimed to study the lived experiences, growth mindset, and self-concept. Although numerous studies explored various influential factors


Suicide in Older Adults Aged 75+ Living in Long-term Care Facilities: A National Register-based Study

Objectives: To investigate the risk of suicide in nursing home residents aged 75 and above and the role of psychiatric and physical conditions. Methods: A Swedish national register-based cohort study of nursing home residents aged ≥75 years between 1 January 2008 and 31 December 2015, and followed until 31 December 2016 (N=288 305). Fine and


No Better if Not Trustwrothy: The Unreliability in Farmers’s Agricutural Methods

Adoption of agricultural technology results in a variety of positive outcomes for individuals and society, such as increased productivity, income maximization, cost reduction, and environmental and health advantages. For several years, the Thai government has spent a lot of money on a campaign trying to persuade farmers to adopt organic practices. However, farmer adoption remains


The Ethics of AUKUS: Diplomatic Duplicity and Proliferation Perils

The AUKUS trilateral security pact was announced between the United States (U.S.), the United Kingdom and Australia on September 15, 2021. It pledged the two larger allies would assist the development of nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), as well as broader cooperation in cybersecurity, and the development of cruise and hypersonic missiles.


The Effect of Romantic Relationship on the Perceived Development of Anxiety Amongst High School Students

Romantic relationships are a major developmental milestone among adolescents, but when young and unprepared high schoolers explore them, it can be a source of great anxiety resulting in emotional upheavals. This study aimed to ascertain the perceived anxiety level of high school students involved in a romantic relationship according to gender, age, and length of


Peer to Peer Learning Model

Peer to Peer Learning Model Introduction Learning from one another is a characteristic of all courses at all levels, not just informal learning. Students have conversations about what they are learning inside and outside of the classroom, whether teachers are aware of it or not. The first approach when stuck a problem is to ask


I Can’t Feel It: Link Between Alexithymia and Interpersonal Relations of Selected Filipinos Suffering From Substance Abuse

Alexithymia, a condition described as the seeming inability to understand emotion, has been reported among substance abusers. There has been a growing interest in how alexithymia impacts interpersonal relationships. Early on, alexithymia according to Nemiah and Sifneos (1970) is concomitant with a specific style of interpersonal relating. Thus, the present study investigated the nature of


Reaching Beyond: The Lived Experience of Loss Among Overseas Students During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This qualitative study explored how overseas students experienced loss during the COVID-19 pandemic. It involved in-depth, semi-structured interviews with six college students returning to their home countries for winter vacation and requested to postpone their return to campus life in December 2020. Their accounts were analysed using interpretative phenomenological analysis. Two major themes were identified


Pope Francis’ Theology of Care for the Accompaniment of Families in Irregular Situations in the Light of Amoris Laetitia

Families in irregular situations are twice vulnerable as compared to those families in regular situations. The uniqueness of their situation requires a different pastoral approach. Amoris Laetitia provides both the theological and pastoral framework in accompanying the families in irregular situations. Based on AL’s Theology of Care, the study presents the accompaniment of the families


Chinese Family Caregivers of Older Adults: A Mismatch of Their Needs and Services in the Community

Background Aging in place, an option of staying in one’s home as one ages, is assumed to meet the preferences of older persons; however, few studies report on the assessment of older persons’ quality of life and involvement of family caregivers that enables it. This raises questions about the agency of family caregivers, and more


An Exploratory Study of Information on COVID-19 Vaccines Obtained by Japanese Working Adults Through Social Media

The first COVID-19 vaccinations in the United States and Europe began in 2020. In Japan, however, they started in 2021, much later than in the rest of the world. At that time, all kinds of information about the COVID-19 vaccine were flooding on social media, which may have influenced attitudes toward vaccination. This study aimed


Rethinking the Principle of National Self-Determination: Toward a New Approach for the Question of Palestine

Several ideas have been proposed to solve the Question of Palestine, but it is known that none of them actually succeeded. Representative examples include the two-state solution for the separation and independence of Israel and Palestine and the one-state solution for the coexistence of two ethnic groups within one country. This study examined methodological problems


The Impact of Paternal Childcare on Perceptual Information Processing

Paternal childcare is a predominantly human behaviour rarely observed in other mammals. However, the active involvement in paternal childcare only increased during the last century due to the growing number of women joining the workforce after childbirth. Despite the growing social acceptance of a caregiving father, it is unknown whether becoming a father might shape


Investigating the Influence of Movie Genre on Mood Using Nonparametric Methods

There has been several studies related to investigating the relation of mood and personality with entertainment domain for various reasons. Recent studies with the help of huge number of data made it possible to have a better understanding of mood regulation and how it is influenced by the entertainment industry. Although the recent studies were


The Prevalence of Eating Pattern, COVID-19 Preventive Behaviors, and Their Relationships Among Young Adults During the Pandemic

Background. Unhealthy nutrition has long been a concern of public health as a risk factor for chronic diseases. The COVID-19 pandemic also highlighted the importance of respiratory infection prevention behaviors. Despite the widespread vaccinations, the recommended measures of personal hygiene continue to be an important pandemic response. This study aimed to explore the eating patterns


The Implications of Covid-19 Pandemic in the Formation of Faith, Morals, and Resiliency of Filipino Christian Character

The research analyzed the implications of Covid-19 pandemic on the formation of faith, morals, and resiliency of Filipino Christian character. Descriptive approach was used for 600 student and parent respondents at the University of Perpetual Help System. The results of the study showed that respondents’ behavioral responses to Integration, Manifestation, and Recognition were contributory factors


Building Resilience through Self-care: Art and Aesthetic Wellness

Into the second year of the pandemic, most educational institutes have made adjustments in order to continue the delivery of courses and programmes. Some regions have resumed a kind of normality and returned to face-to-face interaction for regular classes, and some regions may have adopted a hybrid mode to facilitate better reach to students. No


Assessing Social Apathy Among Filipino Young Adults: Construction and Validation of the Social Apathy Test (SOCAP)

Filipino young adults are often observed to lack social consciousness or interest of their socio-political environment, thus, being regarded as socially apathetic. Social apathy refers to the disorientation of the processes of society. It is a cause of insecurity and powerlessness that lead to the incapacity to build and value social life. To date, there


Building a Moral Culture From the Ground Up – Why Fairness, Justice and Reciprocity Are Key

Rationalist models of ethical decision making (Jones, 1991) assume that higher order conscious reasoning dominates the ethical decision-making process and that bad people do bad things due to either greed, bad character or poor values. Interventions following unethical crisis commonly follow on from this assumption and include; new deterrents; efforts to weed out the ‘bad


Self-directed Language Learning: Which Tasks and Tools Are Most Effective for Promoting Reflection on Learning?

This presentation explores how learners majoring in English language at a university in Japan planned, managed, and reflected on their self-directed language learning over one semester. Self-directed learning is a system of personalised study in which learners are responsible for setting goals, choosing resources and strategies, implementing a plan, and reflecting on both the process


Jesus the Economist: Envisioning God’s Economy of Solidarity and Equality to Global Resilience

Throughout the earthly life of Jesus, he spoke regularly about wealth, possession, ownership, poverty, and even the economy’s taxes. As a result, multiple interpretations of Jesus as an economist have emerged: some believe He was a socialist, while others believe He was a capitalist. This paper is a case study of the historical Jesus that


The Development and Validation of Psychological Measures of Self-injurious Behaviors (PM-SIB) for Filipino Young Adults: Test Conceptualization and Item Analysis

Young adults encounter several challenges in life, and cope through positive or negative means. Some individuals commit suicide because of lost hope, and some commit self-injury without suicidal intent. Using a scale validation method, this study proposes an assessment entitled “Psychological Measures of Self-Injurious Behaviors” (PM-SIB), for the presence of self-injurious behaviors without suicidal intent,


Effects of Demographic Characteristics on Self-Perception Towards Ageing Among Older Adults

The impact of demographic characteristics on self-perception towards ageing is well documented in the West. However, there exists little evidence on such studies in Kenya. The goal of this causal-comparative study was to determine the influence of selected demographic characteristics on self-perception towards ageing of older adults. Data was collected from older persons (n=140, >65yrs)


Dementia Care Users’ Resistance to Long-term Home Care Service: Taiwanese Care Workers’ Advised Communication Strategies

Population of older people living with dementia is expected to rise in Taiwan due to the dramatically ageing trend. Long-term home care service becomes increasingly needed to help family with older people diagnosed with dementia cope. However, due to the health condition, older people with dementia can be difficult to reason given the changes in