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The Ethics of AUKUS: Diplomatic Duplicity and Proliferation Perils

The AUKUS trilateral security pact was announced between the United States (US), the United Kingdom (UK) and Australia on September 15, 2021. It pledged for the two larger allies to assist the development of nuclear-powered submarines for the Royal Australian Navy (RAN), as well as broader cooperation in cybersecurity, and development of cruise and hypersonic


Creative Imagination: A Moral Phenomenon

The concept of moral imagination received increased attention over the last decennia. There is a growing realization that imagination plays a significant role in moral reasoning in addition to principles, moral laws and abstract reason. Most accounts characterize moral imagination as empathy, metaphorical understanding, narrative reflection and transformative perception. In the present contribution, I shift


Moving Toward a Better Business Model for the Millenial Generation

Moving Toward a Better Business Model for the Millenial Generation Abstract By Dr. Koushik Ghosh, Professor, Economics, Central Washington University, and Dr. Dipankar Purkayastha, a Professor, Economics, California State University, Fullerton Recent literature, which focuses on the millennial generation, finds that their attitudes towards the banking industry make it number one on a list of


The Social Protest Ethical Challenges of the Political Leadership

Inspired by the Arab Spring, a series of transnational social movements, such as the Indignants and Occupy Wall Street, began gathering speed in 2011 in Europe, Turkey, the U.S., and South America, Ukraine. The protest, as � form of mass opportunism against political practices and behavior, questions the status-quo and evokes the need for revision


The Globalization War Can Ethics Bring Peace?

In a recent talk on Capitalism, Bruno Latour argues that economic globalization is at war with the Globe and that the Globe is losing. Humans can expect to suffer great loses as our life support systems erode and crumble from the relentless attacks of economic aggression. How paradoxical, that it is easier to see the