Category: Interdisciplinary – Conflict Resolution and Mediation Studies


“Saving Our City”: Christian Perspectives on Mediating Controversies and Conflicts in the Anti-extradition Movement in Hong Kong

The anti-extradition movement has already persisted in Hong Kong since early June 2019. There have been frequent violent confrontations between the protesters and the police in public spaces. Nevertheless, divisions and arguments between Christians who support the protesters and those who strictly disagree with violence are emerging. Many Christian churches and the ministers in Hong


Power- Conflict: Empowering Human Relation

‘Power-conflict’ has been in existence in different forms in our lives. Notionally, it estranges interpersonal relations. But the present paper seeks to show that the interplay of power is not necessarily violent and coercive rupturing human relation, rather it strengthens man’s bond with his own being and with others. The thoughts, emotions and values which


The Interplay of Power and Femininism: A Typical Interpretation of Judges 4:4-22

The word “Power” has been given various interpretations by sociologist, philosophers and theologians etc. depending on each perspective. One basic fact about human societies and communities is the fact that leadership does not exist without power. The Old Testament presents the issue of power standing at the heart of story of ancient Israel. God challenges