Category: Literary Arts Practices


Acts of Faith: A Braided Autoethnography

This creative-critical paper takes the broad strokes of belief and explores various personal experiences, grounding memory through diverse narratives. In the social sciences, the idea of multiple selves (Lester, 2010) offers how the mind is made up of subselves that account for the co-existence of conflicting desires or forces. In this paper, the focus is


The Turbulence of the Fin de Siècle: Arts Through the Looking-Glass of Intermediality

The paper addresses the fin-de-siècle period as a time when most intermedial processes became more visible, fruitful, and started playing a more substantial role. The epoch is investigated through the prism of intermediality which manifested itself as a valuable tool, process, and phenomenon in the development of arts and media – particularly through the birth


“Garden Blooms”: Acts of Environmental Imagination in Erlinda Alburo’s Poetry

This paper takes as its subject the concern that has occupied poets at the beginning of the twenty-first century. This is the question of how poetry represents nature especially in the period of environmental disaster. I examine this question as they come up in the analysis of the poetry of the Cebuano poet, Erlinda Alburo,


Becoming Beyond the Anthropocene: Thinking and Writing Our Animal Selves

Without intervention, the Anthropocene portends a certain telos. From this, and from liberal humanism, I make a timely ontological detour and provoke a different future to what is looking predictable; a post-human, metamorphic future — one with no end in sight. My PhD comprises a dystopian/magical realism novella-in-progress (set mainly in Japan) and an accompanying