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Status of E-Inclusion, and Prediction of Social Inclusion Among the Elderly in Taiwan

Digital aging is an essential part of active aging. E-Inclusion means that everyone in society can participate in the information society. In an aging society, whether E-Inclusion affects social inclusion? The secondary data analysis method was used in this study— the source of original data from the National Development Council(2021). There are 1,745 who are


Facilitating Technology Use by Older Immigrants: A Scoping Review and Reflection on Fieldwork Experience

Background: While technology usage has proven to be beneficial for older adults in general, many older immigrants remain excluded from the digital realm. Recent studies have examined technology usage among older adults, some of which focused on older immigrants. Objective: The objective of this poster is to present the major barriers to and facilitators of


Chinese Family Caregivers of Older Adults: A Mismatch of Their Needs and Services in the Community

Background Aging in place, an option of staying in one’s home as one ages, is assumed to meet the preferences of older persons; however, few studies report on the assessment of older persons’ quality of life and involvement of family caregivers that enables it. This raises questions about the agency of family caregivers, and more