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METAssemblage: Meta, Privacy and the Meaning of Faces

Revelations regarding major tech companies and their collaboration with government have opened up a new dialogue regarding online monitoring, adding to preexisting concerns over self-presentation and access to personal information. There is a new awareness of “dividuals” and “data doubles” online, as in the work of scholars such as Andrejevic, Murakami-Wood and others. Users of


AI Ethics in Next Generation Wireless Networks: A Philosophical Outlook

Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms are playing a great role in modern society nowadays. Developing AI-based algorithms more intelligent than humans, for example, it has beaten humans in many specific domains such as chess, and ensuring the use of their advanced intelligence for good rather than bad raises a lot of ethical issues including safety, security,


Co-evolution of Human Society and Nature Through the Noosphere Concept

The report makes an analysis of the noosphere concept as a way to the sustainable development of our planet. It suggests considering the epoch of noosphere as the period when the human mind will be able to define the terms necessary for nature and society co-evolution while forming a collective will of mankind. It analyzes